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'What An Unexpected, Unpleasant Situation for Students,' Says NAACP Leader Regarding Trump Visit to Historically Black College

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/25/what-unexpected-unpleasant-situation-students-says-naacp-leader-regarding-trump

Dump’s idea of criminal justice reform is to do away with all laws against stealing for white people.


Hope there’s a Q&A. Then again, Trump’ll storm out after a tough question or two, so…


“As The State reported last week, “The lead-up to Trump’s decision to join the program… was closely guarded by organizers, who feared the president would either change his mind or alienate those who had already committed to attending or participating.””

it would seem to me that trump is not the only villain in this story. whomever these organizers might be… they share some of the responsibility for the trauma and anxiety they are inflicting on thier students and staff by inviting a white supremacist to such a school to begin with.

there can be no rehabilitation for a unapologetic and unrepentant racist.


Are the event organizers insane? the rump won’t have anything serious to say in an open forum. If he is just giving a prepared speech, then that’s a different thing. Will be scouring youtube for a video of him at this event. Here it is: Live right now
UPDATE: students on campus were told to stay in their dorms. The school was essentially on lockdown. Packed with rump supporters.That explains why I heard clapping during the very small portion of the livestream that I could bare to watch.


I’d like to ask Lindsay Graham, who defended Twump’s characterization as accurate, to show us the cervical fracture/displacement, the pulmonary congestion and cerebral edema, the “bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,” that Lady Day described, or to please STFU.

What a perfect pair of putzes.


President Donald Trump is expected to speak Friday about criminal justice at a historically black college–is this a joke? If not, why don’t we show this moral monster a criminal justice act and hand cuff him as in citizens’ arrest?


I’ve always liked this presentation of “Strange Fruit” by India Arie.

I’d like Lindsay G. to embody the bulging eyes, myself…


Excellent point.

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My first question would be: Do you think taking out full page ads in the NYT to have the Central Park Five lynched by the racist state qualifies as criminal “justice” or was it only a criminal act by YOU? Let’s never forget they were found not guilty and YOU, Trump, have never acknowledged this.


Birth Certificates of All Black Students will be checked at the door.

Trump still has the same team of investigators, that looked into the authenticity of Obama’s Birth Certificate, in tact and ready to Deport any Black Person not born in America.

The Obnoxious Bigot is attempting to scrub off some of the Racial Bigotry from his Personality, it will not work.

He cannot erase the fact that he is a White Supremacist, which is the Major factor that appeals to his Base.


Watched some of the speech. Yawn. Teleprompter-heavy.


He should be greeted on campus by an effigy of a fat man with blond hair and diapers swinging from a noose. The attached placard would say, “This is what lynching is. You were not lynched.”


If you don’t think you did anything wrong, then there is no forgiveness, no repentance and no rehabilitation.

Students were locked in their dorms!!! Why was he even there?


Bill him in Advance for the Extra Police Time.

And, if he refuses to Pay, let the cops stay home.


Hi texasaggie:
Well, Mr. trump is so insensitive that he will probably show up in black face, because…because -----he has no comprehension or understanding of American history. : (

That’s what he does. He inserts himself where he isn’t wanted. He came here to El Paso for a rally attended mostly by out-of-towners, stiffed this Democratic stronghold for a half million dollars, then we had an out-of-town mass shooter targeting Mexicans a few weeks later.


It looks like time to ask rRump to make a speech showing that he knows the difference between impeachment and lynching. If he makes the speech and enough people agree that it is accurate and he knows the difference, allow him to choose which he gets. Otherwise, don’t let him choose.