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What Democrats Should Learn From the Spate of Socialist Wins on Election Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/06/what-democrats-should-learn-spate-socialist-wins-election-day


Learn that “each person should contribute what they can to the collective for the Good of All, while each person should be entitled to having their basic material needs for living a healthy life met”

is NOT a “radical” philosophy, guaranteed to turn off more voters than it turns on. If that philosophy skirts close to The Dreaded C-Word, then so be it - defend that.

Stand for something


“Plen­ty of pro­gres­sive can­di­dates also lost, but most can­di­dates nation­al­ly endorsed by DSA sailed through. And while it’s true that many of them had tough pri­ma­ry bat­tles and less dif­fi­cult elec­tions on Tues­day, they still won as DSA mem­bers.”

That speaks volumes about the state of the Party that would rather lose to the GOP than elect a progressive. Here in NC, where the democrat should have sailed to victory, the “centrist” who is really a republican in “democrat” clothing appears to be losing. His primary challenger, a real progressive, was sabotaged in the primary. Had she won the primary and really offered the democrat voters in the state something to vote for, she most likely would have won. Though NC is a purple state, there are more registered democrats than republicans and Senator Tillis is not all that popular. Once again the party lost an opportunity by backing the GOP candidate over a progressive.


The big three in "the squad’ each won their own seats with 40 percent margins. They annihilated their Republican opponents.


Of course.

But the party does not want socialist candidates to win.

What they are learning is that they must produce pretend socialists willing to hold down left-leaning districts and cry “Blue no matter who” in national politics.


I’ve read several articles along similar lines today on common dreams…however none of them have been able to explain why half the population voted for Trump. I mean look at the guy: a pussy grabbing, lying, incompetent, P.O.S gets half the bloody vote. The question the Left must face rather than firing on each other is what is it that they are not giving half the voters or providing to half the voters that Trump is? Is it that the Left is trying to move too quickly on things like gay rights and non-binary genders, BLM, and illegal immigration, and so on on that a large percentage of Americans just aren’t happy with it. In other words expecting America to be Denmark is perhaps just not practical. The fact that a few Democratic socialist candidates did get elected in some liberal districts does not disprove that point.

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A more logical supposition isn’t that the MAGAts are turned off by progressive policies that they largely support, but that they are inherently hostile to the “other.” Numerous surveys of right wingers shows that racism is a defining characteristic. They need someone to feel superior to and resent having to regard the “other” as equal to them.

As for why would they support someone like drumpf with all his “flaws”, it is likely that they don’t really regard grabbing some woman by the pussy as being a flaw. Rather it is something to be admired that he can get away with it. Lying is the same thing. And anyone who can own the libs is exactly what they want. If the left didn’t fight for equal rights for all humans, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to them, and it would be treason to our very raison d’être.


I can tell you the women in suburbia are starting to wise up. I think most of them feel violated, like they have just been slimed (ghost busters) by this president and his administration.

And progressive, still need more experience because at times they appear as a special interest group and disconnected.


I am not sure about the word “socialist” ----when Bernie was winning people I work with were running around with their hair on fire because a socialist was winning???working class people???

Notice Biden thanking Sanders--------Progressives are putting Biden over the top in Georgia and Arizona----spanish and black progressives

And what you wrote about in your NC race could be used to describe, verbatim, what I realized in late 2015, going into the 2016 election cycle:

"The Dems would rather LOSE with the “candidate of THEIR choice…HRC…than WIN with a Progressive…one Sen. Bernard Sanders (I) VT.” But we donated then, and in this cycle, heavily, to Bernie. After being ASSFUCKED by the DNC/DCCC/DWS and “Miss Nancy” and “Schumie,” I will NEVER give another dime to a Dem.


First of all, DSA are not “socialists;” they could better be called something like “justice capitalists.”

When have you heard Bernie Sanders calling for the nationalization of anything? When has he talked up employee ownerships and cooperatives as an alternative to corporations and billionaire-owned businesses? Has he ever made unionism a major campaign issue?

