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What Does Bernie Want?


What Does Bernie Want?

Robert Borosage

The Democratic establishment and liberal commentariat lathered itself into a fine hysteria last week. What began as a Clinton surrogate meme -(Bernie has done his job, but now he’s hurting Clinton and should get out of the race) – became a maddened chorus.


"What Does Bernie Want?"

What is the purpose of this exercise?

He wants to be President of the United States.

I want him to be President of the United States.

He might well become President of the United States.


For a supercompetative person like Sanders it must be no fun losing. What he must be experiencing is very painful. It is not easy to come to terms with losing something that you worked so hard for. He probably should be given some slack for some of his statements given where he finds himself. He could have thrown in the towel after a disastrous loss in Florida which put him so far behind in pledged delegates that winning became nearly impossible. But he continued on and apparently is going to continue on right to the convention. It is hard to tell how this all ends up. I just hope it doesn't end up with Donald Trump being the next president.


"And she would be wise to embrace not only the Sanders energy, but to move to adopt many of his themes, and champion some of his major reforms."

No one would believe her if she did that.


My thought exactly. No one would believe her and with good reason. She's bought by corporations and she's demonstrated a chronic willingness to change positions many times in the past only to change back when it proves convenient. Most Sanders supporters will never support Clinton and pundit after pundit just can not accept that.


Sanders was not put so far behind in pledged delegates because of a loss in Florida.
Sanders was put over 400 pledged delegates behind before any state had an election.
You just don't believe in having an honest election.


Well this would be a reasonably fair article if the game had been played fairly but it hasn't been has it? A rigged game is alluded to but never stated openly and there lies the rub. It is like someone on a line goes to pay the cashier and finds that his wallet is missing and screams - "I've been robbed!" And a bystander says to another - "That guy doesn't have enough money to pay the bill"

Technically true but not actually correct. People are angry at the rigged game in Arizona and New York and in Nevada and six straight coin tosses in a row and pick a card rigging the game that makes it that they can't win against the powers that be. Against the oligarchy and the status quo. That is why they will vote with resentment and that is why even Trump may win. Hillary is not the more popular candidate and the party has gone too far too openly towards fixing the outcome.

Nobody wants to vote for that.


Believe Clinton?



Bernie is the most popular candidate. I'm sick of hearing about Clinton's 3 million vote advantage. It's no secret that if independent voters had been allowed in, that Sanders would be millions ahead. Bernie should run with the Greens if he isn't nominated by the Democrats. He would win. Never Hillary!


"Democratic unity"? I haven't seen any shred of it from the Clinton/establishment and they will not change that MO - zero support for the issues Bernie champions and millions support and demand! How can there be any "unity" when the Dem establishment demands capitulation?
Clinton has bad mouthed near everything Bernie stands for - not a position that invites rapprochement, quite the contrary! Hillary is despised for her record of servitude to big-money, banker/wall st, corporate dominance and the war machine destabilization destruction of cultures/nations - depraved business as usual - the antithesis of everything Bernie Sanders stands for now, and his entire career!
I for one will not ever reconcile with the lesser evil, even at the risk of Trump's pathology and racist bigotry. What Bernie wants is what all his supporters want, real change and a new direction, not lip-service and continued servitude of the 99%, and without that there will be no "unity" and I hope Bernie never gives-in to that con!


FBI, do your job and indict Hillary already for her private server which allowed her to run a secret government within the U.S. government. There's no way to get around that this is what her server allowed her to do. There's no explanation for why she did it other than that she was up to something she didn't want to be discovered. Question is what?

We can speculate what the FBI has already found out. Likely, that she used her influence as Secretary of State to benefit the Clinton Foundation along with doing private business deals on the side, probably through an untraceable offshore shell company involving Jeff Epstein and Slick.

The FBI has certainly found something. It would not take them over a year to investigate nothing. When it finally comes out, Clinton's campaign will be over.

Barring the DNC attempting some outrageous act like slipping Biden in, the Democratic nominee will be Bernie Sanders.


"Sanders voters were scorned as befuddled innocents who can’t do addition, or, as Hillary Clinton earlier suggested, dupes that are being misled by Sanders' misinformation."

That's what viewers of the MSM hear: that Sanders is guilty of misinformation or that Sanders is attacking Clinton. NEVER the reverse.

That's why when some posters insisted that Sanders come down harder on Hillary, I countered that it's a poor strategy.

Everything he says will be misconstrued and used against him.

She has a LOT of power and friends in high (including media) places.

He has to exemplify the higher ground. And people DO resonate with him and his message... especially if they can hear it, and also if they can actually vote.

As most who read C.D. know, his message does not get out enough across the MSM because the gatekeepers preclude that; and in many states, Independents and other Sanders' supporters are not allowed to vote or weigh in.


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If it's three-on-three going into the Presidential Debates, I think Bernie walks away the most inspiring & better candidate. I truly think he can actually win that way. If on the other hand, it's HRC vs Trump, she's outclassed. He'll roast her like a pig on a spit.


I agree, plenty of hints out there: Biden talking about if he had run he would have chosen Elizabeth Warren as VP, praising Bernie's platform, keeping Hillary at arm's length, Obama playing coy. Biden seems to be waiting in the wings for an expected Hillary implosion.

What this situation also says is how powerful the Clintons are within the DNC. Hillary is under investigation, disliked at best and despised at worst by most Americans, couldn't inspire Baby Huey to open a bag of potato chips, yet the DNC has still tried to rig it for Hillary every sly way they could.

To underscore the depth of the DNC's woefulness they have, right in the thick of the race, a candidate in Bernie Sanders who is thrilling millions with a classic New Deal Democratic message of inclusiveness, economic equality, and the use taxes to address the needs of people rather than those of corporations and Empire. Nothing radical, nothing that isn't in place right now in advanced European countries.

The DNC is in a pickle. They can't win with their anointed one and to win with Bernie they have to betray the corporate masters who bought them. Biden is their half court shot at the buzzer.


What kind of article is this?

Clinton has already shown her colors. How on Earth is calling off the attack dogs going to make Sanders voters feel comfortable in a Clinton led party ? The author is suggesting Ms Clinton tell the people just what they want to hear and that is one of the very problems Sanders supporters have with Ms Clinton. She changes her message dependent on the audience she is talking to even as she accepts all that wall street money.

Mr Borosage is suggesting she just work another con.

The solution Mr Borosage is for Ms Clinton to stand down and concede to the better candidate.


"The campaign clearly believes it might gather in moderate, suburban Republicans" imo, after the convention, and once Trump promises a return to Reagan ideals, and seems to be proving it by surrounding himself with perceived competent, seasoned, conservative advisors imo, Clinton can kiss Republican support goodbye, no matter how much she panders. And she will pander...


Wishful thinking: She should this, and she should that... But if she would, she would't be the candidate of Wall Street, of the military industrial complex, of the rallied neo-cons... She wouldn't be herself.


Why does sanders beat Trump but Trump beats Clinton. That's right super delegates Sanders supporters are not voting for Clinton.

That's all the DNC needs to hear. It on the superdelegates. Their job is to block an unectable candidate.

Check mate.



You're right. She's bought by Wall Street and big business.

Bill Clinton boasted that if he was elected president, voters would get a "two-for-one" power couple in the White House. Maybe Hillary should campaign under a "buy one, get one free" slogan.