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What Does Eleanor Roosevelt Have to Do with Black Lives Matter?


What Does Eleanor Roosevelt Have to Do with Black Lives Matter?

Allison Corkery

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said that human rights must begin in “small places, close to home.” To speak to people’s everyday experiences in these places, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — drafted with her leadership — protects not only civil and political rights but also socioeconomic rights “indispensable” for human dignity. These include the rights to work and to just and favorable conditions of work; to education; and to housing, medical care, and social services necessary to ensure an adequate standard of living.


I wonder what Eleanor would think about the collapsing ecosystem-----so I was wondering what she would say about the world climate situation today. She would probably say that NECESSITY will bring many more people together. Climate Change is coming fast and I don’t think any nation is ready, and it is a scary scenario-----but maybe she would see this as a positive, even if people are forced by circumstances to work together. Then I remembered Ben Franklin and what he said about forming this nation------ that they could “Hang together or hang separately…” Of course he was referring to being caught by the British, but I think that these same words with a different circumstance might be the best answer. : )


One of my great heroes.