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'What Can We Do to Fix It?' Trump Reportedly Offered to Help Pennsylvania GOP Attempt to Overturn Biden Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/what-can-we-do-fix-it-trump-reportedly-offered-help-pennsylvania-gop-attempt


Ivanka has her own problems:



Desperate Donny’s version of “I’m melting, I’m melting…”


So we hope Wise

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Good to make the call Jake, but also to remember for American
military psychosis that: “what goes around comes around.”

American government has been doing all of that (& more) for decades, now. i thought you knew…


US citizens overthrow democracies all over the world. Why are USers offended when fake representative democracy is overturned here?


Trump knows he has no chance of success with this, but he has a lot of bills coming due, and he’s not finished squeezing his MAGA donors yet.

If this behavior is allowed to go unchecked, with no charges or impeachment, expect to see this again in the future, and next time it might be from someone who’s not as incompetent as Trump.


Biden needs to break with precedent and hire an independent AG, who lets DOJ lawyers do their jobs and prosecute Trump. The banana republic risk comes not from allowing the prosecution to proceed, but from failing to bring it.


Let’s all try to remember what the job from day one of the Reagan administration has been. Back then the goal of the Republican Party was to, first and foremost, destroy Americans confidence in their government. All this Trumptardism has done is further that ethos.
Most Americans don’t trust that their government is competent or capable of representing our best interests. Lewis Powell and the John Birch society’s plans have come to fruition.


Her papa is planning to pardon her so I read somewhere…


It akin to the outrage at “Russia meddling in our elections”.


People like Trump don’t emerge from societies, political systems and economic systems that are doing well. And they don’t emerge when there is a good opposition party that offers policies that speak to the material needs of people. He will be back in 2024, and what in the hell are Democrats going to offer in response? The worthless, corrupt party apparatus would happily offer Harris or someone like racist police lapdog Pete. The MSNBC watching primary voters are easy to manipulate and will go with the worthless candidates that rich people on MSNBC tell them to vote for. What we need is a radicalization and the coming suffering is likely to speed that up. Problem is, of course, in this irrational and dying system, it may well radicalize them towards far right positions.

The frustrating thing is that the left has solutions to all of society’s problems, we just don’t have power. Those that do have no solutions, are ideologically opposed to those that have solutions. So, things have continued to get worse and will continue to do so until the left takes power, if it does. With the environmental crisis alone, not tons of time to spare.

Things continue to get worse because people aren’t in the streets and aren’t putting pressure on the system. The left should be at the center of mass protests against all of those in power. Why that hasn’t been happening to this point is baffling.


Do you want to know what is really Dangerous.

The Greedy, Bigoted, Heartless, Uncivilized, Republican Party.

They are of the same mindset as the Buffoon currently living in the White House.

They have no Integrity and they have no Honor and they have no Decency. Trump is not an aberration, he is what the Republican Party has always stood for, Bigotry, White Supremacy and Voter Suppression of the Black Vote.

I am so Happy that it was the Black Voters that threw the obnoxious Racist out of Office.

His Bigotry came back to haunt him. Now Trump is desperately trying to disqualify the Black Votes in Detroit, Atlanta and the Black Communities that helped throw him out on his ass.


And yet, “none dare call it treason”?

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The Democrats have bought into the same philosophy. I mean, look not only at Biden’s record, look at his tweet about so called government handouts in the last day or so. Think about that framing. Your 1980s right wing uncle called. He, Pelosi and Ossoff oppose single payer in principle. Why? Why does Pelosi demand pay go? What is the guiding philosophy of NAFTA, the WTO and the like? There really is no alternative in this system right now, at all. The choice is to support someone that makes things worse at a rapid pace, or someone that supports slow, grinding misery, and they are almost all corrupt. Even those that aren’t bow to those that are
corrupt (AOC almost always, for example, bowing to Pelosi), which effectively negates the advantage of a candidate refusing to take corporate bribes.

I think things can change, I don’t see change happening from within the system in the time we have.


But pardons got nothing to do with civil suits, the kind asking for damages, such as oodles of money, or even equity suits asking for specific performance and the like. Let the good times roll or maybe it’s head that should, figuratively speaking, of course.

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Sorry, easy sell with Republicans on sites like this. What is the value of pointing out that fire is hot? What makes you think the leaders of the Democrats give a damn about working people and poor people? I don’t see as much of a difference between these two parties as the average MSNBC viewer. From what I can tell, the biggest difference is the words they say speeches. There are some differences in the groups/industries they take bribes from.


Perhaps because to the average USAn Football watching and Black Friday shopping are more important?



It’s been going on since Raygun too, every time they (Congress) support reduced funding for a government agency, that’s the end goal. Except the IRS, that’s for their overlords and themselves.