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What Clinton Got Wrong About Snowden


What Clinton Got Wrong About Snowden

John Kiriakou

Hillary Clinton is wrong about Edward Snowden. Again.

The presidential candidate and former secretary of state insisted during the recent Democratic debate that Snowden should have remained in the United States to voice his concerns about government spying on U.S. citizens. Instead, she claimed, he “endangered U.S. secrets by fleeing to Russia.”


Clinton says Snowden should have gone through channels, but everyone with any sense knows this is bullshit, because those channels are actually set up not to make things right, but to squash the people reporting wrongdoing. This is obvious.

But Kiriakou uses the same rhetorical device in saying Clinton should "get her facts straight..." Because again, everyone with any sense knows that Clinton is not here to get her facts straight; she's here as a strategic liar. This is equally obvious.

So I think we have to take Kiriakou's statement as indirect advice to us, not to Clinton.

In my later years attending tech conferences, I always wore a badge that listed my job title as Motivational Liar. It did seem to make me more acceptable to "the suits".


Hillary's opinion on Snowden seems politically expedient, misinformed and/or hawkish. Not something you would expect from Presidential material. But seeing as how there is no viable candidate at all to pick from besides Bernie and we may well end up with her as the lesser evil, I will quote the following from "The Pen", not only in her defense, but to show the level of shameless attacks conservatives have stooped to:

The culprit ultimately responsible for the deaths of four Americans
in Benghazi is in the Benghazi hearing room. Except it is the side
doing the grilling. Here is the action page:

Grill The Benghazi Security Budget Cutters:
http://www.peaceteam.net/benghazi_culprits.php (bad link)

And here is the rest of the petition text:

The real reason why our embassies were inadequately defended is that
house Republicans voted to CUT 300 million dollars from the request
of the Obama administration for embassy security, because their
higher priorites were more tax giveaways to the ultra rich.

We suppose their real complaint is that Hillary Clinton was not
personally there with a knife in her teeth to fight off the

It's time to call to testify each and every Republican who voted to
shortchange our diplomats, and who are still desperately trying to
point the finger somewhere else.


This is good!




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Yeah, that quote is rich; especially coming from a Wall Street whore!


The fact that HRC, who is a professional liar and a war criminal, will be nominated instead of Bernie who is no angel, but compared to HRC is a choir boy, tells you the fix is in.


"Didn’t Nazi war criminals say that they were just following orders, too? To me, their compliance was criminal".

To too, it seems, was it to the judges (and prosecutors, including the chief prosecutor for the United States Mr. Justice Robert H. Jackson) at Nuremberg.


QED. Clinton is full of horse shit!