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What David Cameron Did o the Pig, His Party Is Now Doing to the Country

What David Cameron Did o the Pig, His Party Is Now Doing to the Country

Laurie Penny

Whatever you do, don’t think about David Cameron and a dead pig. I know, I know it’s like trying not to think of an elephant, but the fact is that the allegations that the Prime Minister may have put a 'private part of his anatomy" into a dead pig's mouth as part of an initiation ritual for an elite drinking society at Oxford University are actually a very serious matter, and it’s all about corruption and the nature of elected power, and it would help if we could all just calm down for a second and stop giggling. Don’t think I don’t see you at the back there.

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In an interview recently a senior serving British general suggested if Corbyn elected the Military would mutiny and implied they would back a coup. His name was not released even though even suggesting this strikes at the very core of Democracy.

An ex member of the SAS who now is with veterans for peace wonders why there no interest on the part of the crown to investigate and remove said General from service.

This is how this thing called Democracy functions these days.


I like Laurie Penny’s writing and find her quite incisive in her observations. This “pig matter” (which she plays down) is part of the same mentality that is cited in all of the following:

  1. Skull and Bones rituals… with several Presidents, Secretaries of State, and Supreme Court justices coming out of this “tradition”
  2. The preponderance of weird sex rituals and ritual massacres as documented by former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson and also spoken about in…
  3. The Franklin Cover-up by John Le Camp, and spoke of by a victim of ritualistic abuse who was able to invoke memory recall…
  4. That’s Cathy O’Brien

Disrespect for life and mocking what was intended as sacred are what inures this political class to what matters.

David Icke speaks of the sickness of the elites and while some typecast the strange, callous behaviors as those indicative of sociopathic tendencies, Icke has a different theory about biological lineages. Keep in mind how jealously the 1% and scions of royal families guarded their birth lines by not marrying out of their “own league.” More than money was involved in these arranged marriages.


I have long learned through acquaintances who are members of The Rich that they are nothing like you and me. They really believe that their wealth and privilege convers on them superiority and status as übermenschen and our job is simply to obey them on all matters large and small, even matters for which they have no expertise in. I’ve seen them go into literal tantrums when one of us commoners (and even most experts in the scientific/engineering community are still commoners) disputes something they say.

Fuck The Rich and damn them all to hell.


I think I’d prefer to damn them to hell first and let somebody else fuck them after.


Haven’t the foggiest why this tune popped into my head

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Dearest Siouxrose,
As incisive as ever your comments close bone. Pigs, rituals and secretaries, as much as cabbages and clowns. These traps, if not the trappings of who have a pig in the game… Wondering about all those who turn away from investigation. Yes, there’s a pig in the poke? And it may be…! As you say, “mocking intended sacred inures [of] political class…” Not sure who’s proffering attention in multiple scandalous stories. Check Hastert case for current perfidy of pigs perhaps.

There was a discussion among certain people in the UK about deposing Harold Wilson when Harold Wilson was Labour PM back in the 60s. Seems that Lord Mountbatten was able to scupper it.

One might expect a discrete move sideways for said General, perhaps to Governership of some colony on the far side of the Atlantic, as per the Nazi-lover Edward VIII; one presumes one still has such colonies, somewhere. Otherwise, what is the point of one having colonies?

If one is a male primate, one avoids marrying “down”; if one is a female primate, it is always better to marry “up” I suggest that this is more biological in origin than merely being a bad habit of the assorted European “Royals” to ensure inbreeding. Of course, it becomes intensified and ritualised in human society as a means of preserving or gaining wealth and power.

Great comment…but i’m not sure about how consistent past elites were regarding protecting their blood lines… My impression ( and i’m thinking more of Rome to be fair) was where significant political or financial advantage existed, elites were not TOO fussy who they married…

Frank talking from this author and I like her frank bio. You get fed up with the bios that espouse some supposed glory of writers. We are all human… even if some get off or on by acting like pigs.

I saw David Cameron on the first Prime Minister’s Question Time (must have had an empty day). What a moron - together with his moronic party. There was no attempt at all to engage in two-way debate. Jeremy Corbyn would have been as well talking to the dead pig… Every issue gets reduced to the bloody economy or national security. What a cowardly position. If the economy is so damned important why doesn’t anyone point out to ordinary people that living with debt wrapped round your neck costs a lot more money than escaping that trap? The answer of course is that debt is the new way of prosecuting gross inequality - reward the rich and punish the poor. Then we have the endless tributes to the military… Power always salutes its armies and police forces in the knowledge that they are the unthinking robotic servants that will defend them come whatever.

Jeremy Corbyn has too much integrity to be in politics - a murky pit of snakes where his well-intentioned naivety will no doubt be stamped upon by pervasive cunning and subterfuge.