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'What Could Be More Important?': World Leaders, Media Charged With Ignoring Biodiversity Report Detailing Mass Extinction Event Now Underway

'What Could Be More Important?': World Leaders, Media Charged With Ignoring Biodiversity Report Detailing Mass Extinction Event Now Underway

Julia Conley, staff writer

Scientists at the United Nations' intergovernmental body focusing on biodiversity sounded alarms earlier this month with its report on the looming potential extinction of one million species—but few heard their calls, according to a German newspaper report.


The rapid annihilation of our biosphere, which will very likely eventually include humans (a lot sooner than most people realize), just isn’t exciting enough news, according to the news media.

Our mainstream/corporate news media have a very warped sense of priorities.


I should extend my criticism to government & frankly most people in the world. If it weren’t for this widespread ignorance & apathy about existential environmental threats, we wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.


Any entity responsible for this ecocide & for disinformation regarding this ecocide, such as fossil fuels corporations whose own scientists warned about their products eventually causing catastrophic climate disruption, yet engaged in propaganda of denial, distortion & deception, & their corporatist & right-wing allies in government & the news media, in order to feed their insatiable greed, should have all of their assets appropriated for the purpose of environmental mitigation & remediation. That is the only just solution. And we should all be clamoring for this incessantly.


A fair number of my posts are highly critical of main stream media. Here’s one example of why I hold most of them in such contempt.

…ABC, NBC, and MSNBC did not air a single prime-time mention of the major new U.N. biodiversity report warning of ecosystem collapse. The new royal baby got airtime, though

Even as the biosphere begins to collapse, putting the survival of future generations of humans as well as much of the rest of the biota in doubt, the media refuse to cover the looming disaster, choosing to distract and entertain instead.

This is probably by design. An informed citizenry would , by their demands for necessary changes, threaten the status quo and those who’ve profited while driving the collapse.

Of course, an uninformed, mentally lazy citizenry only encourages such irresponsibility by the media. The two form a vicious cycle; feeding each other’s dysfunctions.

Politicians are part of that… part of the vicious cycle.

The best antidote, of course, is an independent, critical media whose mission is to inform towards an ever-more enlightened and democratic society. Which is why I urge others to join me in contributing to those outlets, such as CD, that demonstrate journalistic integrity.


The wealthy and powerful can’t make money off this news or they can’t see how they could, so they ignore. The news outlets are the wealthy and powerful and they protect their own. Are they all just children who believe they are invincible? They are the chosen ones and will be taken to heaven in the end time? all of them and their families?
I don’t get it and I don’t have grandchildren to worry about but I worry about yours and our planet and the terrible, horrible death it could be for some…


Are we royally rogered?


I used to post all kinds of info all over the front page of my blog, rarely did anyone click on a link, rarely. I am burned-out trying to fight against mass stupidity. Good luck humans, there ain’t but maybe a year left before the methane burp. Remember, if your house is in order, it is a good die to die.


My friends and acquaintances don’t listen, don’t pay attention? pay attention to what? If they only listen to corporate media, they don’t know.

Very sad


OVERLORD Report 2020 A. D.

I wonder why this is so hard for you to report, major media, because you too, major media people , must EAT to survive.So, what’s the plan? Has some republican member of the , " We Own Women’s Bodies " group---- not figured out that if there are no bees—a whole lot of food will be gone? Oh yeah, in case you didn’t notice, the planet has NO More Bees!
I wonder if this lack of environmental concern is because some of you read, " A Modest Proposal," and some of you did did not realize that this was a satire---- it was about the British starving the 18th century Irish — I still could see it happening here!
So republicans and democratic congress people of climate disaster DENYING --what are you planning for We the People? Did someone mention the "citizen plan, as being one where there are too many of us and, We the Excess ---- need to be offed? America has run out of other nations to kill---- I know, I know, what were we supposed to do? WAR is our national product.
And hey, politicians------ Jonathan Swift didn’t really mean for people to have millions babies in order to have something to eat-------really, he didn’t mean that!
However, I can see a future where millions are drafted out into the fields to hand pollinate trees and vegetables—you know, all the work that the bees used to do! And I can even see Boeing 737’s crashing all over the mostly large land areas known as Pockets of Poor People---- because they take too much food and actually have the nerve to ask for water while working out in the fields! I’m sure that Boeings crappy Max 737 planes will be able to crash enough times to take out hordes of poor people!

