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'What Do You Call a Country That Institutionalizes Child Abuse?': Democrats Hold Sit-In Demanding End to Trump Family Separation Policy


'What Do You Call a Country That Institutionalizes Child Abuse?': Democrats Hold Sit-In Demanding End to Trump Family Separation Policy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the heart-wrenching story of a Honduran mother having her baby daughter ripped from her arms by federal authorities as she was breastfeeding provided yet another example of the immense cruelty of President Donald Trump's family separation policy, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) on Wednesday led a sit-in outside the offices of Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) demanding that asylum-seekers be released from government detention and reunited with their loved ones immediately.


While some Democrats still apparently have a moral compass, the “leadership” do not and are AWOL…none of the establishment DINO corporate-whore wing ever show-up…except just before elections to bamboozle the electorate with their “kinder and gentler” service to the 1%…total BS of course and no one will see or hear from them for another 2/4 years .


My Rep. in Congress, a demo, isn’t there. I will not vote for him come election time. My Hero’s are there, as I wish I were too. So few show sanity, why? I most likely will be asking why until I die.


‘What Do You Call a Country That Institutionalizes Child Abuse?’
It used to be called “Afghanistan” or “Pakistan”. Now days it is called America. What have we done???


Fine. Vote for the Republican in your District in November then…


So based on an absence at this single event, you aren’t voting for him/her? Can you provide me with your House Rep’s name? Mine wasn’t there either, but is on the right side on every issue and is the author of key legislation on Net Neutrality - which is unlikely to pass because of the Republican majority. His name is Mike Doyle - I’m sure you never heard of him.


’What Do You Call a Country That Institutionalizes Child Abuse?'
*The United States of America AKA the Nazi Fourth Reich.
*Twitler’s Nazi minded minions seem to freely use Hitler’s Nazi Playbook.
*Hitler’s Untermenchen began with the Jews, then spread to the Gypsies, the Slavs, and to people who simply disagreed with the Nazi “philosophy,” people whose sexual orientation differed from Hitler’s, and any other race or group that attracted Hitler’s ire.
*The Fourth Reich started with Muslims and has spread to almost anybody that our greed and war culture has made into refugees, that our CIA sponsored dictatorships of South and Central American countries have driven their people out of the country to save their lives and families.
*Our endless propaganda has turned all of these people into “animals,” “vermin,” “killers and rapists.” Any of them fleeing to the United States Fourth Reich for succor find themselves caged in concentration camps, their children taken from them even at the breast and disappeared into other camps, often kept in dog kennels and other small, cramped, spaces, with no representation, no care, no love. Just hatred and abuse.
*With the advent of the new Axis, this is spreading to other nations, other races, to any people who do not submit to the dictates of the new Reich and its Axis allies.
*I grew up when we were fighting the last Axis. Now, in my eighties, I will probably die in the New Reich, which we once thought was the hope of the world with a marvelous Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is now just a fascist tool of the Oligarchy, to round up whatever is left of value and turn it over to them.
*I am a Nuclear Veteran and have seen where this was heading since May of 1956, with the dropping of the first Hydrogen Bomb in the series. With the insanity of today growing exponentially, that may prove to be the end of all of us, and perhaps planet earth, our mother, as well.


Emily Dickinson once wrote—"Hope is a feathered thing which perches in the soul,"and thank you to the Dems who are standing up for immigrants and their children------- but that “feathered thing,” is being attacked and plucked by ICE people who seem like soulless androids. I would like a journalist to go undercover and become an ICE employee and tell us how government workers can become so awful is so short a time. : (


Mini, thank you for your excellent post, as usual. More than that, thank you for calling out these miscreants by what their real label is: Nazis. Right now, the difference between this country’s protectors of the homeland/motherland and Hitler’s is only a matter of degree. With Jeff Sessions’ assistance, his whore Kirstjen Nielsen’s, and her man’s man Thomas Homan’s, it’s only a matter of time before we see the shootings in the streets of these innocent people…oh, wait… my bad.

I had not known about the agents wrenching away a nursing baby. I don’t know how these men…or women…perpetrating these horrors on innocent women, men, children, and babies can sleep at night. I guess they’re all anesthetized with alcohol, cocaine, opioids, or something. I don’t really believe they’re all sociopaths like Homan and Sessions, but I bet you less than 3 have ever heard of Nuremberg or know what happened there. (I CAN tell you I never met a Border Patrol agent who didn’t need psychotherapy “bigly.”)

Idea: let’s all send jock straps to Sessions, Homan, and the department…those men need something to hide their true reactions to the power horrors they’re perpetrating.

Like you, I don’t know where to turn…we have true Nazis in our midst and damn near 50% of the population doesn’t even know what fascist or Nazi means. Our education system, controlled by the monster puppeteers behind the scenes, has let us all down…

The situation is far worse than most realize…and with the news about Antarctica?

Do you send your letters like this one to your congresseunuchs and newspapers? I hope so. I wonder how many congresscreeps even know what the Third Reich was.


Who said he would vote republican? He merely pointed out that another vote for a gutless corporate democrat is just like voting republican.
This may seem a little radical, but if we line up and vote for center/right third way democrats in November and they do manage to take the house back, what then? They have had majorities in the Clinton DLC era before and accomplished absolutely nothing, except enabling the GOP. No, the time has come to reject the corporate Dems. If that means two more years of this conservative disaster, so be it. Maybe after immigration is made illegal, and prison camps are set up for wayward children, maybe after abortion is illegal again, and corporate taxes are eliminated, maybe then the Democratic Party will move back to the left where they belong.
But don’t hold your breath.


I’m just waiting to see if they are there tomorrow. And of course if one of them has the guts call for Trumps resignation or impeachment.
This must be how it started in Weimar Germany. A pliant public, born of a supposed republic, voting their proxies away to all manner of despots and Cretans, never checking to see what they do with that tacit approval.
Every child that enters a camp now is our collective fault.


It isn’t the sole reason, just the cap-stone.


“…doubt everything and become your own light…” Buddha
I try very hard to live this, it does not protect you from the pain of vision. Thus I am a ghost walking. Your post is Truth well said. Thanks.


’What Do You Call a Country That Institutionalizes Child Abuse?’: Democrats Hold Sit-In Demanding End to Trump Family Separation Policy
"Every hour that goes by is another hour of trauma for these moms, dads, little boys, girls, and babies."

I’d call it a country that has been so corrupted that it is reeking of fascism –
reveling in it – enjoying the pain of others.

A country which needs its MIC/Intelligence Complex to be overturned and replaced by democracy.


I’d call it a conservative country.


John Lewis was there and is Senior Chief Deputy Whip of the Democratic Caucus, a member of the leadership.


Conservative? I don’t know your age, I guess. Well, I’m old enough to remember the words ‘reactionary’ and ‘fascist.’ This country is NOT conservative. Besides, that’s a vile euphemism for what’s going on.


Abusive systems create abusive individuals.
Child abuse in the US is systemic:


Lewis has changed over time – not for the better.

And didn’t support Bernie Sanders’ campaign.