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'What Corporate Welfare Is All About': Sanders Condemns Lack of Price Controls on Taxpayer-Funded Remdesivir

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/what-corporate-welfare-all-about-sanders-condemns-lack-price-controls-taxpayer

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Who said What?
You gave up. Waiting to hear from the Basement now.


Shut up “96 to oh” Bernie. You were given a megaphone and a fledgling movement then used it to shout “Vote For Biden”. The US needs a Ghandi. The US needs a Malcolm X. The US needs a Nadezhda Krupskaya. The US does not need a sheepdog fauxcialist sellout.


“The taxpayers fund the research, Gilead will make huge profits, and consumers will pay outrageous prices.”

As in double-dipping.

Several things need to happen and happen now:

  • Nationalize the drug manufacturing

  • Nationalize Health Insurance


Whenever the demographics of the country are changing, whenever the marginalized are getting closer to power that is when you see the status quo take new measures to make it harder for these peoples to participate in the democratic process.


Time to cut off the real welfare queens! Public money is used most of the time on the research, then these titans take the end product - slap a label on it and tada - charge the public triple - even as they are demanding more tax cuts!



We the People paid for the drug and We the People should own the drug.

BUT! Instead of focusing on some expensive pharmaceutical that most likely won’t work, we need to focus on an IMMUNE STIMULUS PACKAGE! We should be spending billions of dollars on getting supplements like vitamins A,B,C,D, zinc, and garlic by the truckloads to every person to stimulate their immune systems. We need to pull the plug on mass corporate welfare given to disease/illness creators/perpetuators and put those billions into making sure every person has access to healthy, organic food. The BEST WAY TO FIGHT ANY VIRUS, is making each person as healthy as can be. But instead, BOTH PARTIES funnel more wealth than ever before to the criminals running this insane capitalist show, and the grocery stores are filled with garbage pseudo-food, as American eat themselves to death.
And sorry, Bernie, you’ve failed us again. You just don’t have the balls it takes to stand up and lead your followers to the White House, or at least to a fair shake. You’re all talk. You gave trillions to the likes of Boeing, and big oil, but left most Americans in the dust after being run over by a giant, corporate MAC truck.


Bernie, it’s time for you to take a back seat to your good friend Joe.

We know what Corporate Welfare is all about.

We also know the power you had to shut down bills that had no place being voted on.

We didn’t give up on you.

You gave up on us.


hell, we need a Rosa Luxemburg and another Gene Debs. Need leaders that breathe fire and come from the working/precariat classes.


if we’re gonna do that, let’s just nationalize the entire health care system. But that ain’t happening short of the ‘r’ word taking place.

Yup, any Senator can put a “hold” on a bill, suspending the vote on said bill. It can even be done in secret. This fact should piss off people even more, knowing Sanders had this tool in his box to stop the corporate bail-out bill, and not only didn’t use it, but also voted for the bill.



1.) Forbidden by the TRIPS agreement
2.) Forbidden by the General Agreement on Trade in Services - in fact it is privatizing it completely, to eliminate moral hazard.

US Social Security too, if we try to expand Medicare. See the Annex on Financial Services .

Read up on GATS and financiai services.

Both of the two sell out deals we should dump. And not pay anyone anything. Trading jobs for markets is a crime.

Polticians who enabled all this, owe the country a huge apooigy and should all resign.

Perhaps 30 million have died because of TRIPS, and at least 1 million have died here in the US because of GATS,

Have you read the history on the ip-health mailing list ~https://keionline.org and seen the story in the film "fire in the blood "?

Millions of people also lost all their equity in 2008 because of GATS.

Maybe a million died in the US in the 25 years since healthcare was rigged in the WTO. How many more have to die?

Bernie says all the right things, but since he endorsed Biden and dropped out way too early, I really don’t trust him anymore. Can we trust anyone? What about AOC? I haven’t heard anything from her or about her in weeks.


Hi Godless:
Well, with Ghandi and Malcolm were with assassinated I think Bernie is just using his delegates and trying to get Medicare For All and the Green new Deal onto the DEM platform------- The Hilary was supposed to do that, but neither the Hillary nor the DNC honored that.I support Bernie for working hard to get important NON CORPORATE items onto the DEM platform.
. I voted for Bernie in BY MAIL May because Bernie and the Squad have important items that need to be on the DEM Platform— an agreement to hold their wimpy DNC corporate hands to an agreement that works for ALL of the People .Sadly, the DNC is running another Hispanic woman against AOC-----the DNC really has no soul, does it. : (
Who is Nadezhda Krupskaya?


I just recently got my official Bernie2020 blue hat in the mail (ordered way back when there was hope). Still got the tag on it. maybe it’ll be a valuable collectors item some day…


She’s a little busy attending to her career by helping drive the Bus for Biden.

You can’t ever trust a politician. The good news, is that you don’t have to. What you have to trust is that they love their jobs and careers, so the key to getting what you want politically is to make sure you can crush either with the vote. This is the insidiousness of LOTE politics: it completely strips voters of all leverage over the very people they need to control. Lesser of two evils is more than just supporting, well, evil. It’s an assault on the agency of every citizen of this country who has a dream of a better world.


She tends to get overshadowed by her more famous husband, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin, but was a socialist fighter of equal import in establishing the Bolshevics to power. She was also instrumental in raising literacy rates from near zero to over 90% in a few decades.

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Yep, I got my Bernie (Peace Symbol) 2020 shirt months ago, and never even put it on once.

Disappointing doesn’t even begin to describe it.


when the party Bernie represents gives away ALL their leverage by voting for the massive giveaways to the already extremely wealthy, I find it disingenuous to condemn the parameters of the bills he supported or to complain about the safeguards he and his party FAILED to put in the legislation–handing Trump and the Republicans a huge pie for the corporate raiders to divide up at the expense of the American people–in other words–this is a massive gaslight


Tom, as a socialist, I would say we clearly need to socialize beyond even the entire healthcare system. We may very well be headed toward total collapse. This pandemic is having a tough time being taken seriously in US America at least in part for the myths it has been feeding people which include the idea of “freedom” being reduced to existing as separate, individual automatons that do not have to take responsibility toward anyone else. Why we witness so many refusing to wear masks and defying social distancing and even deliberately spitting, coughing on frontline essential workers.

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