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What Ben Carson Doesn’t Get About Poverty


What Ben Carson Doesn’t Get About Poverty

Wendi C. Thomas

“The prescription for the cure rests with the accurate diagnosis of the disease.”

Apply Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson’s latest plan and you’ll see just how brainless public housing policy could become.


Ben Carson doesn’t get any thing about poverty.


Ben Carson is insane.


I listen to people like Ben (doctor) Carson and I hear the bullying compliance threats like “you’ll never be good enough” - such was the parenting culture of conformist “middle-class” “upward mobility”. Parents’ identity based on seeing that their children embody and internalize the ‘upwar’ where snide comments are used to ostracize; to lie, cheat and steal - and if you do it and ‘get away with it’ in prep school and the ivy league- you’re coached for government. There were of course exceptions, but even those parents warned of the dynamic.

Milton Friedman and the Chicago boys wrote it into financial policy and wall street ran with to its inevitable obscenities, now slathered across the nation and the world.


Wendi, Wendi, Wendi…you can’t use logic with people who live in some 17th century Puritannical fantasy of pre-Darwin social elitism where they get to label others and grasp at whatever power they can in order to subject others to their narrow vision of deservedness…in Carson’s little world, “having a job” solves all social, personal, and political issues. Work, work, work…try desperately to get more, more,more money…because THEN you’re entitled to $30,000 tables and pictures of Christ wrapping his arms around you. Oh, but don’t PAY people more, because then businesses might have to lay somebody off somewhere.


If you consider that the job descriptions for Trump appointees require them to destroy whatever agency they are in charge of, Ben Carson gets it and is fulfilling the mission.

His speech patterns indicate that they give him all the ether he wants.


Actually, there isn’t even that much planning to it. All djt understands about holding office is that he gets to pretend he’s king and he gets to give away jobs as patronage. And he gets to be flattered. He doesn’t really give a damn what any of them do in the jobs, as long as they flatter him.


None of them do. Nor do they care.


The problem is that poverty is needed for capitalism and thus keeping people poor is necessary. And anyway you can milk them dry is good. It has been the goal of capitalism since it evolved from feudalism.


This is consistent with Reaganism, Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. The poor must be whipped to Work. The rich must be economically coddled to continue to trickle down. It’s the hateful rich justifying their greed by saying the poor are to lazy…else they would be rich to.


Ben Carson revealed that he was unfit for such a position when he was running for president.