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What Does It Mean to Abolish ICE?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/04/what-does-it-mean-abolish-ice

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You didn’t explain what you’d replace ICE with if you abolished it.

Would you bring back the INS?

Or would you just have open borders, where anybody could just wander into America at will?


While we are at abolishing things, lets abolish human trafficking that fuels America’s slave like labor, and machismo culture that kills two women every day in Honduras, and rapes thousands of women in Mexico. Lets look at the drug abuses on both sides of the border and a few other things. It isn’t migration, it’s immigration and the border is an issue.

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ICE director, Mark Morgan, “Do not come”, “Do not risk it”. You ignorant fool, how about educating yourself as to why these people are coming. Because of us and our actions in their countries, that’s why, you dumbass. Do something worthwhile, ensure the School of Americas (it’s new name Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation), is closed for good, and ensure the good people of Central and South America run their own governments as they see fit, without US intervention.
Finely, allow these people to enter the US and apply for asylum without harassment, it’s their right under international treaties, and the least we should do for turning their countries into shitholes.


That wold be a good thing. Problem is you cannot change a people’s culture. The US thought the same thing when invading Afghanistan and Iraq. We gonna go in there and make the change their ways. That does not happen.

How far we are from the days of WWII when we actually had analysts that did their work and use a people’s culture for our benefit. When McArthur landed in Japan to lead the occupation, none of his staff were carrying any weapons as they got out of their transport and walked across the tarmac. Somethig to do with Japanese culture and showing they they were not afraid and that Japan was totally defeated.

The US also didn’t force them renounce the monarchy. worked out pretty well in the end.

Here we are 70 years later thinking we can impose our lifestyle and culture on others.

I agree it would be a good thing but I wasn’t suggesting that the U.S. change it, maybe stop rewarding it in the various ways that we do. What I’m suggesting is that 600,000 people moving every six months is not going to change it either.

It is no different in that respect, my grandparents worked cooperatively with Mexican national farmers, Braceros (aided others) My mom taught migrants kids, In my work it was based on human rights and equality in all regards. I’m not saying don’t help them

I think the Marshel Plan in Japan did some positive things, I’m not Japanese so maybe they think otherwise?

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You can’t reform rot

You can only rid and replace it

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The borders are the responsibility of CBP. Ice is nothing more than a fabricated gestapo shock force designed to intimidate the population into cooperation, or else.


The writer mentions it, but I wonder if it is even possible to reform US policy that has led to the mass migrations: the role of regime change policy in Central and South America by the US government, much of it by way of the School of Americas travesty at Fort Benning in Georgia.

The chickens have been coming home to roost from that cruel and immoral policy, illegal policy, and it manifests in these mass migrations.

ICE is the spawn of the hoax of 911, and so it is cruel and immoral. I think we’re way passed the tipping point, and any change is unlikely. The xenophobes and sadists are in charge of the government.

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there is no way to abolish ICE, Americans are overwhelmingly not for no controls on immigration aka open borders, and for good reason. Unlimited immigration that vastly increases the supply of labor inevitably drives down wages at the same time the demand for schools, health care and other services would go up. Many metro areas are already overcrowded and/or spilling into remaining natural areas. People have to be expected to put their own interests ahead of the interests of foreigners, especially from countries that are exporting their populations as for reasons of poverty, religion, patriarchy, and ignorance, their populations are growing faster than can be sustained. Would-be migrants must be treated humanely but we cannot sustain unlimited migration either. Best thing we can do for those countries is to try to assure access to birth control for all women who want it.

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…ICE needs to completely melt…the terrorizing of humans is chickenshit…phking scum and they don’t even realize and fooled into thinking they’re the brave ones…This is a phkn Cult!!..

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You mean like corporations just wander into our country? After all, corporations are people, my friend. And you don’t seem to concerned about the open northern border. Why’s that?

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Decriminalizing all drugs is a good start. It takes the power away from the drug lords and gives it back to America.

Good reason? Americans have good reason to fear migration from the confederacy, and the confederate state wannabes. Or don’t you actually read the news.

Humm, not sure what that would look like but worth considering.

This is what it looks like in Portugal with this drug policy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_policy_of_Portugal#Observations

Ron, thank you for the link. Good information to be sure. It almost seems like drugs are taking over the world, not that there isn’t historical evidence of the role they play in geopolitics. The thing I see is that drugs are institutionalized in the US, they are a huge part of the economy, both legal and illicit. The current step in legalization of cannabis seems to be working in some regards, but use of hard drugs has increased to epidemic proportions in some places. I do think we can do much better, the war on drugs is a war on people and I think it more than past time to change it.