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What Does Fraud and Bribery Trial of Israeli PM Netanyahu Tell Us About Trump Impeachment?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/23/what-does-fraud-and-bribery-trial-israeli-pm-netanyahu-tell-us-about-trump


“Schadenfreude”, a word I hope to see on tee-shirts and banners everywhere soon!


Depraved, corrupt, racist, and extremist minds think and act alike - this “partnership” and agenda of subversion and corruption in office by the trump-netanyahu team represents so well!


Two shit birds of a feather, ruining the world together (along with their friends in saudi and russia, and et al).


Like two peas in a rotten pod.

Assholes like these two are perfect reasons for bringing back the firing squad.


It tells us that “WE” (the people) had better impeach the bastards–both of them.


Cole’s final paragraph says it all.

Unless Pence is sidelined, impeaching Trump will accomplish little (although it still needs to be done). Even if Pence is sidelined you can safely bet your last nickle that Haley, Ryan, and other deadly GOP operatives are ready to move into position post haste.

Irrespective of who occupies the oval office Moscow Mitch, Senate Republicans along with Democrats Manchin and Sinema will continue to stack all levels of Courts with fascist judges.


Someone has to point this out to everyone coming to your sensible conclusions, Mr delcamino. The bench is deep. Were the Speaker of the House to be anointed later today, she would scarcely have the interest in renewal or the time for it. She’d be consolidating power like her daddy and their family back in Baltimore done before she set her political ambitions into the welcoming soil of Yerba Buena.

Our run down, wealth over-concentrated, off-shored and non-circulating idle hoarded currency is controlled by our betters. Like in the old country, but now the Feudal Lords are of High Finance and Tech. Look up Shoshana Zuboff’s not much circulated or discussed academic work on the business models of today and tomorrow: Surveillance Capitalism. Get with it, Mr delcamino. We are all on that new old road and we will need to be kind, thoughtful and helpful to our Feudal Lords and the Corporate Caliphate.

I keep a rolled up paperback copy of Max Weber’s book on the roots of Mediterranean capitalism and organized religion in my back pocket. Most useful essay being on the “Routinization of Charisma.” If elections were free and fair and open to all citizens over the age of reason, there’d still be the option of any body politic or electorate making the “wrong choice(s).” Be kind, thoughtful and helpful down that road, Mr delcamino, Pozzo and Gogo…

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Reality check: There is zero chance, zero, that the senate will remove Trump. The only chance of doing that will be the 2020 elections.

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You forgot one. Both are guilty.

We had rain the other day, and I swear I saw a leprechaun riding a unicorn down the rainbow to his pot of gold. Immediately made me think of the person I saw the other day claiming Trump will be out of office by mid-December.

Life in Fantasyland. So self-satisfying.

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Who was the person you saw?

I see it everywhere. Like this Facebook post:

“Skunky Trumpy sat on a wall. Skunky Trumpy had a great fall!!! ( Impeachment and prison ) All the kings horses and all the kings men ( Nunez and many others. Rudy July Anie and many more crooks! ) couldn’t put Skunk to gether again! !!! Trump and all his crime friends will pay for their crimes!”

Kinda like Obama’s hopey changey foolishness. Delusional wishful thinking.

Suggest that both evil leaders will stay in power.
BiBi is caretaker PM, as he could not form a majority in parliment. The next guy has xx days to try. If he also fails, then they have another election in Israel.

My opinion is that senate impeachment trial needs four or five republican senators to vote ‘guilty’. This will for sure harm Trump’s electorial count. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Minnesota would all flip him off.

If only democrats vote ‘guilty’ in the senate, Trump wins re-election. So far, televised intel committee hearings have not persuaded the target audience (11%) that Trump did anything wrong.
The EU has poured 10 billions of dollars for Ukraine army since 2014, They can stop Russian tanks pouring in - unlike Hungary 1956. So, holding up the weapons to Ukraine is not the national security issue from defense standpoint. It is a political point to send a message to Putin.

That depends. If the Ds follow Pelosi’s lead and focus exclusively on Twump’s Ukraine flustercluck, you’re right. But if they listen to Chris Hedges’ sage advice in today’s article and build a strong case around his numerous and repeated violations, at some point the individual Rs in the Senate will have to choose between loyalty to the party or upholding the law.

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I have no doubt that the Rs will choose party, or, more precisely, their voting base. One or two may defect, but an impeachment conviction requires a two thirds majority, which is impossible.