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What Billionaires Really Love About Hard Work

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/22/what-billionaires-really-love-about-hard-work


“Behind every great fortune there is a crime.”
–Honoré de Balzac

The crime may have not been recognized by the legal system in place during the spatial and temporal phase of accumulation, but was assuredly in the moral sense. Theft of Labor, Natural Resources, etc. can all be “allowed” by “legal” systems developed by “humans”, but Balzac had it right and his aphorism lives on to this day.


That AOC, never fails to ratchet it up!

No doubt Bloomberg has a target on her back and will run an oppo on her before long.


What billionaires really love about “hard work” is that OTHER people do the ACTUAL hard work they refer to. Yep, that simple!


“HARDWORK” (copy"right") in fact is an acronym for
Dynamics of
Over the
Reality of

Sort of an adolescent bully tactic to make you want what they have been taking from others.

By the same token the majority of human beings would engage hard work on a daily basis for the joy of the engagement were it not constantly subjected to the manipulations required by the wastrel extraction of the parasites that are dependent on the symbols that give vacuous rationals for constructs some kind of excuse in the absolutely essential realm of spirit. The latter being essential for recognizing the crises generated by the former.


“Hard Work” fits in nicely with the exceptionalism myth this country wallows in.
Lady Liberty is blindfolded so she won’t see what’s going on.
From sea to shining sea, it has been one big, long con. Now the bill is due.


A round of golf every three days? Who does that ceo think he is? Our president? I often wonder just how does someone amass such huge fortunes like Bloomberg. Yes, I know they invest and buy stocks or real estate but those words are generalities. That’s like saying Trump owns hotels not that he is raking in millions from foreign diplomats ‘choosing’ to stay at one of his plums. There was a time when nobody… literally nobody… bought cement for construction projects in NYC unless it came from the mob. Sounds like an exaggeration but it wasn’t and attempts were eventually made to start up a new (competing) firm among the established ones. It failed but the contest continued. That source of wealth could be investigated or at least made public. So also the sources of wealth for these oligarchs. Just how exactly did they get so rich. Somehow knowing these things has become an almost secret. Not quite a state secret or officially classified but just the same something never discussed. Maybe the trail of wealth needs to be followed and investigated wherever necessary?


I have to laugh at these wealthy tools, they have no clue what “hard work” really is all about. What a great day it would have been to tether (yes, tether to keep them from running out), Bloomberg, Castle, or Cayne to me or any of my firefighting brothers as we “humped” hose into a burning structure, or pulled ceilings and opened up walls checking for fire extension. I have no doubt this, or any physically demanding job would change their definition of “hard work” real fast.
This article magnifies the screwed up society we live in, where those who produce nothing walk away with the spoils, while those who do produce a product or valuable service are left with peanuts.


Or even the task, hourly, daily, over decades, of sweeping and mopping floors. Fill pail, dip mop, wipe, rinse, repeat, it’s that simple, ask Bloomberg.


I worked harder as a kid growing up on a farm in the 60’s then I work today. I make more money today.

Here is the thing. Just as the Country the United States of America has its champions claiming it is exceptional over all other Countries on this globe and thus the same rules that apply to those other Countries do not apply to it , the 1 percent think themselves as being exceptional over all others and operate under different parameters then everyone else.

If a person that is poor puts in 80 hours a week , that is not hard work. If a guy with 50 billion works 10 hours a week, that is rolling up ones sleeves and working hard.

This goes back to the very beginning. Words like Freedom and Liberty , the rights to a fair trial and the rights to protest ones Government , an “All men are created equally” and the right to vote are things they feel apply only to the 1 percent.

When they open their mouths to speak of “American Values” they are only speaking of what the 1 percent values. Everyone else is insignificant.


Agree with the article well done.

What Billionaires Really Love About Hard Work?

  1. It keeps us doing the work they would not like to do. In fact it keeps them from having to work hard at all. They have only to claim hard work, and not discuss their wealthy origins.
  2. It keeps people believing the myth that the rich are exceptional in their work ethic thus causing people to not question the privileges that the wealthy take for themselves.
  3. It massages their conscious as they tell themselves that working people are lazy and so not worthy. Thus justifying low wages, lack of health care, and environmental injustices they foist on “those people who do not matter.”
  4. It keeps the working class working as hard as they can. Somehow imagining that they will become wealthy. This causes competition between people. Divide and conquer. The focus is off of the wealthy.
  5. The working classes do not have a lot of time to notice what is going on within politics, and how many policies are being turned against them. Striking is less likely. Protests are reduced.
  6. It helps to reduce working peoples outrage at the treatment of the poor, and homeless. It ignores peoples suffering, bad luck, and other circumstances and blames everything on a lack of work ethic.

BTW. I used to pass through many different classes of neighborhoods in route to my graduate college classes. When I passed through the poorest neighborhoods during work hours, it was quiet, and could have been an abandoned town. No one was leaving, or coming home. No lights or activity outside the homes. They were working. When I passed through the wealthiest neighborhoods this changed. Suddenly their was flurry of vehicles coming and going. What were they doing? The men and some women were either loading up gulf clubs in their vehicle, or having someone else do it. I have never viewed so many gulf clubs and gulf bags in my life. LOL The men and women also arrived with many bags from the best stores. Labels of bags turned for all to view. Nothing much changed all the years of graduate college. No matter what hours my classes happened to be at.