Of course, the Nation of D.C, tiny though it is, has all the fire power and those other things, known as states are just locking their own citizens up in cages ---- because if those citizens aren’t going to work— then they don’t eat—However if people needed food they should have planned for it ahead of time and saved their money to buy food too. Lazy ingrates, you get to call yourselves citizens—so don’t get greedy! The corporate overlords have no time to waste on ingrate citizens. As after all----WHAT could be more important—than themselves?


The arrogance of greed and stupidity/ignorance knows no bounds, such is the case with Climate Change, AKA MMGW, .

The power and role of the international chemical (poison) conglomerate should also be seen as an existential threat along with man-made climate change. The epidemic of cancers and other diseases and conditions have their roots in the mostly untested chemicals allowed into our food production chain and household “products” known to be toxic.

The “cover the earth” agenda of the poison industry to profit from deadly poisons sold to every market - industrial, farming, household, etc - and the consequences of the spread of those toxins to every area on Earth, even the deep oceans and Antarctica, is in its own way as deadly as Climate Change to life on Earth.

The insect genocide is a case in point; as is the cancer epidemic and other diseases and conditions. Our critical pollinators decimated to extinction, that play critical roles to the Web of Life and government ignores to serve the industry…they are NOT some expendable group of “pests” to be exterminated, for as we do, we exterminate the human species.

Corporate agriculture is part of the poison in dustry/conglomerate that is poisoning soil, water and air on a level that should not be tolerated, as they force the extinction of the family farm and their stewardship.

The power of the chemical poison industry subverts science and rational thought/truth as much as climate-denier cretins do, or other groups of profiteers and idiots - corrupt, ignorant, politicians take campaign-contribution bribes to turn blind-eyes to the enormity of the chemical crime, for a crime the poisoning of life of all kinds, including humans their activities are , empowered and ignored by our corrupt and complicit political “leaders”. Money and worship of Mammon is as great a crime as MMGW!.


Last night I watched a video by Russell Means, he talked about how everyone in America is sick and then scolded everyone for the crap they ate called food. Sure do miss Russell Means :_((((


The popular media’s one story on biodiversity revolved around the royal baby, an example of “biodiversity” that far too many find unacceptable. Humans have always lived in bizarro world, one way or another. While technology has staved off end-of-world scenarios for centuries, in the end Nature bats last. Nature wrote the laws of thermodynamics, the very laws by which human hubris shall be judged. Sadly if I reach my actuarially anticipated age I will likely see the chaos curve rapidly inflecting upward. I might even be happy to be spared more of a show than I anticipate. My morality was always about leaving Pacha Mama a little better off for ALL life on earth. Was I overly idealistic and naive, or simply arrogant? Yes on all counts to be honest. But along with my friends here at CD,


While considered ‘fringe’ at the moment, some scientists are starting to sound the alarm that the models for climate change are grossly underestimating temperature rise. Using the currently available data on CO2, methane and nitrous oxide, then comparing it to historical temperatures, the temperature rise will be 10C to 18C (50F to 64F) in as little a decade or two without a world war on fossil fuel usage. At these temperatures, the human race is doomed. https://arctic-news.blogspot.com Are they Chicken Littles? Maybe. Remember that 40 years ago scientists sounding the alarm about a 2C rise were ridiculed.


Maybe Billy Joel needs to rewrite his song to be “We DID Start The Fire.”


“Noah, this is God. You will protect all of My animals just as you will protect your immediate family.”

Noah replied: “I’m busy watching a cat video. Anyhow, it’s planting season. I gotta work down here, you know.” That’s when God realized that this one might not be so easy.


The Owners wants us to believe that corporate profits are “more important.”
The corporation itself (more particularly, the mega-corporation) is doing the lion’s share of the damage to our country.


Nothing new here - we’ve seen this all before (with the climate, for example).

Civilization and democracy are both experiments - and both are going badly at the moment.

It is probably going to take more crises, more and more people directly affected, before we self-organize a new type of governance.

That is - if we do not go extinct first.


And you probably have noticed that when temperature deviations are reported in climate articles nowadays, the temp anomalies are being compared to the 1950-1981 baseline. What?! Why are the goal posts being moved? We should base warming on the pre-industrial baseline of year 1750. We are currently about 1.75C above 1750 baseline. We are about to blow through 2C within a couple of years. 5C will end most life on Earth since organisms (homo sapient included) cannot keep up with the pace of change. It sickens me what we are doing to this once viable gem of a planet.


Only once every source of hamburger and beer have died off will the average idiot begin to treat this as the existential threat it is, and even then their anger will undoubtedly be directed at whatever scapegoats are convenient. Not that it will matter at that point.

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