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'What Authoritarianism Looks Like': Trump Condemned as Busloads of US Soldiers Arrive in Nation's Capitol

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/04/what-authoritarianism-looks-trump-condemned-busloads-us-soldiers-arrive-nations


No matter where we live we can all stand–literally–in solidarity with the protestors. I intend to do so and alone if need be. Solidarity!

Edit: My sign will say–

America Lower Your Flags And Raise Your Conscience.


Trump reprises George’s pool episode on Seinfeld and so brings in the Troops. What an impotent and dangerous thing. Knowing that many are cheering this on as if it were a game is even more frightening because they are armed and live among us.


If Trump orders troops to use violence against protesters, the fuse will be lit for civil war. I am beginning to believe the American people, at least a significant number of us, have finally reached the boiling point. Some points of concern:

  • will soldiers obey commands to use violence against citizens?
  • will protesters respond to violence with violence?
  • will a resurgence of COVID-19 infections quell the demonstrations?
  • how much of the American population will join in the protests or potential rebellion?
  • what role will the Trumpster right wingers play?
    The American Empire is in its death throes. Simultaneously, we still continue to threaten and abuse other countries, instead of concentrating on solving our own self-inflicted problems. The US is the dangerous bully, frightened and stupid, a lethal combination. Watch out world!

I’m beginning to think it wasn’t such a good idea for Pelosi and the Democrats to shovel money at Donald Trump for surveillance…what could possibly go wrong in this nazi state?


I see Obama is trying to steal the spotlight. Message to Barrack: You are no longer the top criminal. Yes, you have a soothing voice but no one trusts you anymore after such a republican-enabling presidency.


Trump seems to think the protests are his REICHSTAG FIRE.


Is the National Guard considered a branch of the military?

The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard are the armed forces of the United States. The Army National Guard and the Air National Guard are reserve components of their services and operate in part under state authority.


The demonstrators NEED TO WORK WITH THE INDIVIDUAL TROOPS BROUGHT IN and might be wise to gather as “teach ins” with specialists in the UCMJ, CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION according to US laws.

GI Rights Hotline - ~https://girightshotline.org/en/military-knowledge-base/topic/conscientious-objection-discharge

Center on Conscience and War - attention Members of the Military: Contact the Center on Conscience & War if you’re in the US military and want to seek discharge or reassignment as a Conscientious Objector. counseling is free of charge

Current military policy (DoD Instruction 1300.06, dated July 12, 2017) has defined conscientious objection as, “a firm, fixed, and sincere objection to participation in war in any form or the bearing of arms, by reason of religious training and/or belief.” This definition has been further clarified by both military policy and our legal system. The following words and phrases found in the above definition are further clarified:


  • The term “religious” also includes moral and ethical beliefs which have the same force in a person’s life as traditional religious beliefs.
  • The term “religious” does not include essentially political, sociological, or philosophical views .

“Training and/or belief”

  • “Training” refers to the source of conviction or, more simply, the experiences that shaped your values . This may come from a lifetime of involvement in an organized religion that teaches active love for the enemy, for example (i.e. not killing), or from books, movies, or TV shows.
  • “Training” could also arise from experiences serving in the military or from other life experiences .
  • “Belief” refers to the values you hold which do not allow you to participate in military service or the bearing of arms.


  • “Participation” highlights the personal nature of the claim. Thus a CO claim is not an abstract critique of war. It is a statement of what you believe , and what you can or cannot do in good conscience.
  • “Participation” underscores that this is not about whether you think war is illogical or bad policy , for example.

“In War”

  • The term “In War” means that although a CO must object to war, he or she does not have to object to the use of violence by a police force or for self-defense, although many COs do hold nonviolent convictions.
  • It is important to note the difference between force and violence . Punching someone is an example of violent force, while pulling a child away from a moving car is an example of nonviolent force.

“In Any Form”

  • “In Any Form” precludes those who are opposed to a particular war . Such persons are called selective conscientious objectors and do not meet the current legal definition of a conscientious objector.
  • If one believes in the Just War Theory , which is held by many religious traditions, that person would have to also conclude/believe that there are in fact no just wars . Only then would they meet the current legal definition of a conscientious objector.

‘What Authoritarianism Looks Like’

–of course; and it’s just the surface of what the American thanatocracy looks like.


This orange antichrist, President Voldemort, has been spoiling for such an event, indeed, deliberately inciting it, since before the 2016 election that he lost.


We will see your 10 military busloads, and raise you another 100 protestor busloads.


*They always do. *They’ll all cynically be chased to poor redlined districts (think Tulsa a century back?) Can we say “urban renewal?” *As protestors infect vulnerable loved ones, survivor’s homes & apartments will be flipped over “final expenses,” buried among the uncounted COVID victims? *Howcome, nobody’s calling for mass demonstrations, each & every curfew night: Black AND whites? *Trump’s nazi klavens are ALWAYS doing their part? WE pay them overtime, give them Chinese ACUs, eight ton armored trucks full of 40mm smart grenades that go through your wall and shower your family with shrapnel? Trump never had to pay half the working class to kill us. They’re so indentured, buying Bushmasters with EZCredit Paycheck Loans, they’ll suck-up to ANY trickle-down?





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I wasn’t surprised by Barry’s latest empty platitudes. After all, our first black president couldn’t be bothered to comment on a mostly African American uprising (at first) for over a week.
We don’t want Barry to go away mad, we just want him to go away.


Trump is trying to channel High Chancellor Sutler, the authoritarian leader from V for Vendetta. He has that character down pat, a cowering little coward hiding behind his powerful position. Now is the time for the entire citizenry to take him down. Keep up the protests, as his fragile little ego cannot function without endless admiration. I wish the god damn military would all put down their weapons and tell him to go to hell in support of the protestors. Or better yet, arrest him for treason along with all his supporters from his administration and Congress.


300 veterans? Retired Jim Mattis? Is there a law requiring people to retire before they grow a conscience? Are they just afraid to get the Chelsea Manning treatment, even at the top?


How far have we fallen? We are looking to former War Pigs to try and talk sense into our fascist president.
It’s like a bad movie.


Have you been an active protestor for anything? I’m just curious. I have, nuclear proliferation and power also ocean dumping in Ca, the Vietnam War and a few others.

One firecracker pop can now create a trigger-fingered Amerika’s Tiananmen Square.

Be Best.

Amerikan Politicians – You’ve allowed incremental normalization to get you to this insanity. It’s time to impeach again (abuse of power) and this time remove him, post-haste.

This is only a prelude of coming attractions after he loses the election and refuses to accept the results.

Remove him before the WEEK ENDS or else the blood is on all of you.


The more frightened Trump becomes the more dangerous he becomes. Plan accordingly.