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What Do Novelist Stephen King and Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke Have in Common? They Both Want Ted Cruz Out of the Senate and Trump Impeached


What Do Novelist Stephen King and Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke Have in Common? They Both Want Ted Cruz Out of the Senate and Trump Impeached

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the wake of his public feud that played out on social media with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) last week, novelist and outspoken progressive Stephen King ended up on the same page as Cruz's Democratic challenger in Texas on Tuesday after both called for President Donald Trump to be impeached over his "bizarre" and "shameful" performance in Helsinki, Finland a day earlier.


Cruz and Trump are Satan’s henchman. Who better than Stephen King to recognize that!


I would have cherished a Molly Ivins’ breakdown of Beto v. Cruz. I’ll have to write one in my mind.


Helsinki Finland was just the “icing” on the cake.

This lying sack of shit, has proven himself completely disqualified because of self-serving criminal intent and actions taken.

To allow this to continue, is also criminal.


Stephen King Rocks!


Clinton wing Democrats like O’Rourke always need a big boogeyman like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump to get their votes. They can’t run on the issues affecting ordinary Americans because they don’t support the solutions that would improve the lives of ordinary Americans. Like Medicare For ALL. How long has O’Rourke been in the House of Representatives - and as a “youthful” representative - but he STILL hasn’t signed on to HR 676 - improved, expanded Medicare For ALL.

How many more Americans do we have to watch DIE because politicians in the Democratic Party like Beto O’Rourke are taking so much MONEY from insurance and Big Pharma - and - JUST LIKE TED CRUZ - that they refuse to side with the American People over their bloodthirsty profits?

He talks so high and mighty about loyalty to the American People and the United States! Well, Mr. Beto O’Rourke, here’s the REAL horror story that Stephen King never wrote: 45k Americans die every year -almost as many as those who died in the entire Vietnam War - because politicians like you love your insurance and pharma money (just like Ted Cruz) and more than either of you love your country or your fellow Americans.

I wouldn’t vote for Ted Cruz - but I wouldn’t vote for you either, FRAT FACE. Dead Americans are the reason you won’t get my vote.

(P.S. We’ve met your Big Pharma O’Rourke trolls on social media before and we already know how nasty they and you are. From the primary, that is - when corporate free single payer candidate Sema Hernandez took over 20 percent w/out any corporate money. So don’t try us again.) We would write her name in, voting for her again, if we were in Texas.

Instead of you corporate Democrats finding the most evil GOP opponent possible, try making yourselves better and more decent candidates. 15 years in Congress without signing HR 676 is a DISGRACE.

Get the money out - and get with improved, expanded Medicare For ALL. If you lose - and you blame us, O’Rourke- you will be RIGHT. We will be PROUD to take the credit!

Pass Single Payer NOW!


Why am I not surprised? Yeah he “rocks” all right, why his 1 word tweet rocked you, didn’t it?

As Beto continues to embarrass himself and the dems with his F-Bomb Texas campaigning, I love watching creeps like King crawling out of the wood work to endorse him.

Because nothing will change a Texan’s mind about Ted Cruz like a POS Hollyweird nightmare endorsing his potty mouth opponent!

Way to go Beto! My money says he’ll garner fewer votes than any past dem candidate.

But he’ll carry Austin and Houston!!!