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What Athletes Should Stand For


What Athletes Should Stand For

Honoring a venerable tradition of activist athletes dating from Muhammad Ali, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has continued his protest against racial injustice, taking a knee during another national anthem, vowing to donate $1 million to community groups, and inspiring two more NFL players to join him. What clueless booing crowds don't get, says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: "Failure to fix this problem is what’s really un-American here."


What I find interesting is our own Talk radio here in Canada. The Hosts all dived on this , all but universally condemning Kaepernich stating he should stand for the anthem and the like and make his position known in other ways.

Several weeks ago on the death of Ali they were all fawning over the social stands he made.

What is the difference? Well it politically SAFE to praise a person who is dead and had made a stand. When he is living it much easier to condemn him. This is the same thing that happened with Martin Luther King. A whole lot of the people who condemned him as a traitor when he was alive , sang his praises and indicated that Mr Kings life proved "The greatness of America" when he died.


Exactly. What athletes should stand for is honor and ethics in their sports. And, btw, being honorable guests when they're in another country to compete (Lochte). Why is no one talking about the disconnect between his standing on the Olympic podium, teary, hand on heart? for the playing of the SSB, and then going out and behaving SO badly with his bros, lying about it, and running on home? (BTW, I just realized what was so wrong about the promo? I saw for his upcoming appearance on "Dancing With the Stars," when his partner suggested he might be seen dancing in is "Speedos." Didn't Speedo ditch him?)


agree. honor & ethics in sports has not seemed to be of concern much, by the athletes themselves, but even more important than sports, is to see justice for all become a reality, not just a pretend promise. male Money, white supremacy & abuse of ALL others has to be stopped. bringing attention to abuse should be something we ALL respect & support.


Far too many Americans have no historical memory whatsoever.
I can imagine some imaginative ones in a stadium full of testosterone (with the military on display) trying to find an "app" for Kaps behavior....
Sad that so many are not socially conscious.......or are not conversant with what the US MIC is doing around this world.


He's moved plenty. And what does "cool it" mean? Someone will be watching him and reporting on every game through the season.


Kaepernick is dong BOTH raising his voice for JUSTICE (as the flag pledge & U.S> Constitution is SUPPOSED to stand for) AND he also just contributed $1 MILLION to racia justice groups.


andrewboston wrote "

His intent, by all appearances, is like that of so many now-a-days, to divide the public and rally one aggrieved segment around the cry "We are mad as hell, and won't take it any more!" -- Okay, Kaepernick is quieter than that. It is his buds in BlackLivesMatter who are that loud, and he and Beyonce are showing their solidarity with #BLM. They also tell us that they intend to aggravate the rest of us until we do something about their grievance.

Something to contemplate is the broader message, intention, that America and what it stands for is undeserving of our patriotism. But what then?


I suggest you listen to what Kaepernick actually says and not rely on "all appearances." And I suggest you think about how it might feel from his side of the car window. I'm as White as his parents, but the back of my curly head is very dark (and used to be even darker), and many times I've had cops stammer and stutter when they've pulled me over and find themselves having to explain their flimsy probable cause to an older White woman instead of someone they can intimidate and threaten. I hear Kaepernick calling us precisely to consider what America stands for and whether we're living up to it, for all.


What you wrote I think goes to an idea that human beings for the most are hypocrites.
It makes me think of what Orwell called, "double think", which he defined as the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind, and believe in both.
What bothers me about that is that people don't seem to recognize it and if they do, they don't care.
Makes me wonder if they understand the meaning of consciousness?