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What Bernie Sanders Has Already Won


What Bernie Sanders Has Already Won

Dave Johnson

When Sen. Bernie Sanders initially began running for president, his hope was to “trigger the conversation” about the way the economic and political system is rigged by the billionaires and their corporations. He wanted to begin a movement around a vision of how the country could be run for We the People instead of a few billionaires and their giant corporations, and give that movement momentum.

That was the idea; start a movement out of a campaign that could get a “for-the-people” message out. All the people he brought in would take it from there.


Sorry Dave, but there is nothing you or anyone else can say that will convince me that electing Clinton will be any different than electing one of the "official" GOP clowns.

So, Bernie should be happy with his moment in the spotlight, and now move over for the REAL candidate Clinton?

To turn your premise on its head: Clinton has already lost. Her recent public demeanor even seems to reveal this quite plainly. Time to stock up on toilet paper at the DNP, before all the party apparatchiks shit themselves.


Given the fact that Bernie drew 11,000 to a rally in red state Arizona and close to 5,000 in the red state of Louisiana shows me he has galvanized a segment of our society like never before. Bernie may be just one runner carrying the baton in the long race toward a just society, but so far he's run one hell of a lap for us.


What Bernie Sanders has already won.


Clinton or another neoliberal Corporate Democrat like Obama will not do what we urgently need to save the planet. All those thousands of endless War refugees desperately fleeing their wrecked countries from Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq can all be laid to the blame of Obama. It was Obama who started the illegal and unConstitutional War against Libya which brought it to chaos and 20,000 rocket launchers distributed to terrorists now wreaking havoc in Mali and some going to ISIL. It was Obama who continued the drone assassinations in Yemen.
And while Obama, facing popular resistance in the UK and the US, who refrained from a hot overt war against Assad in Syria, went ahead to send arms to terrorists there resulting in the current disaster and the rise of ISIL.
Obama also supported the Ukrainian War on the border of Russia perhaps the most dangerous War in the world involving the possibility of going nuclear.
We cannot afford this if we are to survive with a civilization intact in the age of Peak Oil, Limits to Growth and Climate Change in the 21st century


Regardless of the Democratic nominee, we will all need to work on making sure an anti-immigrant, anti-Social Security, pro-billionaire, pro-hate candidate doesn’t get elected president and destroy the country.

And that means no Hillary, either.


The naivete (if that's actually what it is) of this article amazes me.

"Bernie's" sane, centrist, 70s-style-Democratic populism is not being discussed and debated in the MSM. Of course it isn't. Americans will not be allowed to hear about, much less debate, matters like a tax on Wall Street, an end to offshoring, or Single Payer healthcare. They weren't allowed to hear about these things when Kucinich, Dean, and Stein were running before, and they won't be allowed to debate them now. And insofar as they are mentioned in passing, it will be to highlight Sanders' scary outlier "socialism" and his unelectability.

No, Black Agenda Report has it right... Sanders is in the race as sheepdog, shepherding liberals disaffected by so many ugly Obama betrayals back into the DNC's fold. I find it frustrating that articles like this will continue to raise expectations, until they are shattered on the ground with Sanders' promised endorsement of the Megathatcher next Spring.


Yes. And NO WAY.


"Regardless of the Democratic nominee, we will all need to work on making sure an anti-immigrant, anti-Social Security, pro-billionaire, pro-hate candidate doesn’t get elected president and destroy the country."

Why? Why should we help the "pro-billionaire" DNC please their owners?

I'm voting for a candidate, not a party.

If Bernie isn't on the ballot I'm voting for Jill Stein.


A typical article of progressive inertia (the inability of progressives to believe that a progressive can actually win) establishing defeatism posing as optimism.

In short what a crock. This article leaves you thinking this >>> Bernie made a great run but we know he really can't win the race.

Bullsh...um... bullshush (? whatever but you know that kind of works...lol) BULLSHUSH I think Bernie is winning fast as can be... Amazingly fast in fact this early in the race.

Bernie has not been given a fair shake by the media after his initial surge in popularity made editors and media big wigs send down the word that reporting on Bernie's growing popularity and big crowds was only making things worse.

So now the media report on Trump's big crowds but no equal time for Bernie. Know why? It's because the media expects Trump to fade in popularity over the next few months as his big mouth shoots himself in the foot and people figure out that he is fun but too nutty to be trusted as president.

On the other hand the media figures that Bernie will only keep growing in popularity and if they don't watch out, the Bern will end up running in an obvious shut out. So as yet they help Hillary survive till the nomination run off anyway.

Obviously the dems figure Hillary won't pull it out and brought up Biden to make the contest less obvious as Hillary's numbers plummet and Bernie's continue to soar. Imagine a party old guard mainstay, the VP nobody remembers is still VP, as competition for Bernie? The dems are desperate and it is looking like they are jumping ship on Hillary a bit.

No matter. This article reflects the mainstream view that a true progressive can't actually be a real candidate. This article is suggesting that Bernie will lose in the end but the facts show otherwise.

Progressive inertia... they just can't imagine a progressive can actually win.

Go Bernie... ya' got em babbling pap.

