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'What Cruelty Looks Like': Trump Finalizes Plan That Would Strip Food Aid From 750,000 Low-Income People by 2020

lol. non violence. how so after school special of you…like voting has worked so well right? Not that i want violence but I simply fail to see how peaceful means will bring about the change. The culprits are in charge of the system. You cant negotiate your way out of oppression. That;s just fact.

…and Commondreams :-)))

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Of course, Ditton. My bad. I was just thinking of the youtube commentators.

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If you don’t put some effort into understanding non-violence you’ll ensure the
total destruction of any movement.

I think you’re acknowledging that even movements centered in very peaceful
activities – like feeding children, working for voting rights, ending wars – have
been attacked by government - and very sadly successfully.

What is scaring the Elites now is that they know this is a liberal nation and that
we are largely coming together in the understanding of what you are saying –
that we are governed by oligarchy and criminals who have taken control of of
our “people’s” government and ultimately us.


Voting hasn’t worked because we’ve been voting for 50 years on hackable electronic
voting computers, controlled by GOP companies and with secret codes and methods
which are impossible to check and hold to accountability. Even now with the much
celebrated addition of “paper” which would still make it impossible to verify our votes.
These computers immediately began to deliver very odd and unbelievable right wing
results. The only comment I know to complaints from citizens was Pelosi’s response
that she felt it would be unwise to bring up these questions about computer voting
which very likely would cause the public to lose confidence in our elections!
That’s no verbatim, but it’s fairly close to her thinking.
Meanwhile, please see YouTube – “Votescam – The Stealing of America” where you
can read the story published in paperback free.

These are very violent people – with their power very often well hidden.

Only sacrificing our lives in non-violent movements can we remove them from power.

He couldn’t win again

Sad…(Not a complete sentence, but a clear and concise thought)

Oh, and the billionaires/multimillionaires earn what they manipulate for their own pocket? Close to Zero!!

Trump 2020 … If there just lazy i agree with this if there not able bodied, disability. mentally unstable then obviously i dont.

Even Trumpanzees who have been harmed by his policies are going to vote for him and the GOP again and always. They would rather cut their own throats than vote for a godless liberal. The hate corporate media and the churches keeps the lies going so I am not sure that we we can ever reach these voters with the truth. or that they would give a damn even then.

your girlfriend does nt have the true figures according to health and human services: When compared with those total figures, the foodstamp fraud identified in 2018 amounted to a mere 0.9% of the total. That was up from 0.5% in 2014. Or put another way, 99% of the benefit dollars were in no way associated with fraud , assuming that the government is doing its job of identifying malfeasance.Apr 4, 2019. Most states have a very strigent vetting program for benefits… and many people who work, many of them work 2 jobs just to pay rent, in cities like nY LA SF,Reno and more where the COL is very high. they need foodstams to eat!

45 gives uuuuge tax cuts to the richest, more corp welfare, however those that need it can nt get it. how very sad and despicable!

this admin is trying to get rid of the poor, they look at us as a burden. did you know if you own a home,and happen to need help because you get sick with cancer of suffer an injury, they can take your home if they help you? yet the rich pay nothing in to the system…:frowning:

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Everyone here that says this is a bad thing don’t know anything about it obviously. I was just released from prison almost a year ago and could have gotten food stamps immediately but did not. After being rejected for every job I’ve tried to get and the number is in the hundreds. I had to get on them. Being I have no GED no license and fresh from prison is making it impossible. Well I sign up and have to take this training. Well it’s awesome they give you gas cards to get there help you get clothes help you make a resume and either give you a job or find you a job at the end of the course. So to anyone that does not agree with this is just lazy sorry pos that would rather just have the tax payers take care of them. So you should really give things a chance and not judge a book by its cover