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'What Are You Trying to Hide?' Democrats Threaten Subpoena as Barr Suggests Canceling Testimony

'What Are You Trying to Hide?' Democrats Threaten Subpoena as Barr Suggests Canceling Testimony

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With Attorney General William Barr reportedly threatening to cancel his scheduled testimony before the House Judiciary Committee this week over objections to the format of the hearing, Rep. Jerry Nadler warned Sunday that he is prepared to issue a subpoena if Barr refuses to appear.

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If Barr does not show, call the Justice Department.
They should make him testify.
Go to the top guy if necessary.
Uhh - wait a minute…
Washington, we have a problem.


Snakes like Barr always try to slither out of tight places.


There’s relatively little need for the House to work on any legislation since the Senate would likely not take up anything. Thus why not have every committee and subcommittee investigating the MANY likely illegal/immoral activities of Trump and associates? In due time, impeach. BTW, James Risen at the Intercept has an interesting article concerning all the Russian influences uncovered by Mueller and Mueller’s inability to get much out of Manafort or the many Russians who remain out of the country.

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You can’t put lipstick on this character, he is what he is. No amount of deodorant will change the stench. As long as Elaine Chao is part of the Trump stable, our senate is going to be cowed and spineless. The party of the privileged is going to run the show and we can squeal and whine all we want, they have us by the shorts Let’s fix the flaw in our election system. Who said the constitution was a perfect document. Enough already with the constitutional apologist.

But Barr is not the head of the snake, only the tail; the head of the snake needs to be cut off!

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We need to get to the bottom of the lies, refusals to testify, refusal of recusal, and the constant spin.
Absolutely no truth. Investigate until the resnublicans quiver.

Oh where have been Billy Barr, Billy Barr, oh where have you been alarming Billy.

I’ve been off to see the boss, to make sure the lies get across,
And make the whole country be at a loss.

You’re a poet.

Rumor has it Trump is moving to Russia. Barr is taking Russian classes, but is having trouble. Does Babble teach Russian? Ivana and Ivanks don’t want to go they hate the cold.Sorry girls you gotta, and take mousy Rosenstein with you.

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I knew it!

Do we notice that we no longer have two or three departures from the trump corral weekly. I guess that means he finally has nothing but kiss asses signed on now.

Why wasn’t Barr crushed like the gnat he is for sending that 16 or 17 page so called job interview letter. Should have eliminated his appointment. Another coward move by dems.
A republican would never have allowed that to happen.

Rosenstein out! Snap I didn’t see that coming. He guaranteed his retirement. Rosy isn’t known for courage, but then it is nice to sit here in anonymity with all that bravery, although the cops already know who I am. I already have a paranoia about ending up the grill on a semi.

I like Sen. MazieHirono. She said she doesn’t expect any forthcoming answers by Barr at the senate hearing on Wednesday.
Maybe dems should give Barr the Michael Cohen treatment. Refer to him as someone they can’t believe because of his previous untrue tesimony.