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What Campaign Promises? Trump Backpedals on Yet More Major Pledges


What Campaign Promises? Trump Backpedals on Yet More Major Pledges

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump reversed his position on four major campaign pledges and other public remarks within the space of a few hours on Wednesday.

Between an interview and a press conference, Trump flipped or pivoted on several economic and national security policies, including some of his trademark promises, such as his approach to China.


The mad man makes patently false statements as if they were facts based on verifiable evidence and in the exact same manner used by tyrants and demagogues throughout history: "I, master of all I survey, have spoken. And so it is!" The difference with the current despot (DJT) is that he starts with lies, tells more lies to cover up the initial lies, and then is compelled by irrefutable evidence and public outcry around the world to make more truthful statements. He never was and never will be normal or "presidential" and change will NOT be forthcoming regardless of how hard the MSM tries to paint him as such. The only leadership he reflects is watching himself trying to be "presidential" in front of his gilded magic mirror.


Remember to stay involved such as with environmental groups. Just making clever comments ( that goes for me as well) will not get us anywhere.


On Wednesday, the president said, "I never met Putin, I don't know who Putin is. He said one nice thing about me. He said I'm a genius." (Hey Donald, that's Russian for 'useful idiot'.)


It's official then He has dementia.


I am monthly supporter of Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Sea Shepherd Society,
and NRDC.


Awesome. I support Greenpeace, USUS, PETA, Climate Action Now, and local and statewide environmental groups. Also vegan for over three decades.