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What Bolivia Can Teach the United States About Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/23/what-bolivia-can-teach-united-states-about-democracy


Evo Morales brought Power to the People. I hope and expect the same from Luis Arce Catacora. ¡Viva Bolivia!


If the people of Bolivia can only have the government they voted for, perhaps US Americans will learn that it’s possible to see an election honored, even in this hemisphere, amid pretensions of electoral democracy.


It would appear that the long history of the U.S. overthrowing democratically elected leaders has provided the template to keep Trump in power regardless of the election outcome. But we must be careful to understand that Americans will be stuck with a right wing regime whether Trump or Biden are at the helm.
For months it has seemed obvious that Trump will remain in office after November 3rd even if he loses. It has not been lost on Trump how successful U.S. coups have been and Trumps’ unequivocal support for such brutal regimes shows that our current president is ready to employ any tactics, including extreme violence, to maintain his grip on power. The irony here is that in the U.S. the anticipated coup will be launched not to replace a democratically based left wing government, but merely to replace one right wing demagogue with another right wing demagogue.
Once the coup is “official” here in the U.S., we will be subjected to the fantasy that if we somehow are able to get Trump to leave office, that we will be left with a “government for the people and by the people”. In reality we will only be witnessing a swap of ideologically indistinguishable, corporate sycophants who are both hell bent on bulldozing the 99% for economic gain.


This article left out the important lesson: When the coup government sought to avoid an election it knew it would lose by repeatedly postponing, the people used their power and shut the country down until the coup had to relent: The coup government had no choice. The people have the power if they unite

In the US, the financial so-called elites stoke all sorts of wedge issues in which they have no real interest other than as a means to keep the masses divided and consequently tools for them to exploit; as they take for themselves an outrageously disproportionate share of the economic pie.


Much of our economy is already hobbled by the pandemic . Raise the taxes on the rich 5% & all corporations, including their subsidiaries & affiliates, with over $100 million in revenue!!
Then there would be enough to bail out Main Street & small businesses under $50 millions in revenues!!


Quite right – a bit odd in an article titled
# What Bolivia Can Teach the United States About Democracy

The lesson is that democracy means more than casting a ballot every four years;
it requires active defence in the streets if necessary. Perhaps an NPR reporter,
however well meaning, is not allowed to endorse real popular power.


Beware the OAS, slinking back in disgrace to acknowledge this year’s victor,
after playing hitman for Pompouseo, etc. in last year’s stolen election.

Traitorous Luis Almagro is still the OAS secretary-general.
CodePink is rightfully calling for him to resign or be dismissed.


We might want to ask the professors “What if it is Biden who pulls the coup?”

I am reminded of a phrase from similarly troubled times in Argentina: Que se vayan todos."

But it sure looks set to darken before that dawn.

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