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What Doug Jones’ Win Means for People in Poverty

What Doug Jones’ Win Means for People in Poverty

Rejane Frederick, Jeremy Slevin

More than a quarter of Alabama residents are struggling to pay their water bill, which is an average of just $32.09 a month.

"The tax bill currently making its way through Congress would exacerbate inequality in one of the most unequal states in the country." (Photo: AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Surprising article that the black vote in AL didn’t change much from previous elections.

But the white vote made a huge shift.

Black support for dems about the same. Black percent of vote about the same. But white support for dems major shift.

10% of republicans supported dems in 2008
20% …".-----------------------------------.in 2012
30% …" ----------------------------------…in 2017

There will be more analysis of the data.

My wild guess is that possibly women have gotten tired of being ruled by republicans

What actually happened in Alabama?


Well it does get tiring constantly holding an aspirin between your knees…