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What Competing Thanksgiving Tales Share


What Competing Thanksgiving Tales Share

Jim Hightower

Thanksgiving is here. Let’s eat!

America’s most food-focused holiday traces its roots back to the abundant feast that Pilgrims and Indians enjoyed together in the fall of 1621.

Only half of the Mayflower Pilgrims who’d arrived at Plymouth Rock the previous December survived their first year in the New World. (It was “new,” of course, only to those undocumented immigrants from England — not the locals).


Will you please QUIT already! They were economic and religious migrant invaders, not "undocumented immigrants".

They wanted to get out from under the religious oppression in England so that they could be the oppressors and kill, or at least drive into the wilderness, anyone who didn't toe their line.

And most of them really loved the idea that the Americas were "a land without people for people without land", which was just as obnoxiously false then as it was when tried on more recently.


You allege to be a psychologist which would include, one would assume, a fair amount of reading comprehension.

Mr. Hightower is known for his satire. What he's attempting to get across to people who are capable of recognizing his wit is that the actual "undocumented aliens" were those who came over to the "new world" and seized land from the actual inhabitants.

He's using that fact, added to both the Thanksgiving tradition and the fascistic tendencies of Trump and his admirers to point out what a prior wall may have meant.


Yes, and he even says so quite plainly!

I'm objecting to the term he uses, not to anything else, as I thought you would have determined from what I wrote, you being no slouch in the reading department yourself.

If he too doesn't like that term, and intended it to be read as irony, I think he should have put it in sneer-quotes, thus: 'only to those "undocumented immigrants" from England' .


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