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'What Are Republicans Hiding?' GOP Senators Kill Democratic Effort to Subpoena Kavanaugh Documents


'What Are Republicans Hiding?' GOP Senators Kill Democratic Effort to Subpoena Kavanaugh Documents

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Bolstering accusations that they are actively working to suppress elements of Trump Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh's record that could put his confirmation in jeopardy, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday teamed up to block a coordinated effort by Democrats to subpoena Kavanaugh documents that have been withheld by the White House under so-called "constitutional privilege."


ANOTHER testimony to the FARCE of "Open/Transparent Democracy!


Goose Step by Goose Step we are nearing the completion of the fascist states of America:


“This nomination is going to be tainted,” declared Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

It IS tainted, you nitwit! Start saying that it is and tell the American people and the Republicans that this seat WILL be up for judicial review later on. Who gives a damn what the GOP say? They have stretched the bounds of the already weak Constitution so far that the document really doesn’t mean anything anymore.


Democrats are USELESS! We need something to replace them as an opposition party or the system will fall, as it probably should anyway.


Meanwhile citizens like you and I are left with just being able to sit back and watch and wonder what is being hidden. Makes me ill.


This poor excuse for a human being (a Supreme Court judge??) has his hands soaked in torture.


What Are Republicans Hiding? Corruption and Criminality like they always do. The USA is nearing its end game now. The citizens have no such thing as a representative government as both parties are wholly owned by their corporate oligarch owners and have been for decades now. The fat lady is singing loudly. Just picture Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem.


And where is the leadership from Chuck Schumer? Nowhere is where! ANY Dem sellout that will not stand-up on this and be counted must be primaried and defeated…like Schumer!

The DINO corporate-whore Dems serve many of the same masters and forces as R’Cons, and will never stand-up for real change!

This entire process is manipulated Kabuki Theater with the truth hidden, the players lying their faces off, and Kavanaugh a threat to so much, his confirmation a disaster - just like the regime of the mental idiot that nominated him to serve very specific purposes!


Yeah let’s replace them with a different party that is the minority (powerless) party in Congress. Only we’ll make sure that the replacement party has even less power.


And gambling


What dire looking pricks they make.


Sure thing, as if THAT would make a difference.


Republicans are hiding acute congenital stupidity. But they are failing at that, too.


This entire government should be lined up in front of a firing squad. They have all sold out the American peoples freedom and future.


Heitkamp has already said she sees no red flags with Kavanaugh, so there’s one.


I called Grassely and told him that. I hope at least some intern heard a few seconds before deleting the voicemail and then decided to quit!


Now we know why he had his daughters removed from the room. He is being accused of attempted rape. He allegedly covered a woman’s mouth while pinning her down. Nice guy.


Another thing that disqualifies him is who nominated him. He has been described as a fucking moron, someone who has the understanding of a fifth or six grader, an idiot, a fucking moron (I like that one), a liar, and he has self described himself as a man who grabs women by the pussy because he can. Does this not disqualify HIM from choosing a justice for the Supreme Court of the United States? I think it does.


Republicans have become the party of lawless pursuits. Of stretching the normal procedures to suit the 1% and trashing the 99%.
The withholding of the Gorsuch nomination was as sick as it can get. What respect can be allowed for a contrite, complicit, lawless congress. The coup is happening right now and most of us are completely unaware. G