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What Do Young People Stand to Lose with Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court? Our Lives.

What Do Young People Stand to Lose with Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court? Our Lives.

Cici Battle

Young people have been on the front lines of so many progressive movements in our country for decades. We’re seeing that trend continue in 2018, as a surge of young people fed up with the growing normalization of gun violence and xenophobia are boldly leading the charge for systemic policy change.

how dare we older generations sleep while the wolves are at the gates of freedom. our younger generations rising against us in a plea for their own futures. we are a greater country when we stand together not apart as doofus trump wants us to be. i for one am proud of our younger generations even though they put me to shame because i only use my vote not my activism against this gov’t.


We need younger men and women in our government.

The Ole Boy form of Unrepresentative Government that we currently have is stale and corrupted deserving of Forced Retirement.


very possible you could die without an abortion. leave it to a man to make a comment like that. i am not too glad that abortions exist but i sure as freaking hell will fight to the death for the freedom of choice.

Hi, Edward, you should read up on why Ireland p[assed the right to have an abortion. Your question: " so are you gonna doe if you don’t have the right to an abortion? "
Savita and he husband came to Ireland. She was overexcited to have her first baby—but something went wrong. She pleaded with doctors—they said, but we hear a fetal heartbeat…sepsis began: the baby died , Savita died…so---- yes, people can die of they don’t have an abortion.

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She died from septic shock because she was not allowed an abortion,