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What Democracy Looks Like: Packed Town Halls and Demands to Be Heard

What Democracy Looks Like: Packed Town Halls and Demands to Be Heard

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Recess resistance rolled on this weekend, with people packing town hall meetings across the country and constituents increasing the pressure on lawmakers who won't commit to facing voters head-on.

Participating in town halls is definitely a good step for people’s involvement. Regularly writing letters and making phone calls is another way that many who have not previously done so much to engage. Going to marches and demonstrations beg and national and small and local is important too.

But will people be willing to step it up even farther when the usual tactics of pressure politics proves ineffective, especially in red states/districts. On the electoral front, will people be full engaged in defeating representatives that do not represent their people, and that includes primarying Dems. More importantly though will they be willing to move far outside their comfort zones, deal with loss of privilege, and take risks to not only protect their own interests but to support and work on behalf of more marginalized and vulnerable people.

On the resist side, economic boycotts and strikes are good next steps. Will people be willing to take part on a mass scale? On the resilience side, it is/will be necessary to form mutual aid networks to support and collaborate with each other to not only resist, but transform the system into something new - that is, something that involves much more true democracy.


" I think we should all be extremely concerned." Maya Zapata

Yes, but the more I see of the terrorists that have taken over the White House in the last 30 days, the less I am concerned; because it looks to me, to be terrifying! When we have another 4/8 years of this terror ahead of us, one has to wonder what this country will look like before this nightmare is over!

Have you ever read any of my previous posts? I have not supported HRC or Obama, in fact, way back in 2008, I called Obama: " the consummate con man". And HRC a " Wall Street walker" among other pejoratives.

Bingo! On both your comments!

Yes, no doubt about it! We need a new non-violent paradigm.

This strategy is patterned after the Tea Party strategy and I think if can work. The people from Indivisible are doing a great job informing citizens how they can affect their representatives. The most important thing is to get enough Republicans to find the courage to stand up to Trump. It only will take a few in the Senate, McCain is certainly already there, and perhaps a couple of dozen in the House. They have to keep after those Republicans who won relatively close races. If this thing keeps going I think it will succeed.

Well said!

Well, this is a nice positive note. Glad to see it.

Good points. I would like to see major boycotting personally because it has had a tendency to make people use local markets and small businesses to fulfill needs. I think it would be a win-win for most.


short attention span? Didn’t get past reading the first line, didya?

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The idea that a Clinton Administration would have been “as bad” as a Trump administration and the fascist-national-neoliberalist US Congress that Trump will enable with strokes of a pen is out in unreality land of fantasy - fueled by utter ignorance on even the basics of how the US government works.


It is dogma and must always be asserted regardless of context


Another reason to Divest from the Duopoly.

Great first post. Write on!

This kind of absolutist dichotomous broad-stroke “logic” is a poison that is killing the Left and creating a dangerously unstable polarization that has just put an ACTUAL fascist in office.

Denigrating everyone as being a “pseudo-” for even minor deviations in analysis or opinion is not progressive politics or intellectual integrity. It is authoritarian anti-intellectualism and it leads to actual (not theoretical) violence.

You sound exactly like the ideologues of the far right, without the sexist bravado. This kind of absolutist bullshit is what creates real totalitarianism.

People here go on and on about the inevitable brutality of our living in “fascist” America. Well take a look at the rest of the world. There are REAL dictatorships out there — they can be identified by the inability of people there to, for example, go on the internet and openly complain about their governments.

There is a roadmap from here to there, and it involves hyper-fractionalism, anti-intellectualism, and ideological purity tests.

The Left proves itself all too willing again and again to facilitate the ascendancy of dictatorships so long as it means holding on to the purity of their utopian visions. Fuck.

Pray, tell: what do you suggest? “Blabber” (dialogue) and “marches” (political organization) are out. So what does that leave? The Benevolent Dictatorship of atwitsend’s Vanguardist People’s Liberation Army? Perfect.


That is a good way to put it.

It may look and feel like that because the problems seem insurmountable. But we have to start somewhere somehow and silence is not golden. Many agents are attacking various fronts. I trust you are doing the same.

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Yes we are. We try to apply accurate epithets to the right targets.

WE don’t murder people in the name of democracy.
The MIC does that for the Corporate States of America.
But I get your point.