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What Craziness Is Going On in Saudi Arabia?


What Craziness Is Going On in Saudi Arabia?

Eric Margolis

Over 200 bigwigs have been detained and billions of 'illegal profits' of some $800 billion has been confiscated.

Mohammed bin Salman


This is a typical feudal leadership shuffle standard among dictatorial inherited monarchies - unlike bourgeois oligarchies that we see throughout most of the “Western” world.

The Brits put a small brutal tribe (which became the Saudi “royal” family) into power in the “Arabia” they created with imperial slaughter to control oil. The U.S. has taken up after them.

As is often the case, Frankenstein-monster dictators get enough power of their own to keep their creators at bay. The Saudi royal family now controls the local oil themselves and pretty much do what they want, including trying to impose the sickness of Wahhabism in the region by creating and financing terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al Quaeda, etc. Of course, the U.S. supplies most of the weapons to keep the oil flowing.

Pence is watching this closely of course. If his oligarch bosses see to it that he becomes CEO of USCORP, INC, he will try to create his own christo-fascist terrorism, which is just waiting to happen from sea-to-polluted-sea.

Does that answer the question?

PS: It’s interesting note that Margolis writes he has “done business” in Saudi Arabia since 1976 even though he claims it is “a swamp of corruption.” And exactly what “business” does he do in the swamp anyway? Sell swamp boats to navigate the oil-polluted waters?

This piece truly wins an honorable mention in the daily Donna Brazile Award for hypocrisy and chutzpah.


You raise a good questions Tom? I guess because it was US backed, US citizens could do business there and not get corrupted? or their assets taken?

US/Saudi relationship, selling planes, weapons of mass destruction et all has always been a mystery. And why would an American want to do business in a corrupted monarchy?


That might be a little hasty pronouncement, do you have anything factual about any business other than Journalism? His site has an “ask Eric” feature.



My father-in-law worked in Saudi for a number of years early 80’s. So I don’t see what’s so weird about it. He said it was a strange society to live in.

Margolis is a good writer. I’m staying tuned for sure. Now they’ve captured the Lebanese PM, and on it goes.


It wasn’t a “pronouncement,” but a question. As for the profession of journalism, there are all kinds of potential nefarios activities which it can cover for. Which poses yet another question: if Margolis has been practicing honest journalism in the swamp for 40+ years, why haven’t the swamp rats kicked him out?


There is this, he owns a vitamin laboratory but other than that he is basically a multinational. (that could explain a few things) He is pretty neutral in my opinion and a good writer. So…


“Now, whatever is considered good for a hyper-aggressive United States is coincidentally good for its de facto colony in the Middle East.”



The son-in-law of the 2016 peace candidate is on top of the situation so it’s all good.


No, it is the start of a region-wide conflagration that may be the start of the next world war…


Mr. Margolis forgot to mention the strange case of Lebanon’s PM Hariri hastily going to Saudi Arabia, resigning, and apparently being arrested and detained by the Saudis

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait then warned all their citizens to leave Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the economic blockade of Saudi Arabia and its allies on Qatar continues - the main demand being that they shut down Al Jazeera…


I quite like Margolis. Interesting guy, interesting background. Don’t agree with him politically, but as a journalist he’s as straight as a die.

Margolis used to own a now almost 100 year old Windsor, ON vitamin and nutritional supplements company called Jamieson Laboratories. Four years ago he sold the company to a US private equity company, CCMP Capital Advisors, for over $300 million.

Regarding Margolis “doing Business” in Saudi Arabia. Could he have been selling a “natural,” viagra-like concoction to all those idle geriatric Saudi princes and their equally aged and decrepit hangers-on?


Ive been reading quite bit about the situation in Saudi Arabia, and I still don’t know quite what to think. I am opposed morally to any form of government that puts one man by birth above another, so Im naturally resistant to the Saudi Monarchy. The only thing Im certain of is that the U.S. should try to bail on that situation as quickly as possible, we don’t want to get caught up in that nonsense anymore than we already are. And of course the Saudi led bombing in Yemen is horrific.


Are you saying that Hillary would have been better?


Excellent links.

The Sunni determination to exterminate the Shia plays right into Israel’s hands.

And if the US controls the oil spigots, sells weapons, and dances on a string to Israel’s tune, call it a day.


Yes. But thanks for the link.


There it is again. War crimes are being committed and the good old U.S.A. once again has blood on it’s hands. I’m SO proud…


No worries. Our royal Bush family will step in to save the bin Laden family. They have always been on good terms.