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What Corporate Media and the Neolibeal Establishment Can't Admit About the Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/10/what-corporate-media-and-neolibeal-establishment-cant-admit-about-climate-emergency


The mass media/press now in corrupt corporate hands, and serving special interests via corruption, should have their patents to operate revoked.

The Fourth Estate is a bedrock institution of any republic and democracy - to fully and truthfully inform the public is their job now ignored - when they violate that charge to truth above all, they should pay the price, that should be revoking their license to operate and/or use the public airwaves, that were also misappropriated, sold-off to the highest bidder regardless their integrity or dedication to fulfilling the role the media/press/journalism plays in our nation!

The corporate media lies, deceives, misinforms, diverts attention from truth, and sabotages/subverts our electoral processes!

Those are not “rights” they enjoy with impunity, they are by the consent of the governed, and when they violate the contract with the public and nation those “news” outlets should revert to public or new, honest, control! like the DINO Party! The nightly TV “news” charade of mostly adverts and tightly-controlled info is a frelling disgrace and crime!

Screw the claim they are “free enterprise”, that is BS and should be seen as such! Either do your frelling jobs honestly or lose the privilege! Either provide all the news and truth or call yourselves a sitcom or “reality” (sort-of) entertainment - that’s what most all are really!


Trump’s suggestion about nuking hurricanes came from something he half heard in a national security meeting when someone mentioned nuclear winter. A plan is fermenting in his little pea brain that a small nuclear scurmish will be a good thing as it will cool the planet. We should be terrified of the lame duck period, should he lose the election, as he sits around stewing over the humiliation of handing the office to someone he just spent a year ridiculing.


What all but the most realistic and honest refuse to admit is that the climate emergency is but a symptom of the real emergency, which is human overpopulation and the anthropogenic mass extinction event caused by it.
People scream about fossil fuels, and rightly so.
But they won’t talk about the fact that every human born requires ecocidal infrastructure to sustain it; each human inherently generates tons of pollution and other environmental harms.
The death of the biosphere is a taboo topic because all of us are complicit.
The fossil fuels problem is just one of many we’ve created.

“The world’s five hottest years on record have all occurred since 2014 …”

We haven’t even had five years since 2014. 2019 is the fifth year since 2014. It’s too early to count this year as one of the hottest ever. Maybe you mean “since 2013”?

“But somehow, that’s not as newsworthy as Trump’s latest tweet. Let’s face it, Trump has been good for just two groups – comedians and the mainstream press. He’s a permanent dog-bites-man story and they just won’t let go.”

It is more like a man bites dog story that they just will not let go of. Comedians and the MSM have certainly benefited but the big benefactors are the fascist neoliberal oligarchs.


The key word in the reluctance of the corporate mainstream media’s reluctance to cover climate change is “corporate”. The MSM gets its money from advertising, covering stories that generate and build advertising accounts. Think about all the many consumer industries that will lose sales and dollars by talk of a climate change emergency and you begin to understand why the media avoids the subject for fear of losing those advertising accounts. It’s the same reason the Democratic party does not want to hold a debate on climate change - fear of losing corporate campaign donations. In the end, the corporate media is just like any other corporation. The bottom line trumps all. Anyone who seriously thinks the corporate media is going to sacrifice advertising accounts for some higher noble journalistic calling or that our equally corporate owned government is going to pull licenses for not covering a climate change emergency is kidding themselves.


Okay. Let’s go with that. Ecocide is caused by human overpopulation.

Now, some questions for you. What causes human overpopulation? Lack of access to birth control pills and devices? Lack of education? Mass commercial media that encourage reproduction? All of the above? Other factors?

Now, what causes the phenomena listed above? What causes the other factors that my feeble mind hasn’t thought of yet? Could it be the global economic system of vulture capitalism?

Or do you mean to argue that overpopulation should just be blamed on people, or perhaps on some malign lack of discipline that people are too lazy to overcome?


