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What an Incompetent Conspiracy Sounds Like


What an Incompetent Conspiracy Sounds Like

Tony Norman

Not making any value judgments here, but Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s onetime consigliere, “fixer” and designated punching bag, is turning out to be something of a rat. I say that with about as much affection as can be mustered for anyone in the Trump gang.


The most surprising thing in the transcript is the “, please” interspersed in Trump’s demand to “Get me a Coke!”


He probably said, “get me coke”! (and do I really have to explain I don’t mean the drink?!)


"It shows a distracted man handling a crisis that could threaten his current marriage "

You really think any of his secrets will come as a surprise to Melania? Nobody’s that dumb.


So the reporter asks the FBI about that investigation and as is standard the FBI says that they can not divulge information in an on going case.

So how did this tape get to the public except by an FBI that want to unseat a sitting president. That’s illegal ain’t it?


Or Cohen still had a file. If he’s turning, he would have incentive to release it. Might not have been the government. Both are plausible.


If you trust the FBI???


This is not news. As philanderers go, Trump’s still a lightweight compared to JFK. See Seymour Hersh’s “Dark Side Of Camelot.” Kennedy was involved with 4 other women (including Marilyn Monroe) who could of sunk his candidacy when he was running for office if the threats and payoffs didn’t work.

Trump’s “palace intrigue” is a fantastic distraction from the many the far-right-wing accomplishments of the GOP.


This rat is deserting the stinking shit.

And, the stinking shit isn’t happy about it.


As children, we’re taught to put please at the beginning of a request, not at the end.


Trump marriages 4, Kennedy 1. Trump affairs ???, Kennedy 4. Trump sexual assaults ???- dozens, hundreds, - who knows ??? Trump filming underage girls changing clothes at beauty pageants --dozens, hundreds ?? Trump alleged rapes of underage girls in Florida and elsewhere–3. Do you want me to go on, you pig???
Cohen dropping a dime on The Trump Organization is a blessing for all women in the world between the ages of 13-40? 13-50? You tell me, you pig!!
Trump’s gangster jive/lifestyle aside, his mental diseases aside, his criminal financial dealings aside; well, the man should be put in prison so that the women of the world know there’s one less sexual predator on the streets of America to worry about.
BTW- He’s a mad pig and you’re still one, too. Now, what were you saying again about a WWII decorated war hero and author, etc?


These corrupt billionaire America Mafia have been around a long time. They all need to be jailed but for last 40 years just fined and that is a line item on the balance sheet, Fines.

Accountability is what is needed in this country, only the little people are held responsible for j walking and unpaid fines they cannot afford and possession of an ounce of mj.

Our justice system has become a joke and they are trying to further the corruption in judicial judges. Sickening.


Read Hersh’s book, you’ll change your mind. Here’s just one of many bombshells: The election of 1960 that put Kennedy into office was stolen and bought by Joe Kennedy (JFK’s dad) who made his vast fortune bootlegging during Prohibition with deep ties to organized crime. And those 4 women, that was only when JFK was a candidate, many more followed all the while presenting to the public the perfect marriage and family life with Jackie. The difference is the way the MSM treats them, Trumps dirty laundry is paraded all the time by the “Liberal media.” The two presidents are in some ways similar: their fathers for example both made their fortunes by unscrupulous means, both hired family members to serve in important roles in their respective cabinets.

My point is that corruption in high places is nothing new. The obsessive focus on Trump serves to distract people from what his administration and the GOP are getting away with. And the Democrats are doing it too: the whole idiotic Russiagate fiasco. If the Dems were a real opposition party, they would be fighting all of Trump and the GOP’s reactionary and dangerous policies, not worrying about a Russian troll farm that couldn’t possibly have swung the election.

Note, I used no ad hominems responding to you…


So, it’s just another attempt by a CDer to create a false equivalency and tear down a dead man. And, his family and his stature in the Democratic Party. How rare is that, lately?
Please keep pushing Trump while claiming you’re just a concerned Green Party/Independent voter and great American. P.S. Your slip is showing, so to speak. Anyway, I hope it’s just a white slip. And, do you understand how bills and laws are passed when the 3 Branches are under one party? Just askin’.


MSM and various rags have been going over JFK sex life for decades. Yep, after he was dead. Same with FDRs wheelchair and lover. I would trade either of them for Trump. What is Mr Larsens point? Does he think we don’t see what is being done by Trump and company because Trump himself is such a public ass?


What you are trying protect is a fantasy. You should be after the truth. The Democratic Party owes its fealty to the 1%, just like the GOP does. The corporate media’s exposure of Trump’s sordid sex life ad infinitum, distracts people (like you). What were the Democrats and the MSM doing when the GOP passed their historic gift the to super rich last January? Focusing on “Russian collusion”. There’s no there there. If you weren’t so partisan, you’d see that.


Here’s Noam Chomsky talking about just what I mean.


I’d say stuff a canary in the trumptard’s piehole and call it good, but no self-respecting bird, or birdwatcher deserves that kind of punishment!


What I see is you bringing JFK into the comment section about Presidential sex scandals instead of, say, Bill Cinton to let Trump off the hook. And, then … oh nevermind. Whatever floats your boat, Trumpster guy.
Hope your daughters, granddaughters, wife, et al runs into a Kennedy rather than your Trumpster hero. I bet they do, too.


Your need to cling to the Kennedy myth says a great deal about your politics.