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What Donald Trump Doesn’t Get about "Free Trade"


What Donald Trump Doesn’t Get about "Free Trade"

John R. MacArthur

As Donald Trump prepares to accept the Republican nomination for President Thursday night, he carries with him a record of verbal violence so extreme that it supposedly has placed him beyond the pale for much of his party's establishment. The billionaire dealmaker is said to be hated for his insulting and racist behaviour, to the point that a good number of "respectable" Republican leaders and fundraisers will either sit on their hands or quietly campaign for Hillary Clinton.


So is the take away from your article the idea, by implication, TTP/TTIP/TISA are somehow going to be different than NAFTA/PNTR and therefore acceptable?
Is this part of the strategy to persuade folks that with the right nomenclature TTP/TTIP/TISA can be the 'gold standard'.
Neat trick you're trying to pull off, kind of a twofer in keeping up the party assault on Trump AND planting the suggestion that TTP/TTIP/TISA aren't really such bad deals when one looks at em the right way---another one of those definition of is, is deals.
Bravo on the effort, still not buying.
Jill Stein 2016!


Yeah, it's kinda hard to see the point of this critique other than that it's just a critique. MacArthur leaves out a lot of Trump's rhetoric--his linking of job losses to "trade" agreements. and his insistence--however convenient--that American jobs remain a focal point of any agreements. This is probably where Trump does best among his working class supporters, and with good reason. When jobs re scarce, anyone promising you'll get more of them is better than a person promising more of the same policies that lost you them.
All that said, the author's description of the agreements is fairly accurate; we use that language on the left to describe the deals ("investor rights agreements").

To me, Trump criticisms mean nothing in a vacuum. You have to compare his stated positions--at least when you can tease them out from his garbled rhetoric--with Clinton's known policy preferences. And that's where he beats her. Clinton would sell off the entire country to private ownership if she could get away with it. Trump might do that, but then again, he might actually be an economic nationalist after all. Apparently, that's a risk millions are willing to take.


My take-away is that the fascists pushing TPP and TTIP are feeling desperate and panicking. These "but just a little bit of fascism might be really good" articles are really getting old fast.


My take: another apologist for Clinton. NAFTA wasn't really a free trade deal and Clinton opposes real free trade deals like TPP too, so Trump is an ass for linking the two. Nothing behind this curtain folks. I'll give you that Trump is an ass and this piece is asinine.


Come on: factually the trade deal signed by Clinton gutted good American middle class jobs.....dropped Tariffs that protect labor and as an added bonus indemnified large multinational corporations against losses.....on the same funds used to bail out Wall street.....Wonder why the Clintons get such huge speaking fees ? Bad trade deals have winners and losers this is not free trade it is worse.Wonder why the party that used to represent the working class and sometimes the poor is the Wall Street favorite.. Why it relies on wedge issues to paste together a majority while kids in Flint suffer lead poisoning.......Pay tp play came in with Bill.....


" But whatever classically trained economists might say about the nuances of NAFTA, it is principally an investment agreement, both financial and political, and was seen as such by the Republicans and Democrats who negotiated and promoted it." sell that logic to someone who watched his job get shipped to Mexico....an elitist argument from an elitist.


"...And in any case, I would never vote for her. (Hillary Clinton) That would amount to backing an inseparable couple who have led us into a situation where the richest Americans, in alliance with the political class, are crushing the spirit of democracy in our country. As far as I know, oligarchy has no gender."...John R. MacArthur, in a critique of a feminist interpretation of "Taming of the Shrew."



Excellent post drone,

And that's where we are. We know, just from the company they keep, that the Clinton will phuck us again. NuLand and Kagen = World War. Bill Clinton (Hillary said will be econmic tsar) = More Wall Street Scams against US Labor. And Larry Summers, their economist, will raid our accounts with "negative interest rates", a euphemism for stealing your money and giving it to Banksters to cover their gambling losses.

Trump is promising the masses what they want to hear. To tax companies benefiting from cheap overseas labor.

It's all we've got. An empty promise. Beats the Clinton's track record.


It's called sarcasm. Clinton isn't the last person I would vote for; she's a candidate I will never vote for.