What he basically wants to do is re-institute progressive taxation so that the well-off capitalists are forced to share the wealth with those who attained it for them—the workers who staff their companies and without whom they would have no companies. (I’d like to see Jeff Bezos run his warehouses all alone. Even if they were fully automated, you know he’d hire someone else to push the buttons for him. Billionaires don’t do drudge work.)

Sanders would then institute some basic programs like Medicare For All and free college, which could reasonably be called “socialistic,” but would not be socialism. Exploitation of the workforce and wage theft would go on unabated and we would still have 100 billionaires taking the lion’s share of the wealth.

The word “socialist” has been stigmatized by knowingly being applied to things that are far, far from socialism, and socialism has been described as tyranny because it takes away the god-given right of an owner to exploit his workers for his own profit while denying them a fair wage. Instead they tell them to “go somewhere else if you don’t like your job.” Of course all the other jobs are the same, though, and so there is realistically nowhere else to go.

Socialism is an economic model, not a form of government, but try to convince the average Trumpanzee that it is not a dictatorship that is going to disarm them and take their homes and all their possessions and give them to aborted fetuses. You will be wasting your time.

Until the left comes up with a way of describing the DSA model as what it really represents, capitalism with some consideration for the common good, we will continue to see opposition from Republicans and Democrats alike, since both are dependent on the current system of exploitation for their wealth.


DSA are not socialists??? What does DSA stand for???

I know Bernie is a moderate democrat ----Harry Truman wanted universal healthcare in the 50’s----the min wage of 1961 = $20. today-----we are working slave wages.

I think the way to approach this is the Commons-----bottom up not top down.

What did NSDAP stand for??? (Hint: National Socialist German Workers Party)

Calling yourself a socialist doesn’t make you one, any more than a Republican calling a Democrat a socialist makes them one.


Labeling Sanders AOC, or any of these other progressive Democrats as any kind of “socialist” is a misleading label when you consider that their platforms differ little from the platforms of FDR, Truman (as one poster mentioned a few minutes ago), JFK, LBJ, and other mid-century centrists.

Yes, I know that the center has shifted so far rightward during the past half century that Biden if further right wing than Nixon was. If he was seeking the DEMOCRATIC PARTY nomination today Nixon would be put on the same group W bench the DNC put Sanders on. If he came anywhere near the GOP today that mob would have zero tolerance for the guy whose legacy includes OSHA, EPA, clean air, and clean water acts. The GOP would tacitly support Nixon’s head being placed on the post next to Fauci’s.


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the Democratic knives are already out and the corporate money machine working overtime to squash any progressive and their issues they can–think Trump lied --just wait until you hear the corporate take on the state of things-think I’m off base??-remember how our media lied us into the wars we are still fighting some 20 years later–


So was the other guy. They probably flipped a coin to decide which P.O.S. to vote for.


Please bardamu - be specific as in-- it is the “Old Guard/Corporate Democrats” in the Party do not want socialists to win. So people are clear what faction of the party is stuck in outdated visions of reality and woefully inadequate solutions.Doing so would strengthen the peoples’ understanding of who is thwarting needed socio-economic-judicial reforms. Thanks.

It is way past time we confronted the term socialism —and in defining it again and again and again in how that would look like here --til the '50’s reactive and instant paranoia dies. Also, we must identify specifically who and what is engineering this emotional manipulation and for what purpose. Who stands to lose when the law is passed requiring significant worker representation on corporate boards?

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Okay - all that is to be expected. So - given that persistent activism was the successful key to dumping Agent Chaos, what role do you see - for us to take - to quash Old Guard/Corporate Democrats’ efforts to zap the Progressive Movement? Please we must build on the momentum developed to further the Progressive Vision. One way is to drop the habit of seeing things happening out there in some undefined out there and complaining about them! We must stay centered on our own agency to move pieces on the chessboard around to what works for us. It’s gotta be “We”.