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What Do Democrats Stand For?


What Do Democrats Stand For?

Robert Reich

The Democratic Party can lead the country in a new direction, but will it?

Millions of Americans who are politically engaged for the first time in their lives are crying out for a bold alternative to bigoted and destructive policies.

But Democrats can’t just be anti-Trump or move to the middle.


The answer to Robert Reich’s question “The Democratic Party can lead the country in a new direction, but will it?” is a definite NO.

The Democratic Party Establishment (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez, and so on and so on) are Goldwater Democrats that have been bought and paid for by Wall Street. They are totally committed to a neo-Liberal, neo-Conservative extreme right-wing agenda and only pretend to be Progressives to get votes.

In fact, Pelosi is blocking efforts to impeach Trump because the Establishment believes they can run against Trump successfully without actually standing for anything. It’s the same old story.

The reality is that the Democratic party has betrayed and screwed everyone and everything for decades since George McGovern lost the presidential election. They stab progressives in the back over and over and over again. And they will certainly do it once again. How many times will the idiot American progressives play this stupid game? Do they never learn? Stop supporting the Democratic party and found a new, left-wing party or vote for the Greens.

So just as Michael Moore predicts, the Democrats will LOSE the next election to Trump or Pence and they will actually see their numbers DECREASE in Congress. Republicans will score an even bigger majority. And take another couple of hundred of local elections from idiot Democrats as the control of the the states gets closer and closer to a majority for a Republican neo-Nazi Constitutional Convention.

The Democrats are foul and disgusting scum and deserve to be flushed down the toilet bowl of history. They are completely responsible for creating the political vacuum that has allowed Trump and the Nazis to gain a foothold and destroy our country.


What do Democrats stand for? I would argue that with very few exceptions, they stand for wars; and for being the corrupt, fake, corporate, opposition party that enabled Trump to become POTUS when the DNC threw Bernie under the bus even though he would have been a much stronger candidate than Hillary.


SLS, truer words were never spoken.

Both parties of the Duopoly do not even deserve a burial. Let the corporate vultures pick their bones clean and let them rot in the sun.

I am happily married to the Green Party and have vowed to never vote for the corruption that supports Empire again.

The platform that Robert Reich proposes for the Democrats is already that which the Green Party holds.

The thing that most Americans refuse to see is that there is life after the Duopoly.

And, peace amongst the nation’s of the world without all of the Bullets and Bombs that now sow indiscriminately.


“…Democrats must…” says Robert Reich.

And when they don’t he’ll tell us to support them anyway. Which is precisely why they won’t do anything but rearrange the deck chairs on their sinking ship.


What Do Democrats Stand For?

Collecting as much Wall St and oligarch money as they can shovel …


Check out DraftBernie.org If Bernie is not interested we will move on without him


I would assume that many Democrats are reluctant to support the first three items that Reich proposes because of the costs. After being labeled “tax and spend liberals” for so may years it is reasonable to see why they may be shy at supporting such programs. The other reason is the don’t believe that these items would have any chance of passing in Congress. I think that is why they are more comfortable supporting identify politics. It avoids the tax and spend accusations from the other side. The Democrats biggest problem in elections I think is that they are considered the party of blacks. Trump has revealed how deep and broad white supremacy is in this nation. Because he built his campaign on white supremacy he was able to politically survive any number of things that would have eliminated any other candidate and even survived after clearly losing three presidential debates including one he snorted through. There are no easy answers for the Democrats because they support racial equality and the electorate includes millions of racist voters. And when many of those voters hear they will have to pay more taxes they assume their money will go to help blacks. Taxes on the rich should be raised but there is a limit because if there taxes are raised too high they will leave the country to live in a country with lower taxes and much of the tax base will be lost.


Chances of the D or R party changing is a big fat zero. Together they support bipartisan consensus which means dictatorship. Dictatorships rely on everybody being on the same team. Exactly like bipartisan consensus. In other words think and act alike.


Taxes on the rich should be raised but there is a limit because if there taxes are raised too high they will leave the country to live in a country with lower taxes and much of the tax base will be lost.

You are really starting to sound like a Republican.

I suppose you are unaware that American citizens who live overseas are still required to pay US income tax. They get a foreign earned income tax exclusion which is indexed for inflation:


To not pay US tax you are required to renounce your US citizenship. So many people have been doing this the US government has increased the cost to do so:


If the Congress was really worried about this there are many ways they could tax the rich, as even non citizens who earn money in the US can be subject to US tax.


Note particularly item #10 where an alien may have to pay US tax on his foreign non-earned income from a family business.


I agree with pretty much all of the above. But, we must find a way to create more parties. Yes, there are the Greens, but they are generally focused on one or two messages and haven’t shown any ability to address much of what needs addressing. The old guard of the Democratic party are the problem. They are as entrenched as any royal family and can not think their way out of familiar ruts. Coalition is the way to make change. That’s the hard work that will move us forward.


What needs to be understood is that the Democratic Party exists primarily for the enrichment of party elites and allies in the private sector. All evidence suggests that the DNC is little more than a money-making machine and that all these 527 organizations are basically slush funds, designed to enrich the political class and keep the gravy train flowing into perpetuity. That’s what it’s all about and that’s why Robert Reich’s wish list of issues for the Democrats to focus on will never be taken seriously by the party elites. They will never do anything to threaten the cash flow from Wall Street and Silicon Valley and that’s why they can’t be counted on to ever champion a progressive populist program.


Yes! I noticed the list contains no systemic fix like a constitutional amendment abolishing corporate constitutional rights intended for We the People and money as a form of protected political speech. Overturning Citizens United only takes us back to a less, but still broken campaign finance system, in which the Democrats did quite well, and corporations still ran rough shod over anything in their way.




