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What Does Kim Jong Un Want?


What Does Kim Jong Un Want?

John Feffer

Virtually every week, politicians and journalists and policy experts attempt the impossible: mind reading. Specifically, they want to know what’s going on inside one man’s mind. They want to know what Kim Jong Un is thinking and, more importantly, what he wants.


Mostly, Kim Jong Un wants more swiss cheese and another cigarette!


I find it amusingly ironic that while there are endless stories calling for us to #resist! Trump, we find a story that calls for us to accommodate one of the few people who is demonstrably worse than Trump. Despicable though he is, Trump isn't executing people with anti-aircraft guns.

This sort of apologism is what costs support.


Finally a sensible article about a dictator who is the antithesis of reason. Thank you John Feffer.


This is an 'If only' form of wishful thinking to ask a dictator to talk with an autocrat and for both to see reason.

I think the world needs to get involved and keep these two reckless leaders from inciting each other in a grotesque if not an insane version of schoolyard chest beating for effect.

Neither leader ever expects to not see things the way they want to see them or to not get them whatever they are. It was the way both were raised from childhood.

Other countries and politicians need to take this confrontation game seriously and get involved keeping these two 'personalities' from becoming involved in something the world would regret.


So what form should resistance against North Korea's dictator take? Shooting down one of his missile tests?

Will that kind of resistance gain support?

Trump has tweeted a taunt today while he positions his ego military. This should turn out well.


Until, and unless he does something against the US, we should do nothing. Let the fat little psychopath starve his own country until he's overthrown. Same policy we should be following in Syria. It's not our country, it's not our fight.


Stop sending them aid. The whole regime will collapse in few years.


I can't think of anything the USA sends North Korea that could be labeled as "aid". The US intrusion into the Korean civil war was a conspicuous insult to Korean sovereignty, and all our resources were donated to one side of that civil war, which has become South Korea.


Are you being sarcastic?


What does Kim Jong Un want? Of course Kim wants to stay on his power trip, but besides that the only thing I can think of is he would probably like to have Dennis Rodman visit him again!


I wasn't really talking of USA aid. The UN sends tons of food every month so that Kim can feed his military. Stop sending it and the Dear Leader will be in a ditch in few months.

Also, i really think the Soviet/Chinese/DPRK invasion of ROK was an infringement of the South's sovereignty. Hence the UN Security Council's resolution to deal with it accordingly.


Your reply is disingenuous as it insinuates an argument I am not making, AND it is completely inconsistent to the argument you made that I had originally replied to.

I am absolutely against the military aggression that Trump is engaging in. As I would be if it were Clinton, Obama, or Bullwinkle.


My question was rhetorical. See the comment I was replying to for context.