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What Does Trump’s Proposed Cabinet Tell Us About The Next Four Years?


What Does Trump’s Proposed Cabinet Tell Us About The Next Four Years?

Dan Carter

Donald Trump will not be sworn in as President until January 20, 2017 (although you wouldn’t know it from his tweets). But his choice of staff and cabinet members gives us insight into the shape of his policies for the next four years.

It is not a reassuring picture.


As someone Posted here recently,"... with Trump we hit the wall at 90 mph, with Hillary we would have hit the wall at 60 mph."

She would have sent more Subtle Foxes to guard the Henhouses.

The only chance we might have had, besides Jill, was Bernie.

Our struggle lays before us.


Just to add one thing about Puzder, he doesn't even beliee that workers should get breaks:


All indications seem to be that Trump and his minions want to return the US to the Gilded Age.


The blindness in America is a continuing, long-term worry for me. We still have not truly entered the post-factual world that is just ready to begin. Even here on the left, so many can not perceive the difference between conspiracy THEORIES and truth. Then, too, there are those who see only slight shading of differences between d and r, Trump and Clinton. However, we are entering an entirely new era with the erection of Trump as Glorious Leader. Changes, for the worse, will be astounding and long-lasting. Of course, most do not understand the tricks that will be used to manipulate public opinion. Although sometimes subtle, it will be an ongoing onslaught to keep folks in line and even on board. Over time, the poorest half of America will do the worst, although I expect many of them to do OK for a couple years or even a bit longer. We certainly will need at least a bit of luck to turn this horror show around someday.


The most worrisome aspect for me is the cluster'o'fools bleating that we have to give these monsters a chance, give them a chance, stop bashing Trump, give him a chance....in what world do you loose a fox among the chickens and "give it a chance" to prove it's not what it actually is--a predator?


"(M)ost share an unshakeable assumption that money corrupts the poor but elevates the moral character of the rich." What a wonderfully succinct expression of that particular madness.


John Kennedy was on to them - he and his brother - gone.

Carl Sagan spoke of 'the dumbing down of America' - of 'nuclear winter' - and of so much more.

Jefferson, Lincoln and Theo Roosevelt spoke clearly of 'moneyed interests' - and Dwight Eisenhower warned us in his own way.

Yet here we are.

It is extremely difficult to believe that other than collapse will re-set things.

And if this happens - will it just be - repeat ?

Well - I remember getting myself and my group into a fix once on a mountain. The only viable alternative was an entirely new route down over the top of an icefall.

We were lucky, or else I wouldn't be writing this.

Maybe - maybe it's going to take such an existential threat - obvious to all - before we act ?

And we are going to need a horseshoe or two.


What does Trump's proposed cabinet tell us about the next four years? Trump will make America great again, no doubt about it... but his America is not my America.


I'm sure the architects of the US Fourth Reich will love it. Mission accomplished!


Howling: So....You apparently bought all the right's rhetoric about Hillary and never looked at her platform.
You've now lost all hopes for Jill or Bernie voice in Washington.


Clintoncon in Philly last July was the point in history that we "lost all hopes for Jill or Bernie in Washington".


Her Platform?

Are you freaking serious?

Info from the "Right"?

It was the Left that saw her for the Fraud she is.

Were were you for the past year?

Not reading anything on this site, it would seem.


Don't worry about the under educated or MSM watchers (who don't look to alternative new sources because we now have the Office of Anti-propaganda . Now we'll know the truth!!