Mr. Reich, PLEASE run! I know your role in Nafta, I believe you regret that now don’t you? Redeem yourself,RUN for office.


NEVER any mention from establishment democrats about ending the perpetual WAR MACHINE! Even in the alleged, “Summer for Progress” agenda, there is zero mention of PEACE. The INDUSTRIAL WAR elephant in the room is the cause of most of America’s ills. Spending trillions upon trillions for operations all over the globe is breaking the nation more than all the other issues COMBINED!
We can pay for public college, healthcare for all, totally green infrastructure, and put an organic garden in every yard, if the military was brought under control and not allowed to suck the coffers dry. Now we have an outright military government. A coup through and through. Thank the Democrats for that too. Obushma and Killary are every bit the tax-dollar sucking war criminals every administration has been since I can’t remember when. War, war, and more war. It’s what Amerika really stands for, and Robert Reich is right there too. Where is your outrage against the war machine, Mr. Fourth Reich?!


To Robert Reich:

I like all your points - especially the order - education first and foremost.

That is a campaign list for sure - one that would have the support of an awful lot of people.

Who will take up the challenge ?


The Future is Now
The next two election cycles will determine whether we will continue down this road that leads to inept leadership and corporate domination or can replace the right wing sector of the party with men and women who have the best interests of the population as their goal. The quality of Our government and its leadership has been demonstrated by this current crisis. Our national leadership is more dedicated with the trappings of power and petty ambitions than the real needs of the people to which it is sworn to serve. Whining about a stupid useless wall and trading macho threats with an unstable dictator while supporting the destruction of existing safeguards and working against proposed much needed infrastructure is hardly what anyone could consider effective leadership but it is the direction we are, at present, pointed. I really do not give a fig about which party or political effort manages to return the management of the government to balance and fairness but it must come soon to avoid what could be a world wide insurrection.
America must first and foremost abandon our current form of campaign finance, which favors the monied interests over the desires of the electorate. As long as our legislators and heads of state are beholding to their sponsors instead of their constituents we cannot expect a fair deal. Making more than a small donation to a candidate must be made a felony and accepting such a bribe must be considered treason and both dealt with harshly. I recommend our Cuban resort for their time outs. Without this crucial change we can no longer expect a responsive government.
Another cancer afflicting our society is income disparity. With housing costs escalating across the nation and minimum wage a third of what it was in the sixties even the upper middle class is feeling the pinch. We should rescind the Kennedy tax cuts, remove loopholes and then develop a functional and fair tax code, bearing in mind that Our government needs a reliable income to provide services we all need to have a prosperous and healthy nation. Practically speaking without these two basic changes all we can accomplish is to apply cheap band-aids that fall off at the first wash.
It is my humble opinion that these two adjustments will foster and support all the social and fiscal policies that we desire to enact with fair and balanced legislation and a Renaissance of well being, to leave them undone invites chaos.


What Do Democrats Stand For?

Not much, other than being against Trump if you look at a wide variety of polls. Even 44% of those who identify as Democrats think the party is out of touch with people’s concerns. In short, the party has no identity. Its become less of a party and more an anti-Republican fund raising organization. These numbers have been around for some time, but they’re lost on party leadership, even so-called progressives such as Warren and Sanders. Both continue to oppose any “litmus test” or “purity test” to support a Democrat running against a Republican. In fact, Warren said so just this week.

The reason always given is that imposing any degree of standards on party members makes it too hard to find candidates that can win elections in Republican strongholds. Never mind that this lack of identity is one of the very reasons the party has been losing elections. Never mind that the real problem is lack of turnout for the Democrats. The percentage of no shows to vote in the 2016 elections dwarfed the tiny percentage of votes that switched from Republican to Democrat, yet that is the bloc that Democrats continue to pursue, religiously.

Pick any issue and you can find Democrats on either side and who vote that way. Nothing exemplifies this more than the 2016 campaign with Clinton promising that she would would not support pending trade deals. Meanwhile, Obama, the head of her own party, was pushing hard for them, even knowing, as he surely must have, that it played right into Trump’s hands. No wonder voters wondered where Democrats stood on this issue and so many others. No wonder so many Dems just gave up and stayed home.

Trump is leaving a huge void in the electorate, but Democrats still cling to their desperate “anything goes, just bring money” thinking to fill it. Party leadership seems far more concerned about not appearing controversial in the eyes of their corporate and billionaire voters than about what their own rank and file members need and want. Trump doesn’t need to expand his base to win in 2020, he just needs Democrats to continue down their soulless path and, so far, party leadership is obliging.


I am glad you brought up the point of the excessive militarism of the US. Many of the other comments on this article are good, but they miss the point that both parties are controlled by two colluding factors, the military-industrial complex, and giant corporations, which are actually two sides of the same coin. The mainstream media, which would normally be a check on these out of control institutions, is instead a part of the problem, always deferring to power and money. It seems clear that the intelligence agencies, military and the corporate entities that comprise and fuel them have taken control of our government. I wonder if the “collect it all” mentality of the intelligence agencies is a method of control (i.e., blackmail potential if you have collected everything about every politician). It seems as though a silent coup has taken place and now the government is run by the deep state and their corporate allies. Even Trump is following the same policies of all previous modern administrations, even when it means he breaks promise after promise (like saying the war in Afghanistan was not worth while, only to turn around and do another Bush/Obama surge of troops. It does not seem like Trump is actually in control at all, just as it seemed that Obama was not. The Deep State gets what it wants every time.