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What Can You Possibly Buy for 47 Cents These Days?


What Can You Possibly Buy for 47 Cents These Days?

Jim Hightower

Although most of us take it for granted, America's postal service is an amazing bargain. For only 47 cents, you can purchase A "Forever" postage stamp.


Agreed. We can't lose the Postal Service to privatization. It makes a profit so naturally the greedy corporations want to stick their pig snout into it.
Sign petitions, call your Reps. and Senators, tell them to stand up for USPS now.
Making them fund retirement for 75 years into the future is a disgusting way to make them lose. Stop this insanity and save our postal service.


Pigs on the wing.


The USPS - a most unusual case of socialism at its finest in the USA.

After 499 years of public ownership, the UK's Royal Mail was recently privatized.

Let's not let that happen here.


We can't lose the USPS! What made my blood boil out of my body was watching Trump opening his new super rich hotel in Washington D.C. He got the property because he did what these other pigs have done, buying up US Post Offices. Prime property locations you can't get any other way. The Pigs placed in the Post Master position their guy, I forget his name, his job is to ruin the USPS. The mantra as always is privatization is better, and as always the people gets FU_KED!


Another reason the right-wingers hate the USPS is because it is UNIONIZED! They just cannot bear their nightmarish thought of workers organizing.


I would guess that they are trying to privatize it, then take the pension money to pay for the privatization and the remainder will go to some 1%er.


The 1% will just declare bankruptcy and use it to destroy the unions just like the airlines did.


The Postal Service is guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

In my view, the money they would make after Privatization is secondary to the Stranglehold they would have on us as they erode another venue of our ability to communicate with each other, should the grid go down, even temporarily.

However, this is not to minimize what would happen to the the Price of transporting Parcels once the "Free Market" becomes our only option.