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What Americans Don’t Know About Military Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/24/what-americans-dont-know-about-military-families

Part of my witness is to hold front and center the concept of “externalized cost” as premise of predatory capitalism without which it cannot function. Andrea Mazzarino articulates one more nexus of this insidiously corrosive manipulation of values by entire networks of interests assiduously dedicated to using language and images to control their meanings, accessibility to We The People and a healthy planet.

There is no such thing as an “externalized cost”. There are only systems and practitioners attempting to play god wen in fact they are parasites we must come to recognize.

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In spite of this article people continue to sign up for the US Military. These endless observations as to how the families cope with it will not end until people stop volunteering to join the military.

Why did her husband join the Military in the first place and what good comes from serving on a Nuclear vessel which has as its purpose the mass murder of millions of peoples ?It really hard to empathize with the military families of those serving in a Military that has a long track record of waging wars on peoples the world over so as to promote the best interests of Corporations.


Couldn’t agree more. You take a job with the military, and it means you are committing to fighting wars of aggression. The writer’s thesis, at the end, is very interesting to me. She says:
“maybe it’s a moment for Americans not in the armed forces to stop thinking it’s enough to thank anyone in uniform for his or her service or place those yellow-ribbon bumper stickers on their cars – and to focus instead on almost 19 years of disastrous and destructive American wars abroad and what they’ve done to those very troops and their families”

So it seems that the reason we shouldn’t be waging wars on other nations, is so that our volunteer soldiers do not get hurt. But what about those other people who are actually being attacked and exploited and bombed and killed? This author sees no reason to even mention them throughout this article. Please CD…you can do better than this.

So during the 2nd world war we should have been feeling sorry for the nazi soldiers’ families? And the nazi soldiers were not even volunteers. This is the logic of this article.


Whelp, I know I am supposed to pay a large level of sympathy and respect for military people and also for their spouses but I just cannot… they HAD, at this point, know what they were signing up for. Those with any brains should have gotten out at the first opportunity and legally resisted any callbacks by any and all means and delaying schemes. And they should not have had kids in any case while in murder inc…as raising kids in murder inc is tantamount these days to child abuse imho
. In fact the only people I feel for are the innocent kids… and the fact that the Obama and Biden spouses and their staffs couldn’t even bother to respond to this therapist’s plea to help the kids caught in these murder inc families. It made my spouse throw the pan they were drying across the room in frustration when I read this entire piece out loud this am…


This article reminds me of those documentaries about the Vietnam war where the focus is on how glorious the US soldiers were. What a level of indoctrination these people have though.


What gets me with these types of articles is while the people that write them do so to evoke empathy for the lives they lead as “Military families” there little to no concern for the millions of families butchered by that same Military.

I recall one photo of the aftermath of an US airstrike in Iraq. A Grandfather was weeping and carrying his grand daughter from the rubble that was caused by that airstrike. She was wearing a pink sweater with little animals on it. The lower half of her body was blown away. The “spouse” of the Pilot that launched that air strike no doubt feels her families struggles are not appreciated. Spare me.


Let me get this straight. The US attacks countless number of countries for geopolitical, economic reasons. These countries are no threat to us. Wars of aggression, all of them. Countries destroyed. Countless number of people slaughtered, injured; mass immigration as a result.

And I’m asked to feel what?


Thanks for running this piece CD. It’s outside the Overton Window of some here but it needs to be covered and told.

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Some of those who returned from Viet Nam were kill crazy. During the 1970’s, when hitchhiking was a common fad, some of these hitchhikers were found buried in shallow graves on farms of Viet Nam veterans. And this resulting from an average one or two tours of duty. I wonder what those returning from three or more tours of duty may be like?