This article is just fantasy. Climate change makes the news all the time. Look, from today and yesterday:

That’s just a few articles. The problem is not a lack of news about climate change, it is that in spite of the news, not enough people want to actually get out of their solo commute SUVs and step side pickups to make a difference.

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Perhaps but frankly at its current rate it safe to say that 2019 will continue this trend.

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018…
In my world that’s 5. Of course if you really want to be a pedant you could claim “since” excludes 2014, but that’s fiddling like Nero, while this time it’s more than Rome that is burning. 2019 is heading to make it 6 in a row.


Probably came from one of the Sharknado movies he was binge watching

John Atcheson understands the implications of the Climate Catastrophe better than most, for sure. I guess the following would be just a tad more straightforward (John gets closer and closer to saying it):
Q: What Can’t M$NBS Admit About the Climate Emergency?
A: That we’re fucked.

Atcheson has had his eye on the methane situation for a very long time. He seems to have a good handle on it. So I’m a little nonplussed by the following passage (my emphasis):

There’s the danger of a diminished albedo effect from a sudden melting event, but an even more dangerous feedback – release of methane from melting permafrost—seems to have started.

Permafrost methane feedback is a very serious issue, to put it mildly. Atcheson knows how serious. So I find it bizarre that he would put out a claim this epochal – that the feedback has started – without any citation or substantiation. Uncharacteristically sloppy science writing, in this instance.

From my own readings on the methane issue, I know of recent discoveries of much deeper melting than previously expected, but venting of methane from melting permafrost is complex, and there are several reliable atmospheric monitoring stations in the north which don’t see any big burp yet.

Maybe we should dismiss the entire narrative, I mean if they cant get the math right, there is probably no problem at all right? All those tens of millions of scientists are dead wrong to the last man - to the last detail - wrong, and the whole thing is a hoax to scare up money for the millions of otherwise unemployable, and incompetent scientists so they don’t end up in homeless shelters. Or maybe it is a problem, and Trump isn’t the genius that the inbred, white, trailer-trash, NAZI’s parents told them he is, and there’s just a simple math error in the article. Maybe they meant to include the year 2014! Maybe all five of the last 5 years were record breaking heat waves, it sure seems like it. It doesn’t really make much difference; If The ignorant masses put NAZI’s in charge, on both sides of the isle, then we are bound to be ruled by NAZI’s, and ultimately it will be our downfall, for all of us, five years of heat or otherwise.

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Artlessly executed, perhaps, but semantics nonetheless. What Atcheson intended here, without being clear, was “… since the start of 2014 …”

I think the reality (that we have never honestly faced) is that ‘we’ are not actually in charge of all our lives. We are comfortable enough in our lives, drive our cars, watch TV and shop etc. but except for a world war and possibly an influenza epidemic, we have never had to deal with so big an event in our lives. Neither we nor our institutions nor our national governments (the U.N. is relatively theoretical rather than actual) are used to thinking cooperatively about a worldwide danger like catastrophic climate change. The notion of “by consent of the governed” is shown to be resolute in the ideal and hollow in practice. The actuality is more like - by consent of the corporations ownership and board of directors etc.! Our media is not really ours - it is theirs and for good or ill, they control it.

Somewhere in all our lives we lost actual control of what constitutes (our) daily life and because we do control the everyday incidentals in our lives, like what to wear, where to work and so forth, we never noticed that ultimately (when it really counted) we really didn’t control much of anything outside our daily lives at all.

In other words… ‘by consent of the governed’? Oh, yeah? Since when?


2014 was NOT one of the hottest 5 years until 2014 ended at midnight Dec. 31, 2014. Therefor Atcheson said it correctly.

Definitely, its not “politically correct” for them to talk about man-made climate change.

I join you in decrying over-population. But to clarify: The carbon footprint/resource consumption of a wealthy resident of the US is 1,000 times that of someone in a third world country – and that’s where populations are growing:

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I disagree, too much material to dig through here. He is close enough to award him a cigar.