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What Clinton Gets Right, And Wrong, About Wall Street Reform


What Clinton Gets Right, And Wrong, About Wall Street Reform

Isaiah Poole

Hillary Clinton’s op-ed in The New York Times Monday on how she would handle Wall Street and financial reform as president appears so far to have landed with a thud.

There is little evidence that it has sparked the kind of political debate that would be warranted by a major plan for financial reform. That’s unlikely to have been by design – no one sends an opinion piece to The New York Times with the hope that it disappears into the background.


Goldman, Sachs support Hillary for President. That alone should give someone pause. She is so in bed with Wall Street, she would know if any of the CEO's snore..


If one buys a refrigerator one has a reasonable expectation that it has been built to the specifications that safeguard against failure, such as electrification of the user and/or fire. It is plugged into a wall using a standardized plug from which standardized electricity is to be available. All of these processes are regulated by the government to ensure personal and public safety.

If one buys a retirement product, good luck. Caveat emptor!


Go Bernie. Never HRC.


Her op-ed reassured Wall Street that she wouldn't do a damn thing that their lawyers couldn't handle. Wall Street regulates Hillary Clinton.


Many fine points, Mr. Poole.

This, in particular, bears repeating:

"But here’s a reality check: Forcing businesses to admit wrongdoing and extracting penalties that really sting means having the firepower to match Wall Street’s legal arsenal and the willingness to use it. Milquetoast settlements happen because both sides want to avoid the cost of a protracted court case. Clinton has yet to spell out how she would equip her Justice Department with the resources to pursue well-heeled Wall Street defendants all the way through the court system to a jury verdict and the inevitable appeals."


Dodd Frank started out as a mouth with two teeth in it with respect to regulating and controlling Wall Street. Seeing how the Cromnibus Bill that Obama signed last December kicked one of those teeth out, Clinton admonishing Congress not to kick the last remaining tooth out this December (when she is safely out of voting range) while ignoring the 900 pound gorillas issues like Glass Steagall restoration would be laughable if so many of the 99% were not suffering from the results of Clintonista financial industry decriminalization.