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What Clinton and Millions of Workers Have in Common: Going To Work Sick


What Clinton and Millions of Workers Have in Common: Going To Work Sick

Terrance Heath

Hillary Clinton was feeling a little woozy. On Sunday morning, after standing around for an hour and a half at the 9/11 memorial event at Ground Zero, possibly while wearing a bullet proof vest in 80 degree heat, the 68-year-old Democratic nominee felt a bit less than well, and left the event early. She was even seen to wobble a bit, and buckle at the knees, before she was into a waiting vehicle. Clinton later emerged from her daughter’s apartment building, looking completely recovered.


They are sure going out of their way to advance the notion that there no health issues with Ms Clinton and that any person would have felt "a little woozy"

Bill Clinton indicated in an interview that Ms Clinton had suffered a number of fainting spells in the past. The outlet that did the interview edited that out.

Ms Clinton had suffered a number of falls admitting one led to a concussion . She claimed in testimony to the FBI to have forgotten details of many things due to that concussion. This was a result of her fainting and happened several years ago.

She also fell and broke her elbow.

There are more than a few examples of Ms Clinton being helped up by steps by her security staff, propped against them for support. There are the coughing fits. All of these occurred before 9/11 and all occurred before her doctor claimed she had contracted pneumonia.


Don't forget too that if a person is sick too much, they get fired. We recently had a case of a mother who was hospitalized a lot during her pregnancy, delivered at 28 wks gestation, and was fired because her FMLA ran out. Now she's at social services filing for benefits. She is most certainly not a lazy welfare queen trying to avoid work by milking the system! There are too many cases out there like hers! Hillary is blind to the plight of such people and Trump would have fired her too!


Recall Saint Ronnie sleeping through most of his 8 years in office, letting others make decisions of consequence for him to put the happy face on in front of the voters. Raygun is more popular today among Democrats and Republicans than he was when he slept through his presidency, so what is the big deal with Clinton's ailments ?

Wall Street made sure that co-pilot Kaine will fullfill their every wish (and then some) if Clinton's ability is limited or terminated.


Oh, give me a well-deserved break. Seriously.

First, the title of this article is absurd. "What Clinton and millions of Americans have in common: going to work sick," my ass. Clinton has nothing in common with the American worker and the author himself even points out that she had the choice to take time off and rest, but didn't - giving lie to his own headline.

Then he talks about the dangers of workers (the low-paid ones who don't have paid sick time) coming to work with infectious illnesses and spreading sickness to co-workers and the public. He does this without any apparent irony; Mrs. Clinton knowingly exposed everyone around her to bacterial pneumonia, including the public, at the events she attended. You think the flu can be deadly? Ask some doctors how well the elderly, the young, and people with slightly compromised immune systems do with pneumonia. Even members of her staff, whom we should assume have reasonable health and better than average healthcare available to them, were coming down sick. It's an infectious disease, for God's sake. I guess his point is that the commoners who work at Chipotle are a risk to us, but somehow Mrs. Clinton with her hacking and coughing in a crowd is not. Why is that? What is the author's point? That we should worry about catching something from the people who have no choice but to work sick, but we'd somehow be immune from famous rich people's illnesses when they decide to grace us with their sputum?

Whichever strain of pneumonia she has, it is very serious. Her doctors have put her on the strongest anti-bacterial available, despite the fact that it is not recommended for people who are also taking coumadin, which she has to take daily as a blood-thinner. I gather from the ending of this article that the author believes it's a sign of her dedication to her campaign and her inner strength that she decided to "power through" and expose any number of people to this illness because if she wins the election, just maybe some of those she infected will get some of that paid medical leave she supports. Well, maybe some day. And a little late for anyone who caught it from her this time....but, hey, her intentions are what matter here, not your current health.

If you catch something from Trump or his staff while you're at a rally or event, though, that's a horse of a different color: he doesn't support paid medical leave if he were to give you something when he coughs in your face.


After viewing the video footage of HC abruptly leaving the 9/11 ceremony, the video clearly shows a person having a "neurological event" - rigidity with abnormal body movements - which reminds me of my seizure patients or Parkinson's patients whom I have worked with over the years (RN). It was interesting that her staff and security detail didn't seemed alarmed and acted as this was a "normal" occurrence. HC needs a good neurological workup, or has she had it already and is keeping it from the public? She has "fainted" at other times and injured herself - when will she start being honest with us? Her judgment is in question here - going to a public event with pneumonia. Usually if someone has an episode like this, they are taken to a local hospital, but this wasn't done, which makes me believe she already has a documented neurological illness with regular episodes like this. When will you start telling us the truth HC??


Isn't this health issue rather irrelevant? FDR, was crippled and weakened by polio. Bernie Sanders was incredibly old. What is your point?