Hi ReconFire,
**Yeah, I wonder how Wiltedbloom would deal with a situation like one of my co-workers, who crawled into a burning room to try to rescue an old lady. He found her and grabbed her hands to try to pull her out. The skin of her hands came off like gloves. He had to crawl in further to get hold of something solid to pull her out. She was still alive for a day or two. My friend suffered some minor burns despite his turn-outs. Wiltedbloom would probably say, “That’s nothing, I had to take a client out to dinner three times to get him to sign a paper that gave me the ownership of his business. Boy was he surprised when he realized he hadn’t read all of the fine print!”
Wotta puke!


Methinks this “hard work”, a.k.a. Protestant Work Ethic has been greatly over rated. We want meaningful work to do that gives joy to our lives. Out first duty is to LIVE not work our bodies and spirits to death.


This reminds me of a spat I had not so long ago with a very decent white man (we did anti-racist stuff together), a professional, a chemistry Phd, religious christian, liberal democrat who opposes socialism but thinks that simply regulating capitalism will fix it. I asked him what was so wonderful about capitalism and his answer was that, “It rewards hard work”. All I could think about were the many people who have two to three jobs just barely surviving. Then there is the issue of dignity and love of ones’ work. It always comes down to accepting and doing the bidding of the capitalists but in his case he is wanting to open up opportunities to black folks. William Buckley wanted also to do something similar. When you try to discuss the very fact that this nation was built on the lives and land of other people they become dumbfounded. They have literally never considered it.


Hey Steve, I remember watching a training film in a Haz-mat class about why not to completely believe classifications of chemicals in the DOT handbook. It was filmed in Baton Rouge in the late 70’s - early 80’s, for training for their department. They were at a ice plant with an anhydrous ammonia leak, anhydrous ammonia is listed as non-flammable in the handbook(but only in the open air), two men go in, the place lights off, and these guy’s are scrambling to get out, one of them rips off his re-breather(have no idea why they were using rebreathers), diving through a hole in a block wall. They get the worse one on a stretcher, and another FF pulls down one of his 3/4 boots, all of his skin and half of his leg mussels gets pulled down with the boot. Game over in the fire service. The 1% never deal with these kind situations, like everyday working people do.


My grandfather taught me that lesson many years ago. I was just a kid and was staying at his place and he was watching this show on the CBC. They mentioned something to the effect that what helped make Canada a great and wealthy nation was “Hard working Immigrants from Eastern Europe” He scoffed and pointed out that while he was In Eastern Europe he could have worked ten times harder and got nowhere and that was because all of the land in Poland was owned by someone else. It did not matter how hard he would have worked there (we are talking Poland from 1890+ to the time he migrated) he and millions like him would have been destined to hard work and getting nowhere.

He “made it” In Canada because he was given 160 Acres of land to call his own if he cleared it and planted crops. He made it in Canada because the boat ticket over was bought and paid for and the train ticket to Alberta was bought and paid for. He made it because a wagon was waiting filled with supplies to start farming at the train station when he got off and he was directed to the homestead that was deemed his. Yes he worked hard and used the proceeds of that work to buy more land but none of that could have happened without that head start.

That “free land” once belonged to the plains Cree and Blackfoot.


Telling other people to work is a different thing.

I would imagine such a lesson to be conducive to human solidarity. My paternal grandfather came here undocumented a little after the US America interfered in the internal affairs of Italy to stop it going communist. As I grew in awareness I started to experience the many types of bigotry that play out in the US America.

We really do not live in isolation as an indigenous voice once pointed out–there is no such thing as solitude. The wealthy received untold help in getting there.

I think you hit on something there. This obscene amount of wealth could only come from one source…extortion. Mob style.

Especially if you take into account that rich people lobby and pay off governments to make policy that says that everything they do is legal. Rich people often hide behind the cloak of legality defending their actions leaving out that the reason that the things they engage in is legal because they spent tons of money bribing officials. See tax cuts. See Citizens United. The latter is immoral, it is destroying our democracy yet it is perfectly legal. it is in fact nothing but legalized bribery just as our economic system is legalized theft.

Look at bankruptcy laws: student loans are the only thing barred from bankruptcy protection. Why? Cause rich peoples’ kids are not likely to ever need a loan to go to college that they then cant pay back and need bankruptcy protection from So it is not a law and legal/. But they are more likely to run risky business deal that go bad so they are given that legal protection.

Bottom line: just cause something is legal doesn’t mean it is moral. And as a government moves more and more away from democracy via money in politics destroying it, the laws enacted reflect not the will of the people but that of a few on top. Enter the American oligarchy: Bloomberg and his henchmen in the mainstream media and even congress are a perfect example of the decay. Nothing they of is illegal on the books and that is the most damning thing about it.