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What Do the Racial Wealth Gap, Police Brutality, and the Climate Crisis Have in Common? Wall Street

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/08/what-do-racial-wealth-gap-police-brutality-and-climate-crisis-have-common-wall

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Any profit (over recapture of mortgage principle, interest, and costs) made by a mortgagee on a foreclosed home should be paid to the mortgagor as rightfully his.

Banks should get what they are owed. Nothing more. They should not be allowed to take for themselves the surplus equity.

That is no longer the law, but it should be.


More to the point, they all have capitalism in common. The climate crisis, poverty, and racism will never be solved as long as capitalism lives. End stage capitalism.


Whatever black (or white) people do DO NOT ASSUME MORE DEBT NOW. DO NOT FINANCE LOANS, PAY OFF LOANS. Why? Because millions of public sector jobs at all levels of government are about to be outsourced in the US… Its been planned since the 1990s. Or really, 1980s, September 15-20 1986 to be exact. Maybe even going back to 1982.

Its not coronavirus. Its large scale greed.

Its going to be a bloodbath for the middle class. Whatever you do, dont assume things will just continue on as they have been. They are covering up this huge shift. Look up services liberalization.

DON’T GO INTO MORE DEBT, WE’RE GOING TO LOSE MILLIONS OF JOBS. Black people will be especially hard hit because of working in public services.

I have news for you, rich people consider those kinds of profits to be their entitlement. Thats why its never negotiable for them.

The only knee these baleful bastards should take

Is one to the head

This isnt a referendum on capitalism, its a referendum on corrupt capitalists and their cronies who need to be put in jail.

Theyre crooks.

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Do you know what a pleonasm is? One of my favorite words, connoting an unnecessarily redundant phrase, such as “corrupt capitalists”.

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Predatory Capitalism always eats its own and is destined to fail, time after time. Its a great racket supported by the political prostitutes in Congress.

End the giant Corporate banks. Our founders warned us about them. Add banking services to the USPS and have each state charter its own bank, possibly using North Dakota as a model. Get rid of most of Wall Street as it is really not needed.

Let’s be realistic, until it loosens its grip (Maybe that’s the same thing :slight_smile: )