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What Does "Electability" Mean?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/06/what-does-electability-mean

“Electability” means having corporate America’s approval and the exposure that comes with it.
It is not a term you are likely to hear from anyone not pushing the status quo corporate narrative.


I read this article fairly quickly. Is this author telling us we should support Kamala Harris because she is electable?

Kamala Harris is one of the most ardent supporters of the new Cold War. She is rabidly anti-Russian. There is no way I would vote for somebody like her. I don’t care who she is running against.

People like her could get us all killed. If we elect somebody like her that might be for the best. The world would be better off without a nation of warmongers.

And this guy’s a Quaker!?


“58 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents prioritize a candidate’s ability to beat Trump over their views on important issues.”

And this is the very core of the problem. Does not speak well for the intelligence of this majority of Democratic or Democratic leaning independent voters. The failure of these voters to connect the dots and understand how establishment neoliberal Democrats like Biden, Obama and Clinton opened the door for Trump and will do so, again, perpetuates this farce of a democracy. We don’t need a more likable candidate, we don’t need a more skilled debater, we don’t need a more electable candidate, what we need is a candidate who will work for serious, fundamental change. It’s the system that is broken and it won’t be fixed by another candidate the system vomits up to do its bidding.


TPTB fooled everyone with the polls in the 2016 election.

And they will “fool” the people with these “electibility polls.”

"Don’t be a fool."


Burnett sez:
“In 2015-16, the wonk candidate was Bernie Sanders. Now it appears that Elizabeth Warren has seized this mantle. …There’s no doubt that Sanders can stand up to Trump. But Bernie’s style turns off many women.”

Interesting approach to dismissing Sanders from the campaign. Lay out four detailed paths to sell voters on a candidate’s “electability,” identify the top four candidates (at this moment) in the race, and proceed to place three of those four on one or more of these pre-mapped paths.

Policy, it appears, works only if you’re Warren. Being able to “stand up to Trump,” it appears, works only if you’re Harris.


Back in 2016, the DLC and Clinton campaigns were pushing Trump over the other Republican candidates because Trump was not electable.
Kind of backfired on them.
Trump’s popularity then and now was because he pretended to be (and still pretends to be) the 'anti-establishment candidate.
The voters do not want business as usual.
That is why I think Bernie is the best candidate (and most electable candidate) of the bunch.


Wow. Is this author really pushing that ridiculous old clap trap about “electability”? Really? I remember having that word and Clinton shoved down our throats from every direction during the 2016 Democratic primary and beyond to the election. All while pushing a godforsaken candidate who had already lost once. Now they’re pushing Biden as “electable” and he has lost Presidential bids 3 TIMES already!! That’s electable???


“And this guy’s a Quaker!?”
Yes, according to his bio., how much do you want to bet he has close ties to the DNC, something left out of his bio?


Sanders meets all of this writers standards for “electability” better than any of the other candidates he listed. In #2 he brings up Ryan about connecting with workers, who does that better than Sanders, who can also connect with workers that vote repug?
#4 he brings up repug. David Brooks, who on the left gives a duck fart what Brooks thinks about the dem candidates?
I did notice he didn’t bring up Gabbard, who scored big with the “end the wars” theme (as she should IMO), some people think she won the debates because of this.
Something that shouldn’t be forgotten, neither party can win without the independent vote, and this is where Sanders shines above all others.


Kamala Harris Is An Oligarch’s Wet Dream – Jun 29 - Caitlin Johnstone - Strategic-Culture

Harris is everything the US empire’s unelected power establishment wants in a politician: charismatic, commanding, and completely unprincipled. In that sense she’s like Obama, only better. …She’d be able to obliterate noncompliant nations and dead-end the left for eight years,

Kamala Harris Dons Progressive Mantle in Public, Strips it Off in Private as She Courts Israel Lobby – Jan 21, 2019 - Whitney Webb - MintPressNews

Kamala Harris has sought to publicly cast herself as progressive while privately catering to special interests, including the Israel lobby.

Kamala Harris Is a Cop Who Wants To Be President – Jul 2019 - Elizabeth Nolan Brown - Reason

I n the years since former California Attorney General Kamala Harris entered national public life—first as a U.S. senator, now as a leading candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination—one strain of criticism has surfaced again and again. It can be captured in just five words: Kamala Harris is a cop .

