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What Do US Pundits Know About North Korea That 88% of South Koreans Don’t?


What Do US Pundits Know About North Korea That 88% of South Koreans Don’t?

Adam Johnson

According to a recent poll, 88 percent of the South Korean public viewed the recent peace summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in as a success. In addition, 65 percent of South Koreans trust Kim Jong-un on his pledge to denuclearize, and Moon Jae-in’s approval ratings have shot up to 86 percent.


The war-mongering corporate media has as much blood on its hands as our government and the military. Nothing like a war to improve ratings. Criminals all.


The North and South Koreans are unified in their desire not to have the United States start a war that will destroy both of them. They know they are the ones who will pay the price in blood for American hubris.


The arrogance that divided Korea as spoils of war continues in focusing on US “interests” over the wishes and interests of the single Korean people. For one thing, 100% of Koreans know that “North Korea” and “South Korea” do not exist. Call them by the names they use, DPRK and ROK.


What do the Pundits know ? They KNOW that they are owned by the same conglomerates that profit off wars and weapon sales. They KNOW they will get a nice fat paycheque put into their bank accounts if their Corporate masters are happy with what they print and broadcast. They know that they are bought and paid for very much like those actors hired to show up at those City Council meetings to show their support for the Corporate agenda.

They know that in reality they are little more then flim flam men and women and con artists. They are no more informed on North Korea than are you and I, and the only reason the media promotes them as experts on North Korea is that there a buck for them in it.

It has been pointed out time after time that the US an Oligarchy and this a truism reflected in Countries calling themselves democracies the world over. Those Pundits KNOW this and are owned by that same 1 percent and all that comes out of their mouths or from their pens is little more than a a sales pitch for more wars and other such profit making ventures that serve as to cement the control of the 1 percent over everything and everyone on this Planet Earth.

Those pundits are very much like those hangers on to the bullies of the world led around by the nose by the same in the hopes that the next time the bully picks out a victim to beat up , they can get a few kicks of their own in.


These Pundits know the potential profits for the war machine that can come from war with North Korea.


Thank You.

And when did “pundits,” “commentators,” bloggers and other social media creeps actually take over from journalists, historians, story-tellers, whistleblowers, scientists and other truth-tellers?

While journalism et. al. always has been at odds with the status quo, somehow journalists et. al. have managed to bring reality to us to figure out for ourselves. But real journalists are going the way of the dinosaurs and we have to look elsewhere and recreate the extremely difficult, complex and dangerous act of truth-telling from the bottom.

That’s pretty much true of all of our institutions, but it seems we have no choice if we want to continue to inhabit this biosphere as a species (or even should).

The Mother is getting extremely pissed off and may soon give us a spanking that we won’t recover from.


I’m hoping China will offer, or has already offered the NPRK the nuclear umbrella Kim needs in order to reduce his arsenal with safety for himself and the end of sanctions by China. Kim could then work with China and the ROK to build a more economically viable country for his people, minus U.S. interference in northern Asia. Japan might well join in, since the protection of the U.S. is no longer to be trusted. It’s not an ideal solution for the U.S. imperial hegemony (i.e. the military-industrial-governmental complex), but it would keep the peace. The two Koreas could then sign the peace treaty both desire, splitting the Nobel Peace Prize. The U.S. could bring most if not all of its military home, leaving protective hardware for the ROK to use if necessary, and presumably concentrate on its long-term desire to destroy the Middle East.


Japan joining in, given their long and disgusting imperial history with Korea (then taken over by the U.S.) should only participate in two ways: apologies and reparations. The same is true for the U.S. of course. While both of these nations have long and sordid imperial histories (the U.S. being the largest and most murderous empire in the history of humanity), the reunification of the Korean people would not be a bad place to begin to make amends.