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What an American Terrorist Looks Like

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/15/what-american-terrorist-looks


“This article was written for YES! Magazine, a national, nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas and practical actions.”

So, what are the practical actions being proposed here?

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Partial list:

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“In 2018, around 10,000 people applied for asylum in Japan. Only 42 were granted refugee status, fewer per capita than any other OECD country. Rejected applicants are often held in detention centers indefinitely. We went to meet some of them.”

Does Japan have a white, male president?

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What some American Terrorists look like.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, John Bolton and way too many more to list here!


What intelligent aware individual doesn’t know that the U.S. creates terrorists? The Muslim terrorist didn’t catch on, so liberals and conservatives are onto white terrorists?

Promoting anti-white bigotry? Nah!!!

Come on. Anybody who tows the establishment line is a promoter of terrorism.

The piece focused on America terrorists. Around the world are a diverse collection of powerful elites who use violence to impose their wills.


64% Is barely enough to make the claims in this article. The American terrorists are the criminal police.

As well classifying American citizens as terrorists as opposed to criminals creates perpetual civil war.


So let’s be honest, the media in America will never call out white terrorists for who they are - it’s always called “mental health” when dealing with white guys. Second, WE can’t just blame 45 - the GOTP have been “dog whistling” to these white guys for decades. Or has everyone forgotten Raygun’s “welfare queens, driving cadillacs” - meanwhile in the real world there are more white people on welfare than minorities! What does an “American terrrorist” really look like - the plutocrat in the ear of the average working white man that he’s screwing over (via offshoring jobs, low wages, etc.) while whispering in his ear how those “minorities” are getting ahead of him and whiteness!

The real tragedy is that even as “whiteness” has been used, to corral the former “Europeans” into believing themselves better than “minorities” - that is a false flag used by elites to keep themselves richer by dividing and conquering!


Good display of info.
I disagree with ignoring in the data all the mass shootings in chicago as gang related.

Let us look back at 1955 to 1970 and how KKK was neutered. They were infiltrated by fbi agents and contracts. they often became the local klan leader. We had heads up for any plans to incite violence and usually got it called off or showed up with a withering show of force. Interesting that these encounters were not reported in newspapers or on your tv screen. Yet, it actually happened.

I believe there are 1,000 nutzoid white only militants ready to take deadly action - but not more than that. Monitoring them individually is expensive, but following them on the internet is easy. Finding their identity, address, biography is easy. How many are ex cons? How many are plain lazy, do not work or make any contribution to society? How many are friendless, which is indicated by the high hate volume at two web sites.

The web sites spewing hate can be removed by the government, NBC, comcast, ATT etc.
Even overseas sites can be deleted, fryed. Notice that the various propaganda anti american interference at facebook, instagram continues. Wondering why and who benefits in permitting their interference.

I assume then that you vote third party then? That could only mean you vote for Greens. Despite their rhetoric, libertarians and tea partiers are entrenched in the establishment.

Besides, were you concerned about conservative bigotry when conservatives labeled environmental protesters as terrorists? The environmental protesters weren’t killing anyone. These fool headed white boys who you are defending by criticizing the message of this article are the real terrorists. Place your concern where concern it due and stop towing the conservative establishment line.

So AG Barr just brought back the federal death penalty--------THIS IS STATE TERRORISM! We need to teach INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-----sadly we need to teach that it is WRONG to KILL. Why ow Why is Chicago allowed to go on the way it does…There should be a national emergency ------Chicago should come to a stop! Community leaders should demand guns be banned in public----real leaders in this country should address the issues facing these people not ignoring them. And the other thing that needs to happen is real healthcare centers in every neighborhood. And get lead out of water------not tomorrow—NOW!

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In truth we have several distinct groups of “terrorist” organizations according to SPLC.

And this matters for the United States of America how?

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This is the problem of people who just to the tune of the establishment: you make assumptions are were not articulated. But that’s just your conditioning.

The establishment is pushing this BS. The real terrorists aren’t the powerless white people. It’s the liberal/conservative parties, its the corporate media, who have no problem pushing a divide and conquer agenda based on identity, etc.

Educate yourself a bit.

I am educated but you refuse to see that since you want to get way up on your soap box.
I say you aren’t very wise.