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What Do Those People Who Want?


What Do Those People Who Want?

Jim Hightower

Where is the Democratic Party? The Party of the People is stuck in the status quo—- the still reigning, old-line hierarchy of the Democratic party is unwilling to just be dedicated to well, to the democratic interests of its own political base. People know from real-life experience that the economy has been rigged against them for the benefit of the uber-rich and the political system has been totally corrupted by the bipartisan pay-to-play ethic that protects the status quo from interference by us commoners.


FDR: Second Bill of Rights Speech

Needed the principled Henry Wallace for VP in 1944 (who would have delivered), got the pliable Harry Truman. The Democratic Party Machine sold the people down the river.


I cannot sign onto this “progressive plan” until it does something that Bernie Sanders never did and that this plan does not do either, and that is to challenge the US policy of endless war and of a Pentagon budget that continues to be what Martin Lutther King famously came out and blasted as a fundamental abomination making impossible real change in America – a Pentagon budget that now consumes 67% of all discretionary US federal spending.

We need a progressive program that calls for an immediate fifty percent cut in the US military budget, an end to foreign wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a pullout of the 800 places around the globe where the US has troops, a mothballing of the aircraft carrier battle groups, an end to the US role as the world’s leading arms merchant, a recommitment to the United Nations as the place to resolve international disputes and a recommitment to diplomacy instead of military action, and cancellation of the $1.7-trillion nuclear weapons “upgrade” program initiated by President Obama.

Then we’ll have a progressive program I can support, and one that can actually fund the things this country so badly needs: a real Social Security retirement program that people can live on and that is securely funded for all time, Medicare for All like every other modern nation already has, a first-world public transit system, roads that don’t destroy our own vehicles costing us more than many of us pay in taxes each year just in repairs, and a first-class public education system.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening!


We need to control our debt! And get a real grasp on our priorities ----the military budget can be cut in half------support INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM–SUPPORT THE COMMONS. Lets have a national healthcare system focused on community healthcare centers----and I mean this like a common area for people to come together and support each other locally. Creating strong support systems for children -caring and loving environments.


I could not agree more except to also second what “illusion” has said–“control our debt”. Nothing positive can/will be done until our foreign policy is reversed and debt is under control.

That is the basic plan that is needed. It will take a lot of effort for many years but it is the only way forward and support has to come from across the political spectrum.


I am with you 100%, Dave. No TRUE progressive supports imperialism, and that has been the U.S. policy since the movement west from the 13 colonies.


I agree. Aside from the immorality of our militarism, effectively, there will never be enough money to provide for public needs while our government pursues the expansion and maintenance of Empire around the globe, creating a steady drain on the public treasury and diverting resources that could be used to pursue the other objectives of the plan.


We know what people who support Trump want, a society dominated by white people or in cases a society of white people only. They cheer the Wall, the Muslim ban, proclamations about law and order, and so forth. Most Trump supporters are white nationalists. He also gets support from pro-lifers and control opponents. It is harder to say what everyone else wants. Some are focused on protecting the environment, some on women’s issues, some on achieving racial justice and equality, and some on having some money left over after paying the views. Pursuing a single progressive vision could be characterized as a “fool’s mission.” What is needed is a coalition of people with progressive values who are focused on different goals but are willing to work. Those who are focused mainly on economics can’t expect all people with progressive values to have the same focus.


To paraphrase the claim, “It’s the economy, stupid”, it’s actually the (lack of) democracy and governance in the public interest, and a yielding of governance to private interests, that lies at the base of every concern of true progressives; whether it is economic justice, ecological justice and sustainability, addressing the causes of climate change, public health challenges or unfair labor practices and other problems. Everything else is like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

Unless this root cause problem is addressed, you won’t really see a coalition that includes the progressives…including possibly a majority of the younger cohorts who so identify.


Actually, the Trump voters that I know held their nose and voted for Trump because they did not want to see Clinton in the White House.

When we are careful about lumping people into categories, it helps to be careful to do this for people or groups that we dislike as well.


That’s true, but you have to ask them a second question: Why were they so opposed to Clinton. I was also unable to vote for Clinton. My reason was that she is a fake progressive, a war-monger and pro-imperialist backer of coups against elected governments, and corrupt as hell. But given that, how could I vote for Trump, who is anything but a progressive, is a war-monger advocate of nuclear weapons use, and even more corrupt than Clinton?

I think a lot of people who voted against Clinton and turned to Trump are misogynists. Period.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening!


Sure. And others are xenophobes and outright racists; or just worried about the phantom threat of foreigners coming to steal their jobs, etc. And still there are others, who clearly disliked Clinton from the get go, were frustrated, and seeing no better option, decided to “bomb the system”… to shake it all up. The latter group isn’t insignificant, I fear. Similar to anarchists in emotional demeanor, they may not have thought it all the way through. But they did throw a spanner in the works.


The answers varied, Dave, and I’d hate to give the impression that I would defend each of them. I voted Green myself, and would have left the slot blank had I no option other than the 2 leaders.

But I do think that I can make a generalization about them, about the people that I know, at least. They were “least worst” votes, and the reasoning was very similar to the arguments that we heard here at length by people who disliked HRC but still considered her the better of a bad choice. The arguments mostly did go beyond the sort of “Oh, I hate Clinton” or “She is so awful” sort of thing, though I frequently had to press. I have the (admittedly untested) impression that something like 2/3 would have voted for Sanders, though I doubt that’s very representative of Trump voters in general.

If I had to boil the arguments down to a couple sentences, it would run something like “The obnoxious bigot and fraud is less dangerous than the vicious corporatist and criminal warmonger, so obviously you cannot vote Clinton. But yeesh.”

I must say, I do not have any blanket objection to practical compromise in voting. It seems very much the nature of the beast. But it’s beyond me where the gain is when there’s no compromise to be had. I still think those “deplorables” may have helped us dodge a bullet.