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What Do Democrats Stand For?


Not sure whether I agree Dems will lose more seats in 2018, but I don’t think they’ll get a majority back in either chamber.
What I am sure about is this: whether or not they win close seats, they’ll blame any losses on “moving too far left” and the takeaway will be “finding the center” between a right that just moves further and further right and a center that drifts right as it tries to keep up…


They don’t have any chance of passing Congress if the Dems keep losing elections, which is what the timidity and ineffectual Democratic Party of the past 10 years has accomplished. And they don’t have any chance if a bunch of Dem elected officials claim there “aren’t enough votes” and use that as an excuse for… NOT VOTING FOR PROGRESSIVE CHANGE.


I truly believe that the D-Party doesn’t care about winning elections.

How else could you explain their complete unwillingness to ever pursue policy and positioning outside of moving further right, no matter how bad their 30-year losing streak gets?

I can’t think of a single move leftward that they didn’t back into after their base dragged them kicking and screaming away from their previous Republican-lite stance.

If someone has an example of the Ds leading leftward, I’d love to hear it.

On a more personal note, I live in a city where a Republican hasn’t appeared on the local ballot in several election cycles. With total and absolute control, the Ds in charge kowtow to developers, neglect infrastructure, and shrug their shoulders as the working class is priced out.


Yea, verily Yea!
*I have been advocating this for a long time. There are a number of parties with plans to regain our nation. The big problem is the number of parties, each with a plan, trying to scrape up enough money, or meet the requirements for “third” party ballot space. The Oilagarchy and its pet duopoly loves them. Even chips in some money from time to time, for each of these parties has a following and they are all competing for the brass ring.
*What is necessary is for these people and parties to set aside their “plan” to save the nation and sit down and caucus, decide what is needed to get us out of this swamp, and cooperatively work to achieve this aim. Most of the “third” parties agree that the duopoly is the main problem, along with the Oilagarchy that owns and controls them. If these parties would join together in a coalition, we could have a powerful platform and a huge voting block.
*Everyone has been brainwashed into believing that either the red sock puppet or the blue one will save us. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking that any other party is just a wasted vote. However, more and more people have decided that the duopoly is our main problem. But they are divided into many small ineffective groups which makes them powerless.
*If they would bury the hatchet and decide that the biggest problem we have is the duopoly, and that getting rid of them, or their effectiveness, should be a way of saving this beleaguered nation and returning it to We the People, we could do so.
*No one needs to set aside their plans permanently. They must be shelved for a time to achieve this aim. England has formed coalition governments of many parties and interests that saw that joining in a common cause, a common interest could work.
*There is a pretty good number of voters in these various groups. If they were all working for a common goal, seeking out decent candidates and seeing that they were on the ballot in their states, seeking out candidates for the Executive and Congress that are “of the People and for the People” instead of wealthy lackeys of the Oilagarchy, it would take an enormous amount of cooperative effort, but it could work.
*If We the People would relearn the skills of diplomacy, debate, compromise, and cooperation, we could win. Then we could end the wars that are draining this nation into poverty, and divert the endless conveyor belt putting money into war and surveillance into rebuilding this nation, and helping the nations we have subverted into dictatorships or bombed into rubble. We could put time and money into rebuilding our ecosphere and cleaning up our water, planting trees to help remove the carbon from our atmosphere, leave the oil, coal and Uranium in the ground and go to renewables.
It could work.


Listen liberal!
Social Security equal to minimum wage, minimum benefit.
Minimum wage 15 per hour
40 hour work week, none of this manager or independent contractor bs.
Yes u got Medicare right, but for those making less than 50 thousand a year they only have to pay what Medicare pays, for the rest they can pay 20 percent more.

No more wars in the Mideast and cut the military by 90 percent.

Free school.

Clean air and water.


Let’s roll.


Absolutely, my friend! The problem, as always, is ego. We must find a way
to get past the leaders of each faction and do the work that needs doing.


I agree. When Hillary ran, and told the coal miners " You’re jobs are not coming back." that was a mark to them on hopelessness. What she should have said was " You’re jobs are not coming back but instead of getting black lung you can be trained for a better job in clean energy." The same party that squashed Bernie because he Jewish and a socialist. He is a social democrat. What’s wrong with that? Well, apparently the dems who stand for nothing think there is something wrong with that. Under Obama , attorney general Holder did not even go after his Wall Street buddies. Seems the dems actually want to lose the elections so they can just get paid and not do anything.


And a lot of them seem to ignore Bernie and the progressives - the ones who actually do want higher wages, clean air, more aid to public schools, more affordable housing etc.


Yes, they are timid. Best case scenario: Live in a blue state!


The Deep State- meaning the Koch Bros?


That is why we the people have to remember that this is our government. If they want to work for Wall Street, they are welcome to work for a bank or a corporation. They do not need to be in governement. And that includes you RIchard Neill!


Maybe as an op ed stated in a local paper we should have Dixit- let the confederacy have their states back- they can secede- goodby. Only issue: They do not get to abuse animals including wild ones. But they can have their theocracy back. !!


There is no center- just extremists on the rethug side.


Bernies faith was not an issue, most of Clintons supports were gansteh machers of the Jewish faith: to wit the NYT, DWS, Wall Street, DF, BB, etc c. The money people don’t want anything to do with true FDR Dems.


Reich’s question was answered long ago.

Many who identify as “Democrats” stand for what many who identify as “Republicans,”, or “Socialists,” or “none of the above” stand for: the greatest good for the greatest number.

Unfortunately, those who control the conduct and spending of “the Democratic Party” stand quite successfully for the best interests of those able to hold power within the Party apparatus.



I have deep respect for those who find the Green Party a hope in the storm and so support it. With respect for the latter, I agree with Anna’s Daughter that what is needed – and would under any circumstances be enormously hard to create – is a broad based coalition including (not lackeys for; including) well know men and women who come to the struggle already known, respected, and supported by millions of people.

Anyone presenting him or her self as one of the latter AND as the Great One should be rejected out of hand,


“…Democrats must…” says Robert Reich.

"And when they don’t he’ll tell us to support them anyway. "

If he does, stop reading his posts.


A Philadelphian, are you? At least there’s still Fairmount Park.