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What and Who Gave Us Trump?

What and Who Gave Us Trump?

Ralph Nader

Donald J. Trump’s presidential ambition has simmered for decades. He was and is a regular TV watcher and saw the changing political landscape. One by one, previous presidents diminished the integrity of the presidency and violated the rule of law, paving the way for Trump’s candidacy.


“The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
–H. L. Mencken, 26 July 1920

The grossly rich who have purposely sought to dumb down the population to help preserve their own favored status always knew that they could thrive under the likes of someone like Trump. The golden rule–they have the gold and they make the rules. It’s a classic tale that keeps rearing its ugly head throughout the march of time.


The final paragraph seems ominous.

I don’t care about making Trump a one term president or if he tweets stupid things and demands a recount, especially if it is accomplished by electing a big money Democrat which Ralph aptly showed is what led to Trump in the first place.

Hopefully, Ralph will be informing citizens how to begin the process for 2020 of sending all big money candidates to landslide defeats.

Voting on making Trump a one term president is using the same strategy that gave us Trump and is therefore not a solution to the problem.


Thank you Ralph Nader for keeping the arguments front and center.

I must laugh lest I cry. Judges ordering un-redacting of the Stone and Flynn portions of the investigation report demands humor about the sheer drugging profile of projections about ‘fake news’. In keeping with perspective, I present two songs from the past. Michael Flynn attempting to slip the entire country a ‘mickey finn’ about emoluments and his bud the Stoner essentially doing the same thing in other areas. I am reminded that any justice depends on past precedent, and past presidents, when they can distinguish between the two… and yes the ‘music’ is revealingly infantile and time for them to face it.

They Stone you…

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The fact that Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump could break social norms and laws with impunity, as Ralph mentions, underscores the much larger problem of a political system that is woefully lacking in an accountability and enforcement mechanism. Unless a true political revolution occurs (sorry, Bernie, getting crowds at a rally and and continuing to work in a broken, corrupt political system is not a revolution) as in a re-write of the U.S. constitution and a re-structuring of the Federal government, dumping Trump and replacing him with another business as usual Democrat simply keeps the door open for the next Trump or Bush or Obama. As always, it’s the system that needs an overhaul. Shuffling names and faces without a fundamental change in the structure of our government just promises more of the same.


An elevated public social consciousness has to play a role here somewhere. None of these individuals would have been “elected” by a more progressive, non-narcissistic, less passive society Until we accept the reality that there is a “commons” and that human entity rises above all other materialistic endeavors we will continue to “elect” paper mache politicians expecting them to “entertain” us.


Great article, but Ralph should have mentioned Capitalism, which is the worship of money, predation & deception. Trump is the unavoidable result of the Cult of Capitalism, since he embodies its true principles, economists be damned.

(Bonus Points also go to Ralph for ignoring Russiagate, an obvious CIA/Pentagon PSYOP aimed at promoting war with Russia and silencing the Left.)


I wouldn’t even bring up the subject of re-writing the constitution until progressives control both chambers, or one chamber and the WH. Any other combination is too great of a risk to lose everything.


To paraphrase Michael Cohan: Trump will not lose the election in 2020! Trumps 50 million twitter followers will make sure of that!

And here I thought that all those presidents were defending my freedom. Whewsh!

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The decriminalized criminal POTUS model started long before Clinton (recall St. Ron’s hypocrisy and Barr defending Bush 41), combined with Trump’s business trip to Moscow three decades ago wherein he became then KGB psychoanalyst Putin’s bitch, and upon returning to the US started spouting off about how bad NATO and the US’ allies were.


Ralph, I think Hillary and Co. had something to do with it.

“Democrats did not reciprocate with nicknames like “cheating Donald,” “corrupt Donald,” “Dangerous Donald,” etc.”

“Don Trumpeone”?


Ralph asks, "What and Who Gave Us Trump?"

Answer - “You did, Ralph” by peeling away voters from Gore in 2000 thus allowing SCOTUS to install Dick Cheney err I mean George W., and setting us on course for the Biggest Loser who is now defecating in every room of the US population.

Think of the jump start on climate action if Gore had become US president almost 20 years ago.

And think of all the American service members who’d still be alive or un-maimed by Cheney’s wars.


You are spewing total BS Democratic mythology. Punching left & enabling the right, just like Democrats always do.

Dems Scapegoat Nader


Remember when the people were rising up with the Occupy Movement? This people’s movement of great potential was swiftly attacked and brought down by Obama and a cadre of mostly democratic city mayors.


No, I am thinking independently based upon the facts of the 2000 election results and the consequences which occurred due to it.

I was the Supreme Court that gave us W in 2000 - all along party lines. That is the fact.


Absolutely correct. I hope “My_name…” takes the time to read that article.

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Spoken like a Trump supporter. I read all of Nader’s articles and this one seemed to be one of his best. You may not like Obama’s record, but it was not near as bad as Bush Jr nor Trump. Bill Clinton wasn’t perfect either, but he did improve the economy and his record on foreign intervention was likewise nowhere near the fucking evil disasters we were led into by these republican assholes.

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Capitalism is a means to collect and direct money toward either worthwhile or wasteful projects. Housing is the main capitalist investment. Hospitals and medical facilities, roads, bridges, water supplies and sanitation too. Most public works projects are funded in a capitalist manner with interest paid in addition to actual cost. What we have today is cutthroat capitalism whereby the interest paid is indeed onerous.

I direct my own ire toward investments in transportation as key to bringing down our costs of living. If we couldn’t drive nor fly as much as we do, nor ship and truck goods around the world so much, directing money toward those PLANET DESTROYING activities, we’d undercut corporate influences that drive up the cost of living and we’d be well on the way toward sustainable local lifestyles.

Blah blah capitalism bad blah blah.

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