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What Are They Hiding? UN Official Slams US for Limiting Access to Prisons


What Are They Hiding? UN Official Slams US for Limiting Access to Prisons

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A United Nations representative has accused the U.S. of blocking access to prisons—including state and federal facilities where an estimated 80,000 people are in solitary confinement and the military prison at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba—leading civil liberties experts to wonder, "Is the United States hiding something?"


Keep doing it, dear USA, keep it up! The more, the better, the worse, the better. The USA is long overdue to be abandoned as an utterly discredited pariah state by the entire world.


How about some countries like the OAS and the EU voting some sanctions on the US for their “human rights” record. Oh, I forgot that’s only possible against “threats” like Venezuela.

The US’s hypocrisy is only surpassed by the attitude of being above and beyond any laws even their own under international treaties. It’s just another symptom of the dying empire.


It’s no secret that, in response to the demand to “Get tough on crime,” we have created a vast prison system that makes the old Soviet gulag look puny in comparison. Prisons are this generation’s response to our poverty crisis. We should avoid mentioning of “human rights,” given our record of recent decades. If “human rights” as defined by the UN’s UDHR is what we mean, then no, Americans reject this. The UDHR lists food, shelter and medical care as fundamental human rights, even for the jobless poor and the unemployable. This generation disagrees, as our social policies show.


Actually, as those who read international media know, much of the world community is (A) astounded by the degree of ignorance of our general population, and; (B) out of patience with the US, increasingly viewing the US as the greatest potential threat to all life on Earth.


DHFabian, I remain persuaded that this ignorant “condition” is planned social policy as outlined for our elites by Edward Bernays in the early decades of the XXth century. The infantilization of America is no accident. It does not help that the American voter is insulated and isolated from broader world views (and second and third languages) and alternate media by two oceans, a disadvantage the peoples of Europe do not share.
Jingoist triumphalism is embedded from childhood, due in the main to exposure to a steady diet of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies, not to mention an undying affection for guns as the definitive conflict/problem “solver” on most TV cop-drama–from the Lone Ranger to Eliot Ness to Cold Cases to Law and Order, etc. Name your poison.
Be well.


Very well said!


Everyday it looks more and more as if this nation has have a
corporate republican coup.
Bush’s Grandfather tried and failed…
Looks as if Reagan , Bush Sr. or Bush Jr republicans have succeeded
where Grandfather Preston FAILED.
The government is run today by a select few and they control every move ,
every action and every policies this nation takes…
Our election system has been purged. They are slowing purging
voters from voting which they wish NOT to vote.
This nation stinks to high heaven to say the less.

We can never fix this broken and corrupted government, trying to use the system for voting
which NO longer exist.


It is both.
They have gerrymandered the system , used the supreme court to
stop counting votes and they own the electronic voting machines
which they can do as the please.
And yes we no longer have any candidates to vote for , because
they all water from the same water hole … Corporations & elite