The phrase, which the candidate’s critics use frequently, is meant to conjure more than just Harris’ history as a hard-nosed San Francisco prosecutor. It’s colloquial. To label someone a cop in this way is never to invoke the best behavior one might expect from police officers. It implies the person is a bully, a bootlicker, a professional tattler—the sort of person who shuts down un-authorized lemonade stands run by kids. A cop, in this context, is someone who will always defer to authority and the status quo, someone who is unaccountable and not to be trusted. Calling someone a cop invokes the worst sorts of police overreach, a legalistic authoritarianism that exists for its own sake.

…Every attorney general fights for state power and police prerogatives. It’s part of the job. But over and over again, Harris went beyond the call of duty, fighting for harsher sentences, larger bail requirements, longer prison terms, more prosecution of petty crimes, greater criminal justice involvement in low-income and minority communities, less due process for people in the system, less transparency, and less accountability for bad cops.

In the early days of her presidential campaign, Harris has sought to define herself as a liberal reformer who has kept up with the times. But a review of her career shows a distinct penchant for power seeking and an illiberal disposition in which no offense is small or harmless enough to warrant lenience from the state. Now she wants to bring that approach to the highest office in the land.


why should i care about one word written by a millionaire co founder of cisco systems …

wtf do you know about what has been going on for working ppl these last 40 years

take your electability and shove it up your rich entitled asshole


Soooooo true! And I would add, electability also means the candidate who is the most corruptible. Biden is the perfect stooge for corporate…America!


Burnett’s writing a circle around his topic here, but without setting foot in the center.

Of course electability is an issue. The trouble is that in the so-called “major,” bought-and-paid-for push media give no reliable reporting that relates to it.

This is fairly straightforward. These media outlets participated in the rigging of the Democratic nomination. A major part of their role, besides taking copy directly from the DNC and then publishing it without revealing the source, was the ongoing tale that Bernie Sanders was not electable. Of course, “unelectable” turned out to be at least true of Hillary Clinton, and there is reason to believe that it was not at all true of Sanders.

So we reprise in 2019. The positions of Biden, Beto, and Kamala Harris are unpopular. They are considered “electable” in that they are acceptable to the large entities that own or influence newspapers, TV, and radio stations.

Younger people are not as enthralled with this notion of electability because whatever problems have come down to them, whatever it may or may not do to have a phone in front of one’s face for hours a day, they are far less in thrall to a handful of corporatists broadcasting disinformation over radio, TV, and newspapers. Much of the specific disinformation that was revealed as deliberate in 2016 was the notion that candidates were or were not electable, and that this was broadcast very much in the attempt to make it a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Over the intervening three years, the Democratic Party and pundits with some interest therein have presented one after another new Democratic hopeful to pull the party together. Again and again, these people have been presented as “authentically progressive” or somesuch. Again and again, as this has been proven false, they have been rejected and largely forgotten.

The general population, even including a large percentage of Republican voters, are in their concerns to the left of the central Democratic Party (and therefore also to the Republican Party, of course). People want education, actual public healthcare, and civil rights including freedom of information, not more war and opacity and greater monopoly of wealth.

Given that, it should be no surprise that it is difficult to sell the policies and programs that are mysteriously called “centrist” Democrat.


Hi tommy_slothrop:
I found this article weird too. What does he mean that Bernie isn’t the one for a lot of women are turned off? WHAT???
Bernie 's win was stolen because----who trusts the privately owned voting machines, and it’s hard to tell the corporate Gopers and Dems apart anyway.
I like Elizabeth’s ideas, but they sound like Bernies, and there are too many Trump Bros
who could cancel out a lot of her votes. And Trumps Pocohontas comments will be eternal and awful!
Kamala is owned by Israel and the corporates----and I am still sad that Kamila, a little girl who was bused to school, still doesn’t make a connection with the Palestinians , who show what her life would be like today without the Civil Rights movement.
Biden might be biding his time thinking the corporates back him—but Trump will obliterate him----worse than Kamala did , and Trump will do it for the entire time of any debate. Besides, "electability, " in the 21st century means who the corporates picked out ahead of time. : (

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Like this response very much. True and I needed a laugh after reading this crap.

Lowest. Common. Denominator = Electability. Please the corporate controllers first, then the voters.

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Four sentences on Bernie and two of them sell Warren? Next time, just hit us in the face.