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What Caused the Charleston Massacre?


What Caused the Charleston Massacre?

John Kiriakou

The recent mass murder of worshippers in an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina raises troubling questions for all Americans. First among them: How could this have happened?

I think the answer to that one is easy.

We live in a heavily armed society. And hundreds of groups in our country still openly proselytize violence against people of color and other minorities.

So perhaps a better question is, how could this not have happened?


Since the mentality of the NRA matches that of the MIC and both are in their dominion in this Mars-ruled land, it’s possible that authorities turn a blind eye to these periodic massacres so that violence AS state policy need never be honestly scrutinized, and Goddess forbid, tamed.

Secondly, given the “advances” in deregulation that now allow pesticide companies to let it rip, and Monsanto’s faux food horrors to “occupy” our foods, and Big Pharma’s paid researchers to determine the safety of their chemical cocktails, and so much toxic run-off (including fracking waste and coal slurry) to impact our soil, air, and water… it would appear that a protocol is in place to reduce the human population.

If that is true, then the blatant police brutality aimed at the Black Community may well exist to light the fuse for the same race war that this disturbed young man also hoped to ignite.


It would serve as a pretext for instituting martial law.

There ARE FEMA camps and there ARE lots of tanks in remote locations and there IS a protocol for placing supposedly effete military equipment (come home from foreign wars) on U.S. streets (under the auspices of local police departments full of robo-cops who want to be Arnold Schwarzenegger).

The same twisted minds who are provoking Putin and have smashed at least 5 Arab countries into pieces leaving millions of widows, children, and homeless persons to eke out their survival… are courting the spread of conflict.

They may well WANT a blood bath inside the U.S. And that’s where all these guns in the hands of persons who are full of hatred and impossibly ignorant will come into play… to cull the human herd.


Something not to leave out is the stunning connection with the so-called madman Ezra Pound and the birth of the American Nazis party. I believe the letters of John Kasper, the first segregationist bomber to Pound (numbering 400) are about to be published. I grew up in Arlington Va the home of the American Nazis party ( I heard the shots that killed George Lincoln Rockwell) and their racists tracks were always to found.


He massacred 9 innocent people - once. And he will be punished.
Police murder around 100 people (many innocent it seems) - each month. Are they being punished?

That’s the topic of an article I would like to see.


It is true that our government plans to institute martial law. These violent events, Sandy Hook School, the Boston Marathon bombing and this killing of people in a church are all false flag events. Sandy Hook School had been closed down three years before this staged event. There were no children killed. The Boston Marathon Bombing was a planned event put on by actors. I suspect this last atrocity is also a planned event by the real government of our nation—not those puppets in elected office.

As things get worse in our nation, the people in control expect a rebellion. They are preparing by militarizing our local police and putting them under federal control. The next step for them to get us all docile is to take away our right to have a gun. That right was put in our Constitution to protect the people from a bad government. (They feared the return of the red coats to take back England’s colony.) We now have a bad government. Good for the rich, but bad for the rest of us.

Guns in the hands of citizens will not be used to “cull the herd”, the guns in the hands of the ‘security forces’ will do that job.


Plain and simple bigotry which permeates all segments of our society. When evil happens courageous people must not remain silent.


"Why didn’t these friends stop him or report him? ". Are you suggesting that his friends had some sort of superhuman abilities to know he was about to commit murder, or that telling racist jokes and having repulsive opinions should be enough to get you reported to the authorities?


Some tragedies are quite plausibly “false flag” operations, and many others most likely not. By calling everything “false flag” you are contributing to the creation, in the popular consciousness, of a false association between ANY mention of false flag activity, no matter how plausible, with deranged tin-foil hat conspiracy theorizing. I see that a lot, and try to point to it in an effort to counter the effect…