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What are the Super-Rich Democrats Waiting For?


What are the Super-Rich Democrats Waiting For?

Ralph Nader

Democratic Party loyalists are always complaining about the big-money fat cats behind the Republican Party’s candidates and platform. Over the last few election cycles, the Democratic Party has lost most state legislatures, governorships, the US Senate, the US House of Representatives and the White House. Republican control of the Senate is also leading to control of the US Supreme Court. It is time for Democrats to up the ante big time!


Well said. The money spent on campaigns would be better served in getting the word out,(on programs for people) and implementing campaign finance reform by removing the vast sums spent for each election cycle. Until the influence of corporate capital is addressed congress will continue to work against the people that elected them. Then start with tax reform that helps the 85% instead od the top earners and large multinational corporations. The list is long but getting organized and calling out corrupt politicians and voting them out would be a good place to start.


Mr. Nader, billionaires don't donate to politicians out of the kindness of their hearts. They make campaign contributions so as to extort politicians for special favors under threat of fundraising cuts. In states the oligarchs know they can't turn red, they can at least sabotage genuine public-interest progressives cutting into their bottom line for ineffective, unpopular neoliberals like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine, or Dianne Feinstein. Oligarchs have enough money to donate to both parties so either politician elected will serve them first.

If you want genuine public-interest politicians like Bernie Sanders who enact effective (rather than donor-serving) policies, that money will have to come from a truly democratic base of small-to-medium donors. I can't picture Bernie's platform being very popular with the 1%.


I agree. I suspect the Democrat billionaires had more than a little to do with Hillary and not Bernie getting the nomination. Nader mentioned the Gates/Buffet pledge as if that will change much. Has he not looked at why roof-top solar power has failed in states like Nevada and California although very cost effective and providing local jobs? Or which corporations are invested in by the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation?

While encouraged that there are at least 3 dozen who understand the difference between charity and social/ecological justice ... and sympathize with his wish, I think he needs a more reality based critical analysis to answer why the DNC aren't organizing.


Here's one: If you have to be 200000 in debt just to get a degree, take your time with a job, and get a degree slowly. Let's stop this debt thing.


The problem is that the super rich like it that way. They do not pay their fair share ( look at the cap on social security for instance); they really believe they are privileged and "special"; So they want to give up a bit of their obscene wealth to their choice of "deserved" investments, get their tax breaks and keep the cycle going? That really is not good enough in my opinion. They need to first pay taxes so that everyone will benefit, not just their personal pet projects or interests. Once they pay their fair share which will allow all to benefit, then they can make their feel-good donations to their pet causes. I have no confidence in this class of people. I do not see them working to correct the situation. I do not see them embracing a maximum wage. I do see them resisting any attempt to correct the situation.


I wrote on Yoko Ono's face book page:
to please put out a HUGE "WAR IS OVER (if you want it),sign again., in Times Square....
as she and John Lennon did during Vietnam War....
In memory of her husband...
I think is it needed now with the threats of military escalation ALL OVER THE PLACE...
I mean if she can manage to have an art show in Brazil recently,
can't she help us to stop the Trash a/ka/ Trump & thugs' madness?
maybe it will get some movement in the anti war movement..


The biggest problem, and the one problem that has to be solved before anything meaningful can be done with all other issues is the problem of money in politics. Why would the wealthy invest anything in the one thing that will eliminate their influence? Bernie proved we don't need their money, so we need to do it deliberately without them.


Mr. Ralph, luv ya man, your integrity, courage, your years of pounding on power abuses.

Wondered if this might interest thee; a different take.

Wrote this in 1984: "Look, we were all raised in this culture that is committing planetary suicide -- Jonestown on a whole earth level. Incredible, but true."

Willing to be wrong ... My biased and limited information processing filters currently describe big-pic reality thusly: humans aren’t sufficiently coded — genetically, culturally or technologically — to pass natural selection tests in environs undergoing exponentially accelerating complexity for X number of years. X approaches … that is, we lose the selection arms race with accruing complexity; we are unable navigate the alien, ever-unprecedented environs that complexity continues to generate.

Re Link below: experimental, maybe fails; more than a scared guy ranting, though it may appear to be that initially. There's a more conventional piece embedded within it re complexity, code & governance.

The Margins of Selection: http://ow.ly/VGQl30aRkTw


I agree. The trouble is also that many state Us are also just as expensive as private ones. More people are starting at community colleges.


Most of them feel "entitled" just like Dump and his spawn.