I'm keeping the Bullshush expletive btw...lol


I sense the wheels are falling off Hillary's Welcome Wagon for Bernie. Today it's been announced that Sen. Sanders applied for " conscientious objector " status during the Vietnam War. Since the current field is full of " chickenhawks " this won't hurt him, either. Hillary, of course, would of dropped nukes on Vietnamese civilians but her mentor, Barry Goldwater, never got to give her that jet ride. For Hillary, it appears, life will be a series of missed opportunities to show her bona fides. To the true believers, of course. Hillary is going to " bomb " but it will be in the primaries. The DNC tried to " capture " BLM today, too. But they aren't buying in, apparently. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC Chairwoman, blocked a resolution supporting the Iran Treaty. Now activists want her head, too. To progressive thinkers everywhere, " don't ya' just love it when a plan comes together. " sunglasses


You have totally and deliberately distorted Mr. Johnson's article to serve your own anti-DEM and anti-Progressives agenda. Sad.


A statement like this works a lot like mainstream media memes that leave out the names and volitional acts of cops to use frames like, "An arm came around __________ head," etc.

Posters in this forum--like Justaman, Nicholas, and AlligatorHardt who are here to demonize Bernie Sanders may have also insisted (in the past) that The Tea Party is better organized that OWS: Behold! Notice how much media time that group gets.

The problem with these superficial "sportscaster frames" is that they don't admit that the mass media, itself a tool of militarism and corporatism (a pair that's married through the Neo-con/Neo-liberal agenda for an authoritarian New World Order) support the tea party since its anti-government--redux Reagan "government IS the problem" rhetoric works quite well for those Libertarians and corporatists who equate FREE trade with their own freedom from regulations and public protections of any and all sots.

Sanders is not getting media time because Trump puts on the better show. Trump is one of them, another card-carrying greed-stricken, pouting, petulant imbecile who would NEVER do anything to undermine the 1%.

Earlier today a vehicle that could have passed for the over-stuffed truck from "Sanford and Son" passed me and blazoned on the side of this redneck-mobile was a "Trump for 2016" sticker. Poor, uneducated people can be fooled by product branding. They don't know how to read past the label. I've heard it said that the majority of U.S. citizens ONLY read news headlines... imagine! There is a pool of ignorance to tap... but that is hardly the same thing as saying that ALL Americans are ignorant sheeple.

Distinctions matter.


Notice how most "site regulars" belittle Mr. Sanders. In the past, they always argued that people--that great amorphous mass of uniform-WE--didn't give a shit.

Then crowds showed up to make noise about Climate Change. And they belittled Bill McKibben.

Now crowds show up to support Mr. Sanders. And they say that he's a fraud, another Dem Trojan Horse... although he never WAS A Democrat.

I will continue to point out, and maintain the stance that people who push right wing Talking Points tend to show up as a majority in these threads. And since this group posts from early in the morning throughout the day--on work days--the very real impression is given that an entity is paying them to push their opinions and through their group synergy, establish consensuses for positions that probably would not win public approval if the illusion of majority opinion was not artificially in place.

What are the odds that on a thread like this, most posters would damage Sander's credibility? Finally a politician is beginning to talk openly about what matters and they want to throw HIM off the bus?


The article is about Bernie Sanders. Unless he had a race-shift, he is NOT Obama. Can you see the distinction?


"Regardless of the Democratic nominee, we will all need to work on making sure an anti-immigrant, anti-Social Security, pro-billionaire, pro-hate candidate doesn’t get elected president and destroy the country."...Dave Johnson.

No, for me it's Bernie or no one. I voted Green last time and that is the last time. The Green Party, I suspect, is lurching toward oblivion. The notion that going through the motions to just go through the motions is meeting an obligation is ridiculous. I'll find other things to do on election day, maybe play bridge, I might even get to play "no trump."


Regressive oligarchy money has done such a great job of demonizing Hillary that she will probably lose. She's done what's necessary to get Wall Street funding like almost all other serious candidates for public office in a rigged system. But she has also triangulated herself into a corner.

I plan on voting for Bernie Sanders if he is the nominee. If Hillary gets the nomination, I will probably have to decide between her and Trump and that's a no-brainer. I will not feel guilty about voting for her instead of not voting or voting third party which is in fact voting for Trump. Eight years of Bush's wars and fascism taught me that things can get much worse.


I see you're still selling, shallow waters. I heard Black Agenda Report has been changed to Black Sheep Agenda Retort. Is that why you need the herding dogs? Are they seeing eye dogs, too, btw? FYI- Prognosticating should be left to people who actually know how it works. First, your polling pool has to be larger than the tub you wash your dog in. Second, you have to ask intelligent questions without making it seem like you're running a " push poll ". ( This info could be passed on to the people who did the polling in 2012 for the GP and who's check hopefully bounced ). And, it can't be just your buddies working at McDonald's. And, also, don't list all the things Americans won't be allowed to hear about when you've obviously heard about them, listed them here and appear to be a somewhat informed ( albeit pouty ) American, yourself. It sort of sounds like you missed Polling 101 and moved right into turtle neck bone rollin/interpetin, instead. Or, your mojo is in for an overhaul. Hopefully, you bought the warranty.


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