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'What an Anti-Everybody Agenda Looks Like:' AOC Excoriates Trump for Walking Away From Covid-19 Relief Talks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/what-anti-everybody-agenda-looks-aoc-excoriates-trump-walking-away-covid-19-relief


The GOP and trump supporters are screening loudly stating that it’s the democrats who are not proposing a stimulus package. A total blatant and misleading wicked propaganda lie. This is the kind of deceitfulness and paltry the GOP will be hurling at us to win at any cost.


This is the behavior of a spoiled child who has learned he can get away with anything; and gives his parents a big “fuck you”. Trump never matured past eight grade. His actions are not politics, they are sheer pathology from a totally warped mind.

Time to teach him a lesson he will never forget. Nov. 3: you’re fired and evicted!!!

Our two worst and most destructive presidents have been spoiled brats, him and W. Bush.


I just wrote in another comment that the trump family has spent the last 6 months in “smash and grab” mode. They are now changing to “slash and burn”
Our nation will never recover from this.


I believe the asshole said if you do not re-elect him then a stimulus package is off the table.

Donald Trump is the breath of Death


Princeton University professor, writer, and activist Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor declared: “We need more than an election; we need a revolution.”

IT IS WAY PAST TIME FOLKS! Even if Biden wins nothing will really change. The only way from my perspective, is what Thomas Jefferson said: " THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST BE WATERED WITH THE BLOOD OF PATRIOTS". The Tree of Liberty needs to be fertilized with the war mongers; the Republican Party, and the DINO’S!


To paraphrase Henry II…Who will rid America of this turbulent dictator?


Once more, AOC is brilliant -

Wall street and Fed want the Stimulus because it is citizens who create
economies - which are then manipulated by Elites, Banks, Financial Institutions
and International Financial Institutions for the benefit of Elites –

And as we know continues to happen, any STIMULUS IS AUTOMATICALLY

Trump – Impeached by the House – with a DISAPPROVAL rating now of 56% –
under threat of 25th amendment for his current health situation – and for his three and
a half years of insanity as we’ve seen in the White House –

now seems to think that he can rely on religious fanatics to give him 4 or 8 more years -

Can he?

Will those same religious fanatics ignore that Trump in private calls them “HUSTLERS” – ?

Or that so many of these religious fanatics fail to understand how they are victims of
White Male Supremacist “Christianity” and the TV Evangelist millionaires who fleece them – ?

**The old saying remains true – **



But how do we convince his “believers” that their fuhrer is a thug and a haggler that even they will be much worse of if he is re-elected


If this nauseating orange filth isn’t reelected, it’s certain that he will do everything in his power to get revenge on the American people between November 3rd and January 20th - when he will hopefully be arrested.


Vicious Dictators–...we have one amongst us…

"In the future there will be many dangerous and foolish leaders. They will lead humanity into ever greater danger and despair. In the future, there will be leaders who will arise who could become vicious dictators as the human need escalates, as resources diminish, and as social disorder increases. Be very careful, then. Here you must be able to discern the presence of Knowledge and distinguish it from the assertions of people’s beliefs and ideologies. Here you must not think that all the solutions are there waiting to be employed, for this is not the case.

Here you and others must work diligently for a better future. And you build your ark to give you enough stability to weather the shocks of the Great Waves of change so that you can be in a position to be a contributor and not merely a victim or a consequence of the Great Waves."… from the teaching, “Building Your Ark” by M. Summers; google it…you will find it.

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We’re in the hands of the Fates and the Tricksters –

but we have our own ability to educate as many of them as we can –

Get out there and keep on telling it –

Even if Biden is elected – it is something we are going to have to do by getting
out into the streets to fight for the programs we want –

MEDICARE4ALL – for a nation living likely with the FIRST Pandemic we’ve experienced –
How many more Viruses will there be – ?
EQAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT – dedicate it to Ruth Bader Ginsburg
GREEN NEW DEAL - a legitimate response to Global Warming

Also see Biden’s speech at Gettysburg today –
Actually did well – relying on LINCOLN – “A Country Divided Cannot Stand” -

Yeah – he’s a snake – but if we continue to push as Bernie Sanders has shown us –
we can push the Dem Party – and we can get rid of the corporate-fascists in the party.


Trump Supporters… their minds are like concrete, already set.


His followers are a cult and they will get their marching orders to stand down but stand by.
The rich and powerful have robbed the Treasury and the fascist Senate has stuffed the courts with ultra right wing stooges. I think the game plan is to let Biden in and have the economy crash. Then in a few years an authoritarian savior will announce his or her intentions to lead this country back to glory, and desperate people will support a dictatorship.
Please wake me up from this nightmare.


Maybe the Trump Supporters will ironically rid this land of this Dictator as they learn his true colors…this Grifter, no Gifter, “Con-man Donnie”… He has cast such a spell on the unwary…


may his breathing continue to be labored and his mind shut down completely very soon. insanity personified as he keeps hurting his own chances of re-election. could not be happier.


Yes but not if covid takes him first. He thinks he’s fine while feeling the effects of all those drugs he’s been b pumped up with. Covid-19 has a gestation period which he has only begun.


Time for crash courses in local cryptocurrency, the cooperative business models and local is beautiful…


I like that “con man Donnie” that fits him perfectly


Amen to that!

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