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What Bill Nye Got Wrong in His About-Face on GMOs


What Bill Nye Got Wrong in His About-Face on GMOs

Center for Food Safety

WASHINGTON - In a new article published at Civil Eats, Dr. Doug Gurian-Sherman, Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Senior Scientist at Center for Food Safety, and Dr. Margaret Mellon, Science Consultant, critique Bill Nye’s recent comments in support of genetically engineered (GE) crops. The prominent science educator recently changed his position on the crop technology after a visit to Monsanto’s agricultural facilities.



"To illustrate his point, he explained that GMO crops put the herbicides and pesticide inside the plant, rather than spraying it on them and having it run down into streams.’ "

How does Bill Nye, the Science Guy, not know that we eat plants including any poison inserted inside that cannot be washed off? How can this be a good thing? The only purpose for herbicides and pesticides to exist is to kill plants and animals. Our bodies use plant life as a necessary food source with good bacteria called “friendly FLORA” living in our gut, to digest our food. What effect would a product especially designed to kill plants and animals have on us and that digestive system? Antibiotics often are needed to cure disease, to kill off bad bacteria followed by treatment to rebuild and balance the good bacteria that also died to restore our digestive systems to regularity. Anyone personally familiar with the recent epidemic of gluten intolerance, unknown to most of us until recently? What other serious health problems might we expect to find?

Who in our government dared allow Monsanto and Roundup the imperial right to profit by forcing toxins into our food supply? If Monsanto products are as wholesome and fit for consumption as we are told, why is this Super Corp so adamant about hiding labels for